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"Ofcourse apple woulden't have that! why would they!?..."

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Apple's Unfixable Gadgets...Made to Break?


For a while now I've been in communication with Brett Mosley, the guy who started "" Brett's a huge EcoGeek...he basically buys broken electronics, fixes them, and then sells them on EBay. It's like recycling, but way better, because the viagra in britain gadgets get to keep living. He's recently expanded his business to cover iPhones, Zunes, and gaming systems, and is about to expand even further into cell phones and generic viagra from canada gay levitra laptops.

But Brett is upset, and that makes me upset. Apparently, the sixth generation iPods and the current iPod Nano have been designed to be 100% unfixable. According to Brett,

The new generations of iPods and the iPhone are not designed to be opened. Because the Nano, iPhone and generation 6 "Classic" bodies are metal to metal the cheap levitra on line body gets completely trashed upon opening. In the Nanos and Shuffles, parts are actually soldered together, eliminating the possiblility of simple repair. So, for me, it will be harder to fix these, increasing repair costs and diminishing their resale value after they have been repaired.

All of this kinda flies in the face of Apple's new green image. So I thought maybe they were just trying to get people to send them back to Apple for proprietary repairs. I asked Brett if Apple maybe had special tools that allowed the to repair these metal-to-metal devices:

Besides charging you hundreds to fix it (which makes it more economical for most to just get a new one) they probably have to give it a whole new body whenever they open one. I don’t know how they could make a repair without trashing the body.

Kinda the opposite of green there. We need to hear more from Apple, obviously, but it's hard to imagine, in the midst of their "green-up" why Apple would switch to bodies that are impossible to open for repairs. Brett's answer: "Looks...Pure Looks." And as Apple has always been known, and commended, for its design, this doesn't seem too hard to accept. He also surmises that they might be trying to discourage the market in repairs and mods that fuel his and many other businesses.

But it comes down to the fact that, when choosing between extending the life of their gadgets and making things look pretty, Apple is landing on the side of pretty.

Making these models more difficult to repair is invariably un-green in the long run. By reducing their future re-use, value and lifespan, Apple is basically saying, "These gadgets are no use after two years, so send them back to us for recycling, and buy a new one."
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It would be good to hear what Apple have
written by weee recycling, January 21, 2008
about their official line is on this.
I know a number of people who buy Apple products because the products always break within the first 6 months and they're then given a new one.
Is it just me that suspects Apple has one of the largest return rates of all the manufacturers of notebooks as well as mp3 players.
I'd like to hear what Apple are doing with all the returns they get - I hope they're not ending up in China...
written by bob, January 21, 2008
It sounds to me like there might be potential in after-market/post-repair cases for these devices.
They wouldn't be perfect, but they would be usable.
written by ces, January 21, 2008
The iPhone and iPod are not soldered together and can be disassembled without damaging the devices. Do a Google search for "iPhone disassemble" and there are instructions and videos with the cialis overnight details.
written by Hank, January 21, 2008
They can be taken apart, but it is pretty much impossible to do it without damaging the case, this is alluded to in every disassembly discussion I've seen.

1. Apple is forcing people into using their extremely expensive repair services, which often make buying a new device cheaper.

2. They are likely replacing the case in every repair job they actually do.
written by Marilyn Terrell, January 22, 2008
Bummer! Will these discarded iPhones end up in a smoldering heap in Ghana or China or India, like most broken cellphones and tvs and computers? National Geographic story on e-waste says even the places that claim they will recycle your electronics safely often export them to developing countries which use unsafe methods to extract valuable metals from them:
written by Sam Jackson, January 22, 2008
Any Apple things I or my family owns are pleasantly repairable, more or less... though my sister's old iPod mini did sit around dead for ages until she traded it up for a new nano--quite unrepairable, I'd imagine. I admire the design from afar, but I'm just unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary for it--personally and best levitra prices environmentally. I just wish people would consider the long term savings of green more! and that other suppliers and designers would follow apple some more sometimes : )

love my xps m1330 though!
written by Dieter Zasche, January 22, 2008
following the hint given by ces, within a few seconds I found a video showing how to disassemble an iPhone. Unless this video is an elaborate hoax, it shows that the device can indeed be taken apart without damaging any of its components. Please do some more research in the future before publishing defamatory statements about things that you believe, but do not know for certain.
written by angelo, January 22, 2008
Everyone I know has a broken ipod. Apple owners are so protective of apple. They are secretive about all of the little breakdowns and replaced mice and software upgrade incompatibility and expired file permissions. A 1000 dollar mac from 2002 is worthless. A 1000 dollar home made pc from 2002 is running strong.
iPhone Disassembly
written by Hank, January 22, 2008
Instructables has a video of a disassembled iPhone, what they don't have is the video of the disassembling process...

