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NOV 01

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"...and the buy viagra mexico irony here is that Wal-Mart is the Microsoft of retail. The..."

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Wal-Mart's Clean Green $200 Linux Machine!

FINALLY! There's an Ubuntu machine that's not only made for the's actually going to get used by the masses. Wal-Mart has just announced that they'll be selling the Everex's TC2502 gPC for under $200 this holiday season.

Now, to most of us geeks these things are gonna seem pretty low-tech. Eighty gig hard drive, only half a gig of RAM, and a 1.5 ghz single core Via C7 CPU. Frankly, this computer couldn't even run Windows Vista...which is why Ubuntu is so frikkin awesome.

Instead of constantly forcing upgrades, Ubuntu manages to look good, while not requiring power-sucking processors and soft levitra massive amounts of cheepest levitra RAM. In the end, this machine uses low-tech components to uk viagra sales create a high-end experience. That is, if people can get used to Linux. It comes with a simple desktop interface, loaded up with Google applications, Open Office, Skype and other free tools.

Best of all, Everex is offering free customer support to the Wal-Mart demographic, who might have a bit of trouble picking up a new operating system.

The gPC also sips power, due to its low-end components. In fact, the entire computer could be stored in a mini-PC box (think Zonbu) but Wal-Mart's done the market testing, and found that low-end users that shop for PCs at Wal-Mart still equate size with performance (effing lame...I know.) But if that's what it takes to get green machines into the cheap viagra from mexico hands of the masses, I'm willing to make that sacrafice...and at least they'll be easy to upgrade.

Unforunately they're not going on sale everywhere. The limited holiday release will only see about 10,000 units in 600 stores. But if demand for a cheap green PC is as strong as I suspect it will be, we could finally see an anti-obsolescence OS taking hold in America, starting Christmas '07.

Via Wired

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Way bigger than necesary... by design!
written by Check Engadget, November 01, 2007
Check out the post on Engadget... the machine was designed to be a big plastic box because Wal-Mart shoppers equate size with performance!
Wal-Mart's $200 Linux Computer
written by Sam Worley, November 01, 2007
As a 71 year old, I believe this to be a great alternative for a senior citizen. I have used e-mail and the internet for several years, but have very few computer skills. The company that had built my computer in 2001 and later updated it to Windows XP went out of business and MicroSoft declared their bulk licence as no longer in effect; I was notified when I tried to update that my copy of Windows was unauthorized. It gradually degraded over a few weeks resulting in a complete lockup. With nothing to loose, I loaded Ubuntu Linux and it is working like a charm. I am still learning but find that the viagra shipped overnight learning curve is certainly no worse than Windows.

This looks like a great computer for a senior on a fixed income who wants to e-mail their grandkids and start surfing the web.
goodbye Windows
written by Maarten Kooiker, November 01, 2007
Great to only here cheapest generic viagra hear that the learning curve is (at the least) not worse than with Windows! Great story about the Windows lack of support. Don't be affraid of cialis and women that with linux!
It will be difficult to compete with Linux for Windows in this way. the operating system by itself already costs more than $200!!
no screen?
written by hyphycore, November 01, 2007
that might turn some of the wal-mart shopers away.maybe they should throw in a crt and call it a $250 pc. but i might pick one up just so i cant have my pc now upgraded to vista for dx10 and have the visit our site viagra order other one for non gaming.
so delusional
written by JKFAN, November 01, 2007
Maarten...when Linux does not make any dent in Windows market sahre in the next 2 years, will you be man enugh to come back here and admit how INCREDIBLY wrong and order viagra usa stupid you are? I didn't think so. You wil jsut ignore your stupidy and slink away like a little bitch. Also...I love the Walamrt bashing of "Walmart shoppers equate..." As do shoppers at pretty much ANY store.
written by Joe Madre, November 01, 2007
LOL @ "stupidy"
written by The-Wise-Man, November 01, 2007
I can't believe that idiot ubuntu is already 10% of the buisness part of it. soon home users will be the same way!
Linux for the Masses!
written by Dave, November 01, 2007

Ubuntu has been steadily ripping into Windows' market share for the past several years. Every 6 months, a better, smoother, friendlier, and more capable version is delivered to the end users. Every 6 months.

