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Magnetic RAM is Faster, Uses 90% Less Power

IBM and Toshiba are looking toward the next generation of RAM. They want it to be faster, of course, but they're also hoping to score two of the biggest unobtained prizes in RAM:

  1. Instant Boot
  2. Unpowered Storage

Instant boots save energy in several indirect ways. It promotes powering down computers at night, as the powering up becomes less inconvenient. Unpowered storage decreases power use dramatically because the RAM can continue to hold data without having to buy online viagra overnight in canada constantly pull from the power supply. Toshiba estimates that the viagra uk MRAM will use about 10% less energy per megabyte than today's RAM.

Unfortunately, MRAM currently has problems operating at a wide variety of temperatures. The inside of a computer has a pretty wide temperature range. Toshiba says that they have overcome this problem, and they expect MRAM to take over the market by 2015.

Via TechRadar

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written by Corban, June 09, 2008
1 - "Using 90% less power" = Only uses 10% power
2 - "Uses about 10% less energy" = Only uses 90% power

Take your pick, and it can't be both. TechRadar says it's Number 1.
Your title
written by name, June 09, 2008
Your title is incorrect
written by John, June 09, 2008
This is all baloney. RAM usage is negligible. Of course, the performance aspect is cool, but they are just taking advantage of the fact that being green is female herbal cialis cool.

The true power suckers of PCs lie in the CPU, GPU, displays...
More MRAM information
written by Ron Mertens, June 10, 2008
There is a lot more MRAM information in our site -

written by joseph randalph, June 10, 2008
oh sweet, 2015 we can look forward to m-ram.
written by tons, June 10, 2008
If more ram takes up more power then using a less bloated operating system which uses less ram is also a good solution.
written by John Thomas, June 10, 2008
Hey, if it uses less power, I am all for it.

Landmark Modeling Study Reveals How Ferr
written by Jordan, June 10, 2008
There's a study by a professor I know on this type of memory, if anyone is interested:
Not much power saved...
written by No, June 10, 2008
RAM chips uses for what I know just 1W. Sure, it's a good thing when you consider the hundreds of millions of ups delivered tramadol computers that will save a few megawatts. I'd be more interested if they produced less waste, as I doubt RAM chips are good for the environment.
written by memoryhog, June 10, 2008
It is fully explained why it is green. It is not the power consumption of the RAM that is being saved, but the viagra cheap price power taking by the only best offers cialis fast delivery whole PC which doesn't need to be left on to make sure it is ready for action at a moments notice.
written by Herky, June 10, 2008
Does this kind of RAM mean faster sext messaging?
my research
written by William, June 10, 2008
I'm doing research into MRAM right now at my university. It's for my masters thesis, and basically MRAM is faster, low-power, non-volatile, compact and levitra mail order more durable, than any other form of memory available right now
Think outside the PC box...
written by inc, June 10, 2008
Well this RAM could be used for more then just your PC, which an above commenter claims would have negligible power savings. Even 10% less power usage would mean better battery life. Instant boot would also rock. Imagine your phone running longer since all functions but the radio shutting down and also 10% less power being used by the main storage while in use. These would certainly help your favorite electronics run longer.
written by Alex, June 10, 2008
John, by making the unpowered storage ram, it will entice users to power off their computer as the article said. THAT, if you ask me, is the big deal. I don't expect the performance boost to be too much. Also, 10% can make a big difference if you add up all the other computers in the world.

True, the GPU and CPU eat up alot more, but that is their nature. They do calculations, unlike RAM which requires WAY more power. Besides, engineers are already bringing down power consumption for both of these.
Is it green?
written by Matt, June 10, 2008
It saves energy? Well how much gas does it use? Cause thats all I care about...
written by CW, June 10, 2008
Fix the title.