That's because, in order to take the back cover off the iPhone, you have to spend many minutes delicately prying the metal slab up. The result is, generally, a lot of wasted time and a slightly dented iPhone panel. The damage is cosmetic, but significantly decreases resale value, and be unacceptable to people seeking repairs.

That's the iPhone, the Nano is actually physically impossible to take apart without ripping solders.
Re: protective
written by Pete, January 22, 2008
This comment is utter tosh. In my family we have 4 iPod which are used a lot and have never missed a beat in two years. I have a couple of pre 2000 macs that are still running fine and uk viagra sales one of them even runs Tiger. A 1000 dollar iMac will still run quite happily. OK it may not be worth a lot now but your home made PC, although still running, will be equally worthless - unless you are talking about the box having a load of upgraded parts in it but then that isn't the same machine you started with.

Why do numbskulls have to perpetuate the Mac/Pc war? Angelo, It's long over, you can come out of your bunker now. Most people realise that computers are like cars - you buy what you like and what works for you. Ridiculous comments doing down the viagra sales uk opposition are for kids.
story of stuff
written by Stewwy, January 22, 2008
Its all about forced consumption.
written by EV, January 22, 2008
Everything breaks down eventually. That's why we have maintenance. It's just a matter of how easy it is to repair.
Maybe he just needs the right tools...
written by Robert Thille, January 22, 2008 has photos of disassembly of the latest iPods, and it didn't look like they had to destroy the case to get it open...

Are you sure this isn't just Apple Bashing for Publicity like Greenpeace has taken to lately?
written by immrlizard, January 22, 2008

There is a good site for those not wanting to perpetuate apple's stranglehold on media players. It has some useful tools on it that allow you to choose a media player by comparing all of the features.

I am not an apple basher. I actually like the fact that they are giving ms a little competition. I just think that some of their equipment is less then spectacular. For example:I wouldn't by an mp3 player that you couldn't easily replace the battery. That is one of the ways to sort all of the equipment on this site.
written by angelo, January 22, 2008
Apple owners, there is no need to be so protective. You get what you paid for; an awesome ad campaign and pretty design. Here is a summary of the Apple products I see around me.
Girlfriends ipod: 1.5 years old. Battery won't charge.
her sisters ipod: less than one year old, battery lasts 20 minutes.
her other sister's ipod: Utterly stopped working.
my friends ipod: wont let him transfer certain music from his computer.
girlfriend's 2002 imac: cost $1000 dollars and is worthless. No dvd drive means can't install newer OS, Old OS is utterly incompatible. Mouse failed after a year. Apple stopped making the airport card for it. NO resale value. It is rotting in the garage as we speak. This is all to say nothing of the fact that is underperformed similarlly priced PCs from day 1. Their service sucked and was expensive. Genius bar was always packed (for some strange reason).

Meanwhile, my home built PC (2.4 ghz, 1gbram, 80gb hard drive) ($500) still kicks ass. Took me less than an hour to assemble. Absolute cake.

Pete is right. There is no Mac vs. PC war because there is no company called "PC". Just one greedy, sneaky company called Apple. Apple has been ripping people off for years. That is how they supplement income from good products. Every company does it. It does not mean you are stupid for buying their products, just that Apples ad execs are doing their job. Also, I should say that my friend's dual g4 is still an awesome computer after 5 years, it is just that it cost 3000 new, and my $500 PC is still better. But thanks to Apple's greed, I cannot run final cut on my computer because they only let their computers run it.

Apple computer: think indifferent
iPod repairs
written by anechoic, January 22, 2008
I took my laptop to monkeys at the Apple 'Genius Bar' (I use the term genius very loosely in this case)...while waiting I saw 10 people all bringing their iPods in for some reason or another. Only one other laptop made it to the Genius Bar during my visit.

I swore from that day forward to only ever buy a Linux-based media player.
written by brainiac, January 22, 2008
All you really have to do is buy the warranty on any apple product. Is it really that hard to figure out? And another thing... apple products are not meant to be taken apart. If they wanted you to take it apart then there would be instructions, and a little button that says open. No fence, but even if they did put an open button people wouldn't know what to do with it.

