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JUN 06

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Dell Takes Lead in Green Technology

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of Dell’s commitment to be the greenest technology company on the planet. We've talked before about all the efforts Dell is making to greenify their operations, products, and image, so it's time to take a look at how far they've come. Along with innovative products, they have some significant landmarks to celebrate from the past year.

First, they reported their largest single-year product recycling volume, recovering a massive 102 million pounds of IT equipment from customers – a 20% increase from the previous year. The fact that they've made recycling IT products easier for consumer has helped thes number grow so dramatically.

A second accomplishment to viagra delivery two days celebrate is their becoming the first major computer manufacturer to offer Silver 80 PLUS-certified power supplies. The 80 PLUS certification means that the 100 mg cialis equipment exceeds the power supply requirements specified by the EPA’s Energy Star 4.0 standard, which requires the use of 80% or more efficient power supplies. Dell passesd up the standard by 8%, and is a year ahead of schedule for meeting the qualifications of buying viagra in mexico the Climate Savers Computing Initiative. This is nothing new for Dell – since 2005, improvements to their desktops alone have avoided creating about 24 million tons of CO2. Their newest desktop, the Vostro Energy-Smart 410, can save users up to 47% in annual energy costs without loosing performance.

And a third item for celebration is levitra without perscription progress in Dell's global zero-carbon initiative. Partnering with The Climate Group’s Together initiative, which brings companies, cities, and non-profits together to reduce American’s impact on the planet, Dell is working to provide resources for consumers to manage and buy levitra by mail reduce energy consumption, in addition to canadian healthcare viagra Energy Smart and Plant a Tree for Me. Back in September, they decided the company operations should be carbon neutral by the end of ’08, and they’re on track with that goal, already powering corporate headquarters with 100% green energy and showing themselves to have the lowest carbon intensity of the Fortune 50.

While we know there is more than simple do-good motivation behind the progress, it is nonetheless encouraging to see such a major technology company taking significant steps to clean up their company. It is sure to pull competitors into following their trail, especially since consumers increasingly want products that are both cheap and green, and higher efficiency now means cheaper products later.

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written by MarkR, June 06, 2008
As someone who rides his bike down Greenlawn blvd, the road that splits the Dell headcourters on my way to work. I just think its sad, they fire people here, but before they give them severance they make them train their Indian replacement and move the work to viagra oral gel India, where I'm sure the electricity isn't green. Then they, close local manufacturing and green wash the main campus here, you can't find a bus stop within 5 miles of the H.Q. and the cialis online uk acres and acres of parking lots are half full because not as many people work there anymore. I use to love dell, had stock in the company but no amount of green washing will help me like them any more. Their underlying strategy is to cut American jobs to pay for their green window dressing. I don't care if all their American locations go green, Dell sux. Its easy to go green here when you move the majority of it's great! viagra india your facilities where you can't get green energy.
Love It!
written by Geoff Livingston, June 06, 2008
It's great to see a company actually talk its walk. I can't speak to the India thing, but I do see Dell's commitment to green as real, and believe the company has good intentions at heart.
written by Matt, June 07, 2008
This "story" reads like a Dell press release. Just link to no prescription levitra canada the PR hack next time and viagra prescription drug skip the middle man.
This site is just waffle and PR
written by Mike, June 07, 2008
The only thing green coming out of Dell is the snot from their noses.
Mike and Matt
written by Jon, June 07, 2008
You obviously don't enjoy the content on this site -- why do you visit it then?
Dell's Chinese Factories
written by EV, June 07, 2008
Let me know when they green up their factories in China, that currently get most of their electricity from Coal Powerplants that are dirtier than we have seen since WWII in the US.
Open source = Green
written by Justas, June 08, 2008
I saw a relationship between open source and sustainable production. I do not imagine future without sustainable and open source economics. Often people or companies that care about sustainability care about open source or vice versa.
Open == Green?
written by Kelly, June 09, 2008
That makes a lot of sense smilies/angry.gif
If anything, there is so much more revision, hot air and rework in open source projects that it probably takes more carbon to create an open source product than a closed source product.

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