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"I was shocked when I discovered how much power my monitor was wasting ..."

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New Zero-Watt Monitor Saves Cash and levitra prescription label the Planet

The first zero-watt display monitor from Fujitsu Siemens Computers will get you out the office door that millisecond faster after coming up with a design that uses no power at all in idle mode. The zero-watt, 22-inch monitor has a switch in the power supply unit that is controlled by the computer. When no video signal is viagra cialis online pharmacy transmitted, the switch shuts down the complete circuit of the monitor.

That's savvy, saves customers money, and protects the environment.

There's also a secondary way to save power with the monitor. A sensor continuously monitors the buy cialis in canada no prescription surrounding brightness of the environment and automatically adjusts the display. Less power is required in a dark environment than a bright one.

An earlier prototype last year used a solar panel to detect the video signal, but this version will use a relay switch instead to turn off power when it detects no signal. The new monitors will be available this summer and cost the same as regular monitors.

Via Physorg

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written by Danno, May 01, 2008
...people could turn off their monitors when not in use! :P
You forgot the power brick
written by Mario, May 02, 2008
If you simply turn off the switch on the monitor, the internal power transformer (or external power brick) is still consuming energy. It's like leaving your phone charger on the wall when you finish charging it.
And before you say it, having to duck down the desk or even move it to unplug the it's great! levitra no rx required monitor every time you need a coffee doesn't cut it. Besides it says it will cost the same.
Very nice.
written by Amy, May 09, 2008
Well, I'm looking for a new monitor anyways, and since it's supposed to cost the same amount as any other monitor, that sounds like a pretty good idea to me. :D
written by xoc, August 08, 2008
I was shocked when I discovered how much power my monitor was wasting even when it was supposedly turned off. Add that to tramadol next day ship the PC, the router, TV, washing machine, etc and even when everything is 'turned off', there is a surprisingly large power drain. Its disgraceful how wasteful all these appliances are. Their power-off mode could be run on less than 1W if they were designed properly.

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