BTW... if you want an appointment at the Apple "Genius Bar" you need to actually make one. I agree that the people there are idiots, but most people bringing their laptops are idiots!

And another thing! I have been through 5 different types of PC's in the last three years ranging from gateways to sonys, and they all result in the same thing... useless computers that need to be restarted every time I open up word, or want to print a file online. Seriously... all computers suck, and Vista makes my NEW PC run ten times as slow. My point is not all problems with macs are just mac problems... angelo! Oh and next time angelo... check your facts with others, not just your bubble of friends!
written by Ashley, January 23, 2008
Are you serious brainiac? I bought my creative labs Zen Touch over 4 years ago and it's still running stronger than any IPod I've come across.

Plus, if you're going to assume the appointment of genius tech wiz... i don't suggest mentioning you've been through 5 computers in 3 years and still haven't figured out how to modify/speed them up or that you run Vista (as I'd assume most computer literate people have been wary about the OS jump OR have moved on to more open source options)

But most importantly, the ultimate point of the article was to show that modifications CAN'T be made, and therefore can't be recycled, so buying a Warranty with Apple is essentially perpetuating the problem... am I wrong?

I think it's sad, and I've also referred a bunch more of my friends to the refurbished gadgets site... GOOD GOING! I wish I was smart/knowledgable enough to do it myself : )
Typical of apple!
written by Farhad Abdolian, January 23, 2008
Ever since the good old days of Apple II, they have changed their strategy to something that is not for us, to touch. Apple products are not designed to be modified and order viagra online canada they are doing everything they can to prevent the user from doing so.

that was one of the main reasons I stopped buying apple and went and bought a taiwanese made PC instead.

So goes with the new "generation" of apple products, it is the same crap, different marketing.
I have had a very different experience..
written by michael chen, January 23, 2008
Uh.. i have a powerbook G4 from 2003. I also have a toshiba satellite laptop with from 2006. A sony laptop from 2001. In all cases with the windows pc laptops... they all crash within the first 3 days of use... mind you i bought them brand new. The sony was bought from the sony metreon back when i was in SF. The toshiba here in london. I bought the mac in taiwan. After all these years, the PB with 1.25ghz is still going strong and have never broken down on me. Despite having a need for a pc all the time (i use CAD and SolidWORKS)... i always find myself using my old powerbook at the end of the day to finalize my work. I also have a Dell desktop bought in early 2007. Atleast only crashed 4 or 5 times. I have to be so careful with pcs... the toshiba was a waste of money... damn thing takes 15 minutes to start. I have reinstalled the windows OS two times since buying it. In my experience so far. Being the owner of so many goddamn computers... Apple computers as a whole have only failed me on a few memorable occasions.
#1) In highschool it completely died on me while i was writing my term paper. Never knew the cause.
#2) while operating photoshop, illustrator, ms word, as well as firefox- the system froze (rainbow wheel) for a good ten minutes...I had to unplug the batt and powercord. (i was also using Azureus to DLing movies)
Thats it... But for PCs... geez... it is like buying a car that needs your most undivided attention (all the time). It gets tiring trying to maintain them... I dont want to do that. That is their job. That is why i pay money for machines to help me do my work... not the other way around.
PC repairs 7 so far (fingers crossed). I have yet to take my 5 year old mac to the stupid bar. Now how many strictly pc users leave their pcs on for 5-6 weeks straight at a time like i do with my mac...not many.
I am not saying that pcs are all bad.... but i might just have the worst luck with them.
written by MAXPOWer, January 23, 2008
Bad policy of mac

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classic corpo greed
written by toast, January 23, 2008
Never had any of those problems
written by Karsten, January 24, 2008
So far so good.

If you don't own gadgets like this you do not have to get them fixed, recycled, maintained. You save money, create less pollution, use fewer resources. And best of all you do not encourage the look here cheap prescription cialis production of more crap.

The less you buy the more you save.
The less you buy the less you pollute.

Feeling pretty smug here. At least until something breaks that cannot be fixed.