Vista is turning into the next Windows ME, and its suckiness is driving people straight to FOSS.

I love how people apply the "stupid" label to others while saying things like "sahre", "enugh", "jsut", and "stupidy".
written by drJdt, November 01, 2007
JKFAN: Ubuntu comes with firefox as a default web browser, which, among other features, has an inline spell checker. You should look into it.
Green Earth, Green Money
written by Matt, November 01, 2007
Sounds like the adult version of the 100 dollar laptop.
Too many Operating Systems
written by Josh, November 01, 2007
Alrighy, let me start out by saying that I am a multi-platform user. I have XP on my desktop, I tried Vista, got a great "User Experience" rating on it (5.8), but I hated Vista, it was a pain in the ass, sucked a lot out of my dual core processor and my 2 gigs of ram. It had quite a few bugs, and for some reason it wasn't completely compatible with my network adapter. I also have a Mac laptop, which I love, and I've used various distros of Linux, and can say that I actually like it much more than Windows, and I'm pretty happy that Ubuntu is starting to buy generic cialis from india rip into Microsoft's sales. If only Ubuntu started supporting Adobe products (or vice-versa), I'd be switched over in a heartbeat. Oh, the disadvantages of being a graphic designer who likes Linux. And don't say to use Gimp, it's close, but still not Photoshop...
That's just too funny!
written by aaron, November 01, 2007
Don't forget "walamrt". JKFAN is probably the worst troll I have seen in my life.
written by Flooby61, November 01, 2007
I really do not like Windows. I have it on all four of my PCs. Nothing but trouble. I use Office 97. Guess what's not supported anymore? My sons Apple is
fantastic! I hear good things about Linux. The fact that Ubuntu comes with Firefox makes it a good deal. Who needs all the cialis in usa garbage on your browser? When I search the internet,I know what I am looking for 90% of the time. I don't need a browser to show me useless stuff
Here is a good site to look at.
Perfect for help spead Computer
written by GAUSON, November 01, 2007
This is perfect way to market computers to school children and developing countries. Microsoft's software cost more every time and you need to keep upgrading it because of all those bugs.
no way
written by bs, November 01, 2007
No way a 71 year old posts on a blog and spells lose "loose"
well, maybe...
written by Guest, November 02, 2007
didja possibly think that maybe he accidentally pressed the 'o' one too many times?
Need more compatibility with Linux
written by CADman, November 02, 2007
As an AutoCAD user who detests windoze, I hope that Linux becomes much more popular, very quickly. Maybe then more companies will start making their products multi platform or just plain Linux compatible (HINT, HINT, WINK, WINK AUTODESK!) Walmart is definitely doing a good thing with this computer.
written by Monotonehell, November 02, 2007
@Josh: I'm a designer and I use GIMP, inkscape and linux all the time. The only times I'm forced to cheap cialis on line boot up windows or OSX and use Adobe products is when I'm outputing something for the printing industry.

For the most part GIMP is better than Photoshop. With some exceptions in CMYK (but that's improving all the time) GIMP does everything Photoshop does and in a more intuitive and productive manner.
written by jas, November 02, 2007
no way
written by bs, November 01, 2007
No way a 71 year old posts on a blog and spells lose "loose"

I totally agree. that is a bogus post.
pretty lame that someone would stoop that low.
Evergreen for Xmas
written by Ed, November 02, 2007
Note that the Via C7-D processor is not only RoHS compliant, but it is also the “world’s first Carbon Free computer component.” That is, Via will offset every kilogram of carbon produced by using this processor over the lifetime of the computer (assumed to be about 3 years). Offsets are made through reforestation, alternative energy and energy efficiency projects.
Not so low tech
written by Tony, November 02, 2007
The VIA C7 is not a low-tech computer, it's a low energy computer. I use a C7 with no fan at all, completely silent. They probably chose it to be able to cram it into that little case, and use low effect transfo. And it could run Windows too (XP, but Vista seems to be much worse on the resources), but thankfully they opted for linux instead. It will save your electricity bill too :) I have a 30Watt transfo, but the canadian pharmacy viagra brand board only wastes 14W. My dad has 700W transfo on his Windows PC. A great product all in all, and a good article :)
Beryl capable?
written by Nico, November 02, 2007
Would this baby integrated graphic card (VIA UniChrome Pro IGP) be capable to run Beryl?
written by Tony, November 02, 2007
It can't run modern games or 3D applications (and no 3D desktop) cause it's too slow (CPU and Internal card). But it runs everything else (Music, Video, Surfing, Normal programs etc.) Power saving comes at a cost, and that cost is speed.
WallMart's Power to get things done
written by Tim, November 02, 2007
I think this is a real turning point. WallMart easily met it's mark on the CFL front this year, which shows how powerful it is to have a green, cheap, option available at the big super store.