Article: "...MRAM will use about 10% less energy..."
written by shane, June 10, 2008
instant on how ive waited for you smilies/shocked.gif
written by Billiam, June 10, 2008
So, its made from an "antiferromagnet" that looks peanut can?
MRAM isn't the answer to non-prescription generic cialis energy savings
written by JamesC, June 10, 2008
Although it's true that MRAM will use less power than conventional DRAM, it's not a major power savings itself, as many have already pointed out. It also won't have the side-effect of people powering down at night. Why? Because they already can. It's called Suspend, or more accurately, suspend-to-ram, and it's been supported by every computer for two decades now. It works by turning off the real power users -- CPU, GPU, hard drives, display -- and only powering the RAM. I use this myself at home and it results in nearly instant boot times.

There's an even more efficient version of this called Hibernate or suspend-to-disk. The contents of canada cialis generic RAM is saved to the hard drive, which will be restored at boot time. For the extra cost of a few seconds shutting down and starting up, this allows the computer to turn off completely.

Incidentally, laptops have actually been making use of this ability all the way along. When you close the lid of your laptop, it automatically goes into suspend. That's why it takes a few seconds for the screen to come back on when you open it. Most will also switch to hibernate after some time of inactivity.

Though MRAM will be more energy efficient and will make suspend-to-ram a zero-power ability, it will not have a drastic effect on computer power consumption. The same power savings it provides can already be found today in suspend and hibernate modes. You just have to use them.
By 2015....
written by Feldwebel Wolfenstool, June 10, 2008
...most likely, I'll be dead.
2015? But the world ends in 2012...
written by Andy, June 10, 2008
Man, I was hoping to get my hands on this stuff before the end of the Mayan Calendar!

Hehe... ;-)
Faster RAM = Faster Porn?
written by Bob, June 10, 2008
I wonder if this will speed up these RedTube videos... smilies/kiss.gif
written by Craig, June 10, 2008
They only thing they didn't talk about was cost... so I'm thinking it cost a lot.

world computing power
written by happyguy, June 10, 2008
40% of world computing power is used for porn.

cut the porn, and you'll be helping the environment.
Corban is canadian pharmacy overnight tramadol stupid.
written by You, June 10, 2008
1 - "Using 90% less power" = Only uses 10% power
2 - "Uses about 10% less energy" = Only uses 90% power

Next time you quote something why don't you try and quote the whole statement. It says 10% less energy PER MEGABYTE. Because most people have more than a megabyte of RAM, this tends to add up a bit now doesn't it? Let's try to no prescription tramadol us pharmacy pay attention shall we?
4th grade math lesson
written by ME, June 10, 2008
10% is still 10% no matter how many MEGABYTES you have dood.. its the magic of viagra uk chemist non prescription percentages... smilies/cheesy.gif
Post Depression Solar World
written by Uncle B, June 10, 2008
In the post Depression era, when rampant predatory capitalism has been made impossible by incorporation law changes, this sort of advance will make solar powered computing an economical reality. We are going into a time of low energy systems everywhere, including computing.
written by Jimi, June 10, 2008

Next time you quote something why don't you try and quote the whole statement. It says 10% less energy PER MEGABYTE. Because most people have more than a megabyte of RAM, this tends to add up a bit now doesn't it? Let's try to pay attention shall we?

So how much does it "add up to" when we have lets say 10 megabytes of RAM? 10 * 10% = 100%? ie no energy consumtion at all? And with more then 10 megabytes of RAM I guess you actually *gain* energy?
Novel Method for Solving Power Consumpti
written by Alan, June 10, 2008
You wrote:

Corban is stupid.
written by You , June 10, 2008
1 - "Using 90% less power" = Only uses 10% power
2 - "Uses about 10% less energy" = Only uses 90% power

Next time you quote something why don't you try and quote the whole statement. It says 10% less energy PER MEGABYTE. Because most people have more than a megabyte of RAM, this tends to add up a bit now doesn't it? Let's try to pay attention shall we?

Wow, what a great concept! This will be of great use to many system designers. Imagine the ramifications. Having problems with power consumption? Just add another GB of MRAM.