Practical Advice to Pollute Less
Angelo: fix your stuff
written by jims, January 24, 2008
Girlfriends iMac: no DVD. Start up in target mode, do software install from another Mac. Works fine, I do this for a laptop with a broken DVD. (Also, the existence of a new OS does not diminish your old one in any way.)

iPod Batteries: All battery technologies used in portable electronics are consumable. Every electron you push in and pull back out diminishes the capacity a bit. When you wear the battery out to the point it doesn't last long enough for your replace the battery. If you aren't comfortable doing it yourself then google 'ipod battery replacement', look at the paid spots at the top of the page and fix it. The service is cheap. For example, a gen2 nano which requires soldering is $5 to have them do the swap plus the $20 for the battery.
I repair Music Players for a living... i
written by marcos, January 24, 2008
Why does every comment forum about anything apple-related spiral downward into a stupid pro vs. anti mac war? JUST TALK ABOUT THE FACTS!!

Anyway, I work at an electronics repair shop, and we repair lots of gadgets, including iPhones and Nanos... The iPhone is simple to open up (I have no idea what this article is talking about) -- the nano is a bit more tough. We still do it, however, it just takes more time. I've also witnessed the same process at an apple store, so I can assure you they can open up both of these products without damaging the back plate.

I agree that the new Zune is much easier to open and repair, but that's largely due to its plastic shell, which isn't readily recyclable like the iPod/iPhone's aluminum anyway, and can occasionally crack... each has it's ups and downs on case manufacturing.

And to everyone's point: we'll replace your iPhone battery for $30. No new case required.

FYI, iPhone disassembly video that describes the process... They don't show how to pop off the black case at the bottom, which is the most time consuming process, but it's good:

Final word: I have repaired literally hundreds of music players, and I don't believe I've ever damaged a case, iPhone, iPod Nano, or Zune. This story smells fishy.
written by Brynn, January 24, 2008
Hmm that'll make me think twice before buying another Ipod. I have heard reports that the Zune is better anyway. Mac is actually going further and further down on my scale of like-ability.
Re:Re: protective
written by DC, January 25, 2008
except nobody started the war until you opened your fat gob. the other guy with the home made PC was stating his opinion (which you both support and snub in your comment). and a homemade model is meant to be upgraded, so it "being the same one you started with" bears no matter :P
Apple Product Fixability
written by Leonard, January 26, 2008
I own 1 Ipod Nano, 1 Ipod Touch , 5 Macs (including some old vintage collector laptop models that still work perfectly to this day) and an iPhone. I can easily open all of them without damage to upgrade RAM, HDs or change batteries--it's easy to find the simple tools needed and "how-to" explanations or videos on the opening process. Google, as always, is your best friend here. I also own 5 PC laptops which are also relatively easy to open and upgrade (though not nearly as easy as the Macs).

I think everyone is missing the real issue though. This is not a Mac vs PC issue. The big picture is

"how to properly dispose of or re-cycle electronic gadgets".

All manufactures should, in their own best interests (Read the Great Book "Green to Gold"), prominently describe to their customers how to do this easily and effectively. Apple's website displays on it's main page, bottom center, how to re-cycle any MP3, computer or mobile phone for free.

Universal awareness of gadget re-cycling is more important than petty Mac vs PC kaka.

Ipod or Zune ?
written by Leonard, January 26, 2008
There have been many pro and viagra china con comments on this thread about the Ipod and the Zune, Mac vs PC etc.. I am neutral in the these wars. I own many products of each type. I appreciate and admire quality wherever I find it. I also hate poor workmanship whenever consumers are the victim of such. I think Microsoft is a great, great software company that continues to excel most of the time (Vista is the notable exception) with its software products--see the brilliant Ribbon Interface in Office 2007, one of the best new software products of our time or ever. However, as much as I like the software company, Microsoft has a long established history of poor quality workmanship in its hardware division--just Google the many thousands of painful real life reports associated with the XBOX and the original Zune. The XBOX, including the 360, is a case history of how not to make a consumer product. Think of how many non-functioning XBOXes populate the land fills in the USA. Ditto for the original Zune. This reputation has been deservedly earned over years of producing poorly designed low quality units. Apple, on the other hand, along with Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Toyota, Honda, John Deere and Caterpillar, have all earned well established reputations for producing high quality hard good products because of well thought out designs and first class quality control systems.

