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OCT 03

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"I'm happy to see this technology moving along. If they can make these..."

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OLEDs Getting Cheaper, More Efficient

An ORGANIC LED, you say? Well, before you get all excited and very good site viagra headaches imagine a television pulsating with the biorhythms of millions of bacteria enslaved to do your bidding, it's not what you might think.

In fact, you might already know about OLEDs, as we've talked about them in the past, but only recently have they come into production. What makes OLEDs so great is that they have faster response times than LCD, they can achieve true blacks, and can be viewed at nearly any angle. This all comes, however, at a significant increase in cost. However, Physorg reports that that may not be the try it viagra 50mg case for much longer. Researchers at Technische Universität Braunschweig in Germany have used tungsten oxide as an anode in their display to create a much more efficient device. Their simple design requires only 2 organic layers as opposed to many more used in current products, making the display thinner, more flexible, and much more energy efficient. This is impressive, as OLED displays were already more efficient than LCD and plasma displays.
This breakthrough means that OLEDs will hopefully soon be more affordable more quickly than the technology/price curve would normally dictate, though there are still concerns with low life-hours of the screen (currently about 20,000 hours) due to the organic material decomposing.

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written by Brian Green, October 04, 2007
I'm happy to see this technology moving along. If they can make these things far more efficient than LCD's & Plasma's, they'll be able to usefull link buy chinese herbal viagra dramatically reduce energy loads on office buildings and homes alike. It'll be about as revolutionary as going from 100 watt incandescent bulbs to 14 watt bulbs that emit the same light. Imagine the energy savings in a building with over 100 computers!

Yes, they need to work on wow look it viagra injectable the just try! generic viagra from canada life span of these screens, but if they figure out a way to recycle them, there can be a relatively easy rotation of cialis free samples screens out as they fail. Prices will drop and it'll become far less worrisome.

I'm all for this technology. Lets hope more progress is made soon.

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