As Andrew Ruben moves into actually producing green WallMart products I would expect to online viagra sales see more like this...I would also hope this is just the first green offering from WallMart on the computer front. Hopefully they will continue to make this thing greener. Exciting stuff- and smart move by the big discounter. ;D
written by Rodney, November 02, 2007
This computer comes with gOS, not Ubuntu.

Good Going, Walmart
written by Neece, November 02, 2007
Hey, at least it's a start! Hopefully this will lead to smaller and greener things for all of us.
VIA UniChrome Pro IGP??? Ububtu?
written by steve, November 02, 2007
Dis somebody say this PC runs VIA UniChrome Pro IGP?] graphics on Ubuntu? Or was this just a repetition of an old wish-list? Or am I behind the times? I'm still using AMD64 Feisty- no native VIA UniChrome Pro IGP support; you have to hack the kernel or try the UniChrome user-group's drivers.(maybe no video some surprises) .
The reason I don't upgrade to Gutsy is I never want to go through the VIA UniChrome Pro IGP driver thing again.
Graphics driver
written by Tony, November 02, 2007
You don't use the via default driver, you use OpenChrome
And there are no problems what so ever to compile them in any Linux system.
Big problem
written by WorldB, November 02, 2007
I'm all for getting OSS into the hands of the masses- and with Vista's deserved failure we have a great opportunity. But I fear one of the things that will stop teens and young adults- the demographic who need to be persuaded away from proprietary software- is the inability to play games on Linux systems.
Ok, so with only 512MB RAM this system couldn't manage modern games anyway, but even so... Wine just isn't good enough, and designers won't build for Linux until it gets a much bigger (home user) market share. I'm writing this on a dual-boot system- Ubuntu for work, XP for games. The day I don't need XP is the day Linux has won the battle against proprietary OSes.
written by Richard, November 03, 2007 see "Wal-Mart" and "green" used in the same sentence.

I do side with those who dislike Vista, it seems like the typical rushed-to-market, buggy crap MS has perfected. If it wasn't already packaged with our new PC, we wouldn't have it.

Anyway, for someone on a tight budget, this seems like a decent machine for the price.
Free Linux = green machines, diverted fr
written by linuxiac, November 03, 2007
Saturday, in Winter Park Florida, 30 of us gathered, with tired old machines, that had been discarded. Slow ones like 233Megahertz boxes, up to 1.2 Gigahertz machines.

We met the 12 owners who were from as far away as Lakeland and Jacksonville, and had brought forth the machines. Mepis was installed, in about an hour, while we helped each person see how easy it is.

Insert Live CDrom of Mepis, reboot, click INSTALL icon. Tons of money was saved, or, at least, $2400. The "reduced carbon footprint" of Linux? Huge, global!

But, we do this every month. Have done since 1997. I also do this every week. A full demo, often an install, for one neighbor, one business, one school, one charity, one chain store at a time. One free LiveCDrom per person.
Big Corperation
written by Anthony, November 04, 2007
It is wonderful to see that a large corporation is selling a system with Linux on it. This will definitely help to push along the widespread use of Linux. Maybe soon Dell will start to offer Ubuntu on more than just select computers, but on every system they have as an overall alternative to Windows.
written by Melinda, November 04, 2007
I just love how Wal-Mart lauds itself for selling something eco-friendly when they have done so much to harm the enviroment. They are a bunch of hypocrites jumping onto the trendy, green bandwagon.
written by Bob Wallace, November 05, 2007
Walmart has certainly done some black, black stuff in the past. But give them credit when they do something right.