Food for thought for anyone considering a Microsoft hardware product.
Nostalgia and Hope
written by NatureGeek, January 30, 2008
I agree with Leonard, as I am also "bi-platform" and I think the whole brand loyalty to the point of cultish identification with your products is pretty stupid (and kind of creepy, when you think about it!) They are just machines, and we love them when they do our bidding, hate them when they refuse, or break. I think the problems of durability, usability over the long haul, repairability and upgradability have been seen industry-wide. OTOH, how many old PCs of the vintage of my still-working old Macs have I seen out there? Not many. Of course build-it-yourself geeks out there can upgrade and buying viagra without prescription repair and do all sorts of fun stuff like overclocking and the like, but we are talking about typical consumer wares here. Even self-built computers have a shelf life - hard disks die, fans fail, upgrades are needed. That said, I do like Apple products, or business class HP...

My favorite Apple laptop was the viagra to order Titanium - I LOVED the easily removed keyboard so I could clean out stray crumbs and dust, and also access the innards. I loved how easy it was to take apart and upgrade or fix - I put a new hard drive in it myself, and of course, stuff like memory was easy. It seems they've been making it harder and harder for do it yourselfers. I really wish they'd bring back that keyboard - way better than compressed air. (and less waste, too.)

It seems the nature of the computer business to make your older models obsolete with newer models - different memory configuration so you can never use your extra memory in your new machine, different everything. And they keep making new software that is better and better in some ways, but if you keep your old machines running, after a while, you can't run any of it any more. (I've seen the "Story of Stuff" video mentioned previously, and it really fits with the computer industry, especially).

I kept, for the longest time, a copy of Wordperfect 1.0 - on a small floppy disk (remember those?) with all my files on there, too! Can you imagine? And you know what? It still did most of what you "need" a word processing program to do today.

I've been able to pass my old computers, including the ancient little classic Mac I started with, on to folks who can use them - Freecycle is great for that! I gave Titania (my old TiBook) to a friend who needed it and she LOVES it. Now I'm thinking of getting a new MacBook, since mine is a PowerBook... I shouldn't give in, but I want the 250GB hard drive! I don't own a desktop computer, so my laptop has to substitute for one. Which is why I won't be getting the new "Air."

Long-lasting, durable, upgradable, and fixable are just as, maybe more important than recyclable. All the energy of production and transport and packaging contributes to how "green" a product is - a less recyclable machine with a longer "shelf life" and more accessible repairs and upgrades would, in the end, be much greener than a "merely" recyclable machine.

Maybe someday... :-
written by Free iPod Touch, February 26, 2008
So first they make it likely to die on you in the first year or so and now they make it so that if it does die on you, you can't get a simple repair?

Seems Apple is causing unnecessary grief amongst their ipod lovers.
Don't buy
written by Horia, March 08, 2008
Some of should spend time reading, eventually surfing, or playing, or walking. Why ts everybody so in loved with some objects. I have a phone that ts ringing, and ts enough. A computer that ts working enough time to do my job. If you like to be cool you have to pay. Else don't buy
written by Horia, March 08, 2008
Anyway, repairing some broken electronic telecomunication devices, can increase the level of radiations, so t will be more dangerous than ever.
Wow a corporation who does things only f
written by Jack, April 13, 2008
If you believe apple is made up of earth loving people who want to save the planet more than they want to make a bunch of money you're nuts. If there wasn't this whole "green" buzzword and image branding opportunity for them they wouldn't give a hoot about it. It just happens to fit with their whole "wow were so unique and hip and cool and how to get cialis in canada fresh" image. Obviously they want ipods to be disposable things that go bad and need to be replaced, there's no money in something that lasts forever and can be repaired by anyone, that doesn't generate any revenue for them.
Apple Truths
written by Jeff, August 21, 2008
I have owned more than 10 PC's (own a small business) and now 2 apples plus 5 ipods. I can tell you that both apple laptops have totally crashed and needed of them twice. 2 of 5 iPods have broken though more due to negligence than anything else. The 10 PC's have really never broken ALTHOUGH they all virtually become unusable due to Microsoft and all of it's sloppy/junky programming. The dream is PC quality with an apple OS.

As much as I LOVE my MacBook Pro, I'd have to recommend a PC. It slows down and breaks over time but in my experience it has never completely broken on me.
Responses mainly in defense of Apple, in
written by Ian, October 27, 2008
@Jeff: Your PCs may be doing well, but that doesn't mean that PCs in general are perfect. My friend's Toshiba Satellite laptop has been in the repair shop almost constantly for about a year now. We got it back a couple of weeks ago and it kept dying due to a loose power connection (we think). It died about every ten minutes. Remember that it has been undergoing repairs for quite a while, and some of the best computer experts in the city have looked at it.

