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MAR 28

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Shutting Down for Earth Hour

I love my computer(s) and doubt about it. But I'm looking forward to powering down my life, and turning off my house for Earth Hour.

Last year, Sydney Australia turned off its lights for an hour in order to, I guess, save some energy. Mostly, however, it was a statement. To see the combined effect of a lot of people agreeing that something needs to be done. The event was such a success that the World Wildlife Fund decided to take it global in 2008.

So on March 29th, whenever 8pm rolls around, over 350 cities in 35 countries, millions of individuals, the Sears Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, and 2,100 corporations including HP, Coca Cola and free cialis sample McDonald's, are all turning off their lights.

As an EcoGeek, I can't help but point out that all of these people who will be burning candles to light their houses during Earth Hour actually aren't doing any good. Candles produce significantly more CO2 and other pollutants per lumen than incandescent bulbs. But that's really not what this is about.

Organizing mass action to recognize the threat of climate change is certainly something that I can get behind. And I'm sure there are going to be lots of pretty pictures of best viagra dark skylines to share on the morning of the 30th which I will excitedly write about.

I've signed myself up for Earth Hour, and will be having a quiet evening playing cards with my wife in the dark. I encourage all you EcoGeeks to participate as well. Take some time to remember what darkness is, it's good for you.

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Spread the the best site levitra discussionsdiscount priced levitra word!
written by Pedro, March 28, 2008
Signed up and spreading the word. Thanks for the heads up!
written by Hanna Em, March 28, 2008
Sounds good to me! I'm in. Too bad no one else where I live really cares, my neighbours leave the tv on outside 24/7.
written by josh, March 28, 2008
I'm in, but I don't know what I'm going to do for an hour.
written by Leo, March 28, 2008
Trying to spread the word. Wish I knew sooner.
written by Magnulus, March 28, 2008
Oh, cool!
I will be spending the hour in the dark with my wife-to-be as well, but since Edinburgh is bloody cold these days, we'll have to drug levitra figure out SOME way to stay warm despite the lack of any heating!
written by kristin, March 28, 2008
Signed up too! I wonder how many babies will be born nine months from tomorrow night ; p ; p
Build more nukes!
written by Andrew P., March 28, 2008
We need to build more clean, safe, modern nuclear plants to replace the genuine levitra online filthy, polluting coal plants that produce millions of tons of carbon dioxide, as well as spew 100's of times more uranium and plutonium into the environment through their fly ash and slag. Oh, wait, we can't! The environmental movement has fixed the laws here in California so that we CAN'T build any nuclear plants. Atta way to go! I guess we just need to abandon our cities and move back into caves.
just an aside...
written by Alex, March 28, 2008
This probably won't cause a huge fraction of the electric load to stop, and grid operators are no doubt going to be watching very closely, but if it WERE a huge fraction of load and they DIDN'T know it was coming, there would be big voltage spikes, lots of blown transformers... and lots of surprised people when the lights didn't come back on at the end of the hour!
written by Evan, March 28, 2008
Toronto is in! There will be a free, acoustic-only set downtown featuring Nelly Furtado and other pop artists. I, on the other hand, am going to have a lie down during that hour, and hopefully my girlfriend will join me. 8)
written by Circlingthesun, March 28, 2008
I live if South Africa. We have at least 2 earth hours weekly because of the power crises =)
Earth Hour
written by Simon Tannock, March 28, 2008
I'm in for Earth Hour, but it seems a bit pointless. Surely the idea of cost of generic levitra Earth Hour should be a first step towards a longer change. The first step toward being more careful with using lights only when needed, the first step to turning off unused computers and levitra overnight appliances, not leaving things on stand-by, reviewing your household energy use and looking for reductions.

But it doesn't seem to be. Its about turning the lights off for an hour. Interestingly some people commenting here have assumed it means turning off as much power as possible. But its not, its about turning off the order cialis cialis lights only.

At work we got a message asking people to ensure that, because of Earth Hour, they turn their computers off on Friday and all unnecessary lights. Big Whizz... shouldn't that be a standard requirement of all people every evening?!?

I am often dumbfounded by the fact that people think that others are going to solve this problem for them. Why can people not just take responsibility for themselves and ensure they are as energy efficient as possible?

Perhaps another Earth movement is needed to start making wasters feel guilty. The mothers in enormous 4WD vehicles around town, department stores that leave lights on overnight, car companies making cars with large engines, e.g. Holden in Australia are making a 6.0L sports utility vehicle for sale in the US under the Pontiac brand. Someone please explain when a 6.0L vehicle is ever necessary in a sports environment!?!?!? "Oh it needs to be so large to carry my mountain bike around." Holden even claims on their website they are environmentally responsible corporate citizens. Hell yeah! Any company that is providing a product because the consumers want it, despite it being inefficient and obviously wasteful, Hummers are another perfect example, are not good corporate citizens.

Can anyone suggest a way people can identify the wasters in some way and advise them of their errant ways? If these wasters don't take action, then they should be reviled as wasters and identified as such.

I could go on but I shall hop off my organically grown and click here buy levitra online pharmacy 100% recyclable soap box now, have an enjoyable dark Earth Hour.
written by Jen, March 28, 2008
I decided to surf to see who else besides me was promoting this. Delighted to find you -- great blog!
written by Monotonehell, March 29, 2008
It's one thing to raise awareness of our energy problems. But it's another to promote things like Earth Hour as "making a difference".

So many people have signed up to cialis price online cialis price this, because it's easy to turn off your lights for an hour, once. But then what will all those people do after they turn their lights back on at 9pm?