Perhaps they will be led back to the right path.

They are a major force in the US, whether you and I like it or not. If they can get CFLs into people's homes and distribute more efficient computers, well, it's a good thing.
Great job linuxiac!
written by emory, November 10, 2007
linuxiac, I'm very interested in this thing you do. It sounds just like what i'd love to do! Where do you guys meet? How did this start? Could you send me an email at emory dot roane at gmail? Keep up the good fight!
Small is good
written by Charles, November 13, 2007
The Linux computer is perfect for someone that only needs E-mail and some low-end word processor. Besides that and a good web browser you can get by with a lot less.

Most of the space inside a computer is wasted space. I have XP running on a Tulatin Core 1.2gig Celeron at home and it runs great. So it does not require much power to actually run a computer.
Carbon Offsets?
written by Charles, November 13, 2007
What the heck are Carbon Offsets? This is pure baloney.
Love the comments
written by John, November 13, 2007
First of all linux is not tearing into anything. We use it on mail servers and thats about it.

It seems in most comments on the net people love to use the term "masses" as if they are some how excluded from this undesirable heap of levitra canada online humanity. Remember no matter how smart you thing you are of where you went to school you are a member of somebody's "masses"
Offset this
written by Kenneth, November 13, 2007
My linux machine runs on hydro-carbons.
Good bye, Microsoft
written by Connelly Barnes, November 14, 2007
Good bye, Microsoft. Nice knowing you. Maybe you'll do well in the game retail market.
what are we using these pcs for exactly?
written by ytosb, November 15, 2007
i only had my first experience of linux a week or two ago... and i liked it! my xp machine stumbled over a particularly nasty trojan and croaked, leaving me with a shell of a machine. fortunately id got copies of both ubuntu and fedora live disks, so gave em both a bash. as a total linux noob, i thought the install process was awesome! no silly questions, it just did it! as for the ui, both were fine, although ubuntu looked alot more polished. that was it... i could use my pc again!
my point is, the majority of users (ie "the masses") only want to do two or three things with their computer, and that's who these pcs are aimed at... internet? email? basic office work? its all there for them... so you cant play games on it, im certain theres 10,000 people across 600 stores who arent really gonna be too bothered about that...
JKFAN = fail
written by Joe Beatty, November 16, 2007
Dell has been selling ubuntu PC's for a while now. They have already dented M$'s market and buy viagra from india will continue to do so. Also JKFAN, don't call people stupid. It's just not nice. ;)
A greener PC then the others
written by Steven, November 29, 2007
I heard about this via an insider...a green pc that is powered by solar panels and REC' it uses 6 watts of power and replaces your home PC, work PC and just have one PC desktop, the same desktop for all three. And from what it hear it runs windows or linux. From what I hear its better then zonbu, linutop, and the others. You can check the web site for more info when it comes about at
weak sauce
written by cracka, December 06, 2007
Old people can't handle slow machines. They end up clicking the same thing a million times before it goes. Also, old people can't program worth a shit, so good luck with that piece. An old person is going to give up on the first incompatible program with linux -- ps nothing is compatible with linux without extensive patchwork. Not work a sneeze, 1.7ghz. What is this, 1995?
written by Mac, December 14, 2007
I kinda want one. Are they sold in Canada?
I got plans for this system
written by Joe Perez, October 24, 2008
This is such an awesome deal. I was thinking of building a server however I might go this route since it's all in one. This might prove to be good for a home planning on running their own site.
written by kimmeh, January 12, 2009
shyt cant add messengers and shyt its slow it freezes up god i want windows vista but my mom dun wanna let me get it>.< this computer sux.. i know cos i have it and miss my freggin windows.. :(
written by kimmeh, January 12, 2009
Its a waste of freggin money. THIS COMPUTER SUX!! I wish my mom knew wtf she was doing with a computer.. She would have known not to get this thing>.<
I think she did it to rub it in my face that I can't have a new computer..
Everyone Loves a Good Bit of Irony
written by R. Kingsboro, February 20, 2010
...and the irony here is that Wal-Mart is the Microsoft of retail. There's a (legal) video torrent on PirateBay documenting the many issues with the way Wal-Mart does business, and you can easily draw a number of parallels.

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