@Jack: Remember that Apple "led the industry" (their words) in environmental matters. They switched to green technologies well before they were regulated. Apple phased out lead in plastics, paints, and packaging long before RoHS came into effect. Their products are designed with recycling in mind. The aluminium and glass used in the iMac, MacBook, and MacBook Pro are highly recyclable.

@Free iPod Touch: Apple offers extended warranties for all of its products.

@NatureGeek: I agree that locking oneself to a particular manufacturer is strange. I use Macs at home, Dell PCs with WinXP at school, and I have some extra PCs at home. I got them from the school when they upgraded. I have Ubuntu installed on one, but I haven't gotten around to hooking it up to the network yet because my other computers serve me just fine. My iPod is a 4th Generation Classic, from July 2004. It still works just fine, and the battery lasts long enough.

@Angelo: You do realize that Macs come with software, and for PCs it usually costs extra unless it would be free anyway (e.g. Dell shipping PCs with Ubuntu). About Final Cut, you should try porting a piece of software that complex to another operating system. If you really want to run it on your PC, just install Mac OS X. I don't think someone like you would do enough research to have heard of this, so yes, it is possible. You can use something called a search engine, e.g. Google, to find it. There's probably a little bar in the top right of your browser with the word "Google" in it. Type what you want to know about in there.
About that iMac, you could probably turn it into a wired network server. Install Linux if you want.
written by Chaz, November 12, 2008
I fix iPods for extra money and levitra 10 mg I have found that the only ones that are difficult to fix are the nanos, do to the size and almost everything being soldered to the board itself. As far as taking them apart, the first one of a model I take apart I will break, after that they are easy.
I'm Laughing my Rear Off!
written by Christopher Whaley, November 23, 2008
I'm laughing hard, very hard, I think my OJ is coming out of my nose. Wow.

I'm not a fan boy of either camp. I did however read ALL the comments.

To the guy who says his $1000 iMac is worthless after a few years, tell that to the G3 iMac running Tiger (yes Tiger, grow a brain non believers). It sits on my garage, plays music, and my iPhone is its remote. Rain, or snow, it always runs. Its 20F here, and it still runs, my car needs work, and thanks to the G3 I will have it done, while listening to the latest Tool album.

To the whomever says the iPhone isn't repairable. I have reapired several. Its not my fault or Apples fault that the average Jackass can't use a $10 15W iron from radio shack and replace a battery. I have replaced displays, digitizers, and batterys in several iPhones. Never have I damaged the AU case, maybe the Ant cover, but thats a cheap part.

Regarding the new MacBook and "Being just as sturdy as the plastic MacBook". You sir, are a retard, a handicapped child. I have had my Macbook replaced several times for the cracked plastic case, thats why I now have the all Aluminum MacBook, and all it cost me was the gas to get to the Apple store. You can argue that a "PC" would not have the done the same, and you are probably right. None of my Gatewas/Dell/Compaq/HP/SOny (and I have had them all) laptops have cracked. But what if they had? I would have had a mail in repair, that lasted WEEKS. Not only that, but they replaced my OUT OF WARRANTY MacBook with the new model.

So my point is, customer service, customer service, Apple has it aplenty. Call and Apple store and speak to one of the 6-8 managers they have next time you have a problem.

This being said, I'm not a "FanBoy" either way. Just very happy with my Apple products. I will always own a MacBook for Travel, and a windows PC for gaming. As a matter of fact I am typing this on my "Hackint0sh". A "Black Friday", $299 Compaq, with upgraded ram and video card, running OSX, and yes, I have purchased a copy of leopard for this machine. And yes it does run nearly as fast as my MacBook.
written by Daniel Wallker, February 08, 2009
I went to a school where every student received a mac on entering. I myself have had several macs over the years as well as a couple of Ipods.
The thing is Apple is a company that both makes it's computers and cialis tablet it's OS. PC's are made by many different companies and quality ranges from one to the next. In all my experience with apple products, Apple has almost repeatedly shown it's self to choose "looks" over quality of material. Mac OS is a great operating system, but Apples hardware to match is another story. With Apple you usually can't build your own or even can't upgrade your equipment then run Mac OS. That's what makes me dislike apple. They are very controlling in a lot of ways. Far from the free spirit image they project. If you could match up the hardware of the PC with the Mac OS it would be great, but apple won't have that.
written by FreebieJeebies, November 30, 2010
Ofcourse apple woulden't have that! why would they!?

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