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NOV 19

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"Even when shutdown, the gPC consumes 5 watts! (The USB powered speaker..."

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Wal-Mart Re-Stocking Green Linux Machines

Green-Loving byte pushers, rejoice! Wal-Mart has affirmed that it will re-stock the earth-friendly (well, earth-friendlier) $200, 20-Watt Everex PC, which, as we mentioned ealier this week, has sold out at Wal-Mart's online sales outlet.


The Everex TC2502 Green gPC will again be available at "in the cialis discount coming weeks," said a spokesman for the company. Wal-Mart began selling the Everex gPC online for $199 earlier this month, but it's currently listed as "Sold Out". Wal-Mart's spokesman wouldn't disclose precise sales figures, but said the gPC "has been one of the top performing desktop computers on over the last few weeks." The spokesman said the gPC remains available at a limited number of brick-and-mortar Wal-Mart stores in the U.S.


One satisfied customer did the math and overnight canadian viagra figured out that you could build yourself something comparable for about $166; however, this would have meant no warranty, having to assemble the online pharmacies without prescription comppontents and install the software herself, and in the end she'd have a louder, more power-hungry machine.

To find out if there's a store with the Everex gPC in stock within 100 miles of how does viagra work you, you can visit If you're out of luck there or can muster a little patience, it looks like there will be more just around the corner, and just in time for the holidays. Ho-ho-ho!


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A third way: Mobo only
written by Joel, November 20, 2007
As it turns out, the bare motherboard is also available for $60.

If you already have a power-hungry clunker, or a computer with a fried mother board, you can save an significant amount of money (and energy) by taking your old computer apart and re-using the floppy drive, optical drives, hard drive, power supply, and case.

Of course, this assumes you have a computer with compatable hardware...but that isn't too unlikely. The link below has all the specs you need to judge compatability, and a link to the best place cheapest levitra uk buy the mother board itself.
written by Drew, November 22, 2007
As much as I hate wal*mart, this is an awesome thing they're doing for linux. Not only are they bringing it to the forefront of technology, but they are packaging it as green. Can't ask for much more at this point from such a giant.
Still, 200$ is a breaking point...
written by fak3r, November 23, 2007
Sure, while you can build a box for less, it's not going to be as efficient as the one for 200$, plus like buying a Prius, it's more a statement at this point. I've been looking at the VIA board they sell as a stand-alone for 60$, along with some more efficient power supplies. After that the hard drive will really eat the power, so that'll be a pick, although a laptop one would likely fit the bill. As for floppy and cdrom drives; you really don't need them after installation. If you rip cds for mp3s and such you likely already have a box or laptop to do real viagra online that on, for this shoot for the lowest power box you can. I'm aiming to build something like this to take over my server, which I hate having run 24/7, but would feel better with if I were running a board that was only sipping 7.5 watts!
Kill-A-Watt: Maybe not so green
written by Greg Hoke, December 02, 2007
Even when shutdown, the gPC consumes 5 watts! (The USB powered speaker remains on, as does the green light on the viagra name canadian pharmacy ethernet connection.) During normal operation, my gPC consumes 41 Watts (0.5 Amp at 122.8 V). The VA reading is 66 and the power factor reading is 0.61. I will definitely use a switchable power strip. Alas, the Green PC is not so green as I’d hoped. The old gateway PC I use for my web server only consumes 30!

The cpu may be a light sipper, but the system is not as abstemious as I had hoped. :(

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