'tard! Get out of my gene pool.
I think...
written by Jim Bob, June 10, 2008
the title should be:
Magnetic RAM is faster, uses 90%, less power
Cool but...
written by Aaron, June 10, 2008
Will it still run doom?
written by Fail, June 10, 2008
FAIL. If it is unpowered, think of the security risk; encryption keys are stored on indian cialis generic RAM.
written by Robert Kepner, June 10, 2008
using MRAM isnt exactly eco-friendly or "green" john (3rd comment from the top) a ferromagnet required ALOT of digging to produce an earth magnet.
Very cool
written by Randall, June 10, 2008
I am looking forward to anything that is faster.

Curious though; since this RAM can hold its states longer without power, would that bring up any security issues such as those recently seen regarding decrypted passwords lingering in memory used for full disk encryption and other various forms of encryption? I hope that all encryption developers improve their key/container management before this memory is widely adopted.
written by meh, June 10, 2008
This is the ghay and where to get viagra in canada this article is older then the legal to purchase online tramadol internets.
written by Matt, June 10, 2008
I'm sorry, but you are all idiots.
It says that it uses 10% less energy PER MEGABYTE. This does not mean that with 10 megabytes it uses 100% less energy.
Say, as a hypothetical example, that 1gb of free cialis sample RAM uses 1 kilowatt. That's (roughly) 1 watt per megabyte, right? So if they all use 10% less per megabyte, each megabyte will only use .9 watts. Therefore, you will be using about 900 watts, which is 90% of 1 kilowatt. Obviously, RAM uses much less power than this, but it's still valid.
So You is right, everyone else is wrong. smilies/grin.gif
The full picture...
written by Sturmeh, June 11, 2008
Cutting 90% of RAM power usage may not cut your power bills significantly, but it is the lead up onto BATTERY SUSTAINED ram.

Currently using a battery to maintain the ram in a PC is infeasible as it still uses a fair bit of power.

Their true aim is empowered ram, where they will essentially never heat up, which means they could possibly become much more powerful.

Instant boot becomes possible. smilies/cheesy.gif
Think about it
written by ion, June 11, 2008
what they are saying is how does cialis work that the memory doesn't use power Constantly. regular memory always uses power.
example: if u are doing something on your computer and u have to get up and do something for lets say 3hrs. the memory will not use power while u are gone unless u are running torrents and u leave your monitor on.
at least thats how i look at it but i cud be wrong
another possible power saving with this
written by tom jordan, June 19, 2008
hard drives can be eliminated by using this ram FOR a hard drive. ram disk.

already available for dell laptops with current technology ram. $800 for the option.
Good solution, poor cost & technology
written by Tim, June 19, 2008
Apparently, many MRAM investors have backed out of this product because of its difficulty in programming and cost. Supposedly many engineers would rather not work with this type of RAM because other memory solutions are just more simple.
Seriously? Why?
written by Redline, June 20, 2008
I am surprised no one has mentioned quantum dot based memory. It will use a fraction of the power, be much faster than this technology (or any memory tech out on the market now), and retains data for hundreds of years without degradation. In current flash ram, and its varrying itterations, the silicon breaks down each time you write the data. Quantum dot memory negates the entire problem while lowing power requirements and increasing data transmission speeds.

Time and money spent researching the kind of technology covered in this article should be put towards bringing the best tech to market, and that is quantum dot memory.

written by ??, November 19, 2008
Ok well Matt. with the click now canada viagra generic .... post. You are actually dumb. Because as stated before 10*10% does = 100%. But this is only 100% of the whole that you originally took the 10%. So in practice, if you had for some crazy reason, a 10MB RAM module you would only be using the power needed for 9MB to power the 10MB module you have. So in case you are cutting your power usage completely but, only from the original 1MB. So in theory yes you do gain power.....because you're not using it. lol omg. next time plz do thing before you post haha.
written by games, August 12, 2009
i think so

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