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OCT 05

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"Over 1.2 million ZUNE 1s have been purchased. The firmware update shou..."

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Original Zunes Get Free Upgrade

I'm feeling surprisingly fond of Microsoft right now. Very few companies would ever do canadian cialis something so eco-friendly as giving their first-generation buyers a firmware upgrade to match second-generation features. Apple has had a lot of bad press for promoting obsolesence with artificially locked features and levitra original sale rare firmware upgrades. We're ready to say that this is a good strategic move for Microsoft, making them seem more open than Apple, but it benefits consumers and the environment as well.

The new features the Zune will have are:

  1. Syncing over WiFi
  2. Ability to share more than music
  3. New codecs
  4. Syncing with Windows Media Center TV

As an EcoGeek, I find it disappointing and frustrating when I have a perfectly good device that is artificially stripped of ordering viagra features because I'm not willing to the best site generic viagra overnight buy the new physical model. Microsoft has extended the lives of the original Zune, meaning less waste and less new electronics. Will we see more corporations being so willing to make their products better without making more money? Maybe not, but hopefully somehow consumers will show their appreciation and get more companies to follow.

Via Gizmodo

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written by Soda Pop, October 06, 2007
What does Apple have to do with a Microsoft device. And what features are artificially limited on Apple's iPods?
written by Brian, October 06, 2007
Well, there is the whole attempt at competition between the iPod and the Zune. So a comparison works here
Yes it is Eco Friendly
written by Efficient Energy, October 08, 2007
Over 1.2 million ZUNE 1s have been purchased. The firmware update should delay many users from buying a new device which would consume more energy to create and generate more waste. Extending the life of devices reduces the amount of energy consumption.

Comparing to Apple. Since when has Apple allowed all current generation iPod users to firmware update to order cialis online uk the next generation device?

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