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OCT 22

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"I can't get past the natural viagra photoshopped MacBook picture. Terrible! They're..."

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Consumer Electronics Report Has Good and very good site buy cialis low price Bad News

If you’re looking to buy a new gadget, but want to figure out which brand is greenest, you’re in luck. The Consumer Electronics Association has released its first Environmental Sustainability Report showing how major electronic companies stack up when it comes to sustainability.

The report covers a wide range of we like it cheapest levitra uk devices and examines companies like Dell, Nokia, Intel and Hewlett-Packard based on design, energy conservation, manufacturing, delivery strategies and charitable practices.

The report is a mixture of good and bad news. In the past four years, companies saw a reduction in electricity use of 5-25% per one million dollars in revenue, but greenhouse gas emissions have increased by an average of 15% per one million dollars in revenue. A total of 69 percent report active recycling programs but only 38 percent report reusing electronics whether whole or in part.

All companies have introduced more energy-efficient products, notably monitors, which have shown a 30 percent energy consumption reduction compared to older models.

The most interesting information is the brand-specific data. You can check out the full report here (PDF).

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written by Clinch, October 22, 2008
It sounded interesting, but the report seemed just as ambiguous as most other reports on this subject, and didn't present any information in a way that would be useful to a consumer.
I surprised that they didn't even show all the data they had collected.
written by Troy Sherk, October 22, 2008
I can't get past the photoshopped MacBook picture. Terrible! They're not 4:3, they're widescreen!

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