They'll go back to their lives, using just as much power as before, and nothing else because as far as they're concerned, turning off their lights for an hour was doing their bit.

So many people can't see the big picture and just won't do anything about it. Apart from feel good protests of this type that only cause headaches for energy grids trying to manage the power spikes.

Come on World, we need to actually DO things not fiddle in the dark for an hour.
written by josh, March 29, 2008
I must say it is dark at night without the lights on. Regarding the levitra oral gel computers, I've asked at work. They reason they have to be left on standby is because at night, when all the other users are gone is when IT does all their patches, updates, etc. The computers have to be on to take the upgrade and hours where you can't work on your computer at work is hours wasted.

I would like to know how Simon would like to " identify the wasters in some way and advise them of their errant ways" How about spray them with green paint, take away people's freedom. According to the Norwegian government the Prius is just as bad as the H2. And as far as "organic" food is concerned. I'm wondering what do you want to viagra online order usa do with the billions who will starve when everything "organic"?

Sorry for being overly dramatic, but people are trying to say "I care and want to help." It's like a small child who wants to help the grown-ups. They can't really help yet, but do you slap their hand away and tell them it's pointless or do you encourage them?
Earth Hour is a scam
written by Sheila, March 30, 2008
Earth Hour is idiotic... and dangerous. By stated facts, dividing down Australia's gross national product, if every city in Australia were to participate in Earth Hour it would cost an estimated $50,000,000.00 in lost productivity, even at night. That is the salary of 1000 jobs for an entire year! All to stave off how much pollution exactly?

Enough to fill one medium sized thimble. That's right.

That is the consequence of Gunpoint Environmentalism: Poverty.
WWF Origins
written by King Leonidas, March 30, 2008

WWF is Eugenics soceity founded. Cofounded by Prince Philip.

They advocate among other things;


Don't believe me, do your own research by visiting the link above or Googling Eugenics, Eugenicist.

written by Simon, March 31, 2008
Eugenics may be a pertinent issue to some, but I don't really see the relevance to this discussion. Is it because it is a conspiracy theory developed by anti-environmentalists???
written by gulag2008, April 01, 2008
This earth hour is all about awareness before they roll out a carbon tax.Do you really think paying a carbon tax will go to we recommend canadianpharmacy helping save energy? There had to be some big money behind this movement to go global. I for one am outraged at such an outlandish attempt to spread fear that ordinary people are over polluting the planet.
We are the victims of visit our site best price cialis greed, forced to drive cars
that get less per gallon than 20 years ago.
Just remember the Car manufacturers, Electronics makers have not done much in making consumption
the number 1 priority. You are going to pay for
your carbon tax mark my words. I have solar panel so my lights were on. If you guys like living in the dark so be it.
written by whatthe, April 02, 2008
OK, I'll bite.
Shucks, turning off the lights was real dangerous wasn't it? Perhaps if someone bothered to read the advice on the Earth-hour website: " turn off lights when buildings weren’t in use " then we could all rest easy that our jobs, our company, our national economy, whatever, won't fold because some of us participated in this event.
I work in IT, and patches are applied on a random basis less than once a month, if that, not every night. So get a new IT department, turn off that wonderful fish tank screensaver before you take a week off, and you might just save some real fish.
And while we're ALL apparently the victims of being FORCED to drive big gas-guzzling cars, some of us are also victims of having to buy solar panels just to avoid participating in Earth Hour - what is this world coming to? Good ideas that cost nothing to participate in do not need big money to go global. A yo-yo craze would cost more.
Finally, if Earth Hour raises awareness, then it has made a difference. Its goal is not to save energy but to make the point that it is possible for combined action to have an impact, whether that impact is sustainable or not is a moot point. "Last year we measured how much energy saved during Earth Hour in Sydney and achieved a reduction of 10.2%".

written by chris, April 02, 2008
This is a reply to Alex. About the voltage spike thing.

Excess Base Load power that is supplied to a grid is diverted into the ground.
Which in my mind, is even more of a waste than leaving a light on in an empty room.

But yeah, I think the point of Earth Hour was to raise awareness of an individual's energy consumption. And perhaps help people form long term habits of turning off things that aren't needed.
With that in mind, I hope it was a sucess. Although it annoys me when I read fluffed-out articles about how much mWh we may have saved in one hour of one day. Because in reality it would've been negligible.
written by gulag2008, April 02, 2008
How can one be a victim of solar power?
Having solar is not about protest it's an insurance policy.Do you really believe WWF would spend so much money to sell Earth Hour with no other agenda? Why don't you do more research on the true WWF eugenics leaders and read about Al Gore and it's great! best canadian pharmacy his Carbon Tax plan.
I personally have reduced my impact.
Try looking for your self, the watt information
isn't clearly marked on electronics and appliances.
We need to force changes with CORPORATIONS.
The CORPORATIONS and greedy Governments need to make low power consumption the most important feature of all products.
I have no problem with you, or the Earth Hour movement.
My problem is with who is funding it.

Slowly but Surely!
written by Uncle B, April 28, 2008
First I get you to turn a light off, then I get you to buy a LED light, then I show you solar power, geothermal heat and frugal living. Next you build a super-insulated, solar powered, geothermal heated life-healthy sized survival unit in the 'burbs, so that in the next squeeze, you and yours are warm, well lighted and secure, and in the next boom, you have surpluses and America is stronger for that, so shoot me!
written by Andrea, March 05, 2009
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