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JAN 10

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"Dell is a great computer company! Their service sucks, but their comp..."

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@CES 2008 - Dell's Director of Sustainability: Tod Arbogast

Earlier in the canadian levitra 50mg show I sat in on a panel with Tod Arbogast and purchasing cialis with next day delivery his counterparts at HP, Sony, and several other companies. It's been invigorating and humbling to see these multinational corporations cooperate on recycling and lifecycle design, even while they're at each other's throats in the marketplace. Tod is personally passionate about making the earth a better place to live, and he's offered to help us guys at EcoGeek set up a roundtable discussion with some of his colleagues.

I caught up with him at the Dell ReGeneration booth and he gave us a short interview... I especially liked his tips for employees who want to help their bosses go green.

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Go solar
written by Enrique, January 11, 2008
I am still waiting for you to install pholtovatic panels in your buildings. :'(
written by free iPhone, January 12, 2008
Dell is a great computer company! Their service sucks, but their computers and monitors rock.

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