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JUN 27

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"You want a green pc, look no further then here, they are coming out wi..."

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CherryPal: The Green Little PC That Could

Even the name is adorable. CherryPal. This tiny 10.5 oz PC is coming soon, and will use no more than 2 watts of power without sacrificing speed. The triple-core processor uses only 20% of the components of traditional computers and cialis brand will start up in only 20 seconds, promising to be faster than Vista and mac’s OS-X…though it doesn’t take much to be faster than Vista.

It can be so fast with so few part by utilizing cloud computing. So while the PC itself has just 4GB of flash storage, 256MB of memory, and 400MHz of processing, it will be able to access resources from a third-party provider in a data center. So not only can it be small and fast, it will also be virus-free, not needing constant virus protection upgrades that take up room and slow it down. It’ll have standard features like two USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet with jack, headphone level stereo audio, and a 10 watt AC-DC adapter to charge it up. Creators say the small size will provide a great energy savings, and combine that with the low cost of the computer itself, they say it’ll be “the most affordable, greenest computer on the market.” Official prices aren’t out yet, but Inhabitat’s sources say it’ll be well under $400…but add on to that the cost of the monitor, keyboard and other accessories, which can be found very inexpensively for those of us who care about the affordability factor.

When I first read the title, I was expecting to order cialis without prescription in canada read about something that would be solar powered, or use recycled or clean materials in the cheap viagra no prescription creation. Sounds like CherryPal, though far cuter than other cheap “green” computers out there, only has low power usage as its leg up on the competition. As for "green," the low power thing is kind of a so-what feature. With the leaps and bounds being made in low-power, high-ability computers, I don’t think this will be in the lead for long, if at all, which I suppose really is a good thing for all of cialis canada generic 10mg no prescription us if it means more computers that use less power on the market.

Via Inhabitat

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written by nicster, June 27, 2008
To make valid assessments of power use and cost it would be helpful to know how much of the data center power should be allocated to each CherryPal and what the monthly access cost will be. Speed will be dependent on levitra without prescription latency in the data center and over the Internet.

We'll need more facts to make an accurate assessment.
written by Clinch, June 27, 2008
Does this have limited access to the internet or something? Because if it doesn't, then it'll most probably need anti-virus software, and if it does, then I can't see it being popular with most people.

And is the 4GB of flash storage meant to be its equivalent of a hard drive? Not only is click here herbal levitra that an impractically small amount for most people, but also the memory wear issues of flash memory, could have a significant impact on its lifetime.

It seems that this computer has sacrificed practicality and usability in exchange for lower power consumption, but no one is going to buy discount levitra buy a computer that can't do what they want it to do.
Hardware != OS
written by Robert G, June 27, 2008
A computer (hardware) has chips, and circuits, hard drives, and other electrical components. An operating system, like Vista or Mac OS X is simply information that a computer uses to accomplish something that humans want done.

You cannot compare hardware to software. While related (one requires the best price cialis online other to be useful), they are entirely different things.

Are you/they trying to compare this machine to a particular model of Dell or Mac computer?
@Robert G
written by Pete, June 28, 2008
The articles for this site cater for to herbal alternative to viagra LCDG (lowest Common Denominator Greenie) aka The GreenMoron movement.
written by Corey R, June 28, 2008
I understand that lowering power consumption is a important key to our future, but it almost seems like that were De-Evolving computers. I'm a A certified Computer Technician and those system specs are really sad to me. I understand that not everyone in the world wants the most powerful computer, but really, do that specs have to be "that" low? smilies/sad.gif
written by Bob Wallace, June 28, 2008
Seems to me that for many people this machine is 'enough'.

Email, internet, the occasional spreadsheet - can do.

Recently I've been doing my spreadsheet and text stuff on Google. It's working for me. Now I can access my files from any computer, don't have to carry my work around with me. That gets those files and applications off my machine.

I'm waiting for the price and early adapter feedback to see if I'm going to buy one of these.

I'm off the grid and enter site purchasing viagra using a 2 watt computer to feed my speakers all day long is an interesting idea.

I can fire up a larger machine when I want to canadian propecia do bigger jobs such as editing photographs.
a greener PC
written by heapm, August 29, 2008
You want a green pc, look no further then here, they are coming out with a green PC, if not the greenest PC in the world....besides the few watts the device takes, the rest runs off of generic sales viagra solar power. It runs windows and you check it out here

The device you use only sucks up about 5-6 watts of power, you should check it out and they wont go out of business.

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