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MAY 13

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"Just turn off your entire breaker before you leave home!..."

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Gadget Energy Could Cost Us $200B

A new study from the International Energy Agency estimates that, by 2030, consumer electronics will have sucked up 1,700 terawatt-hours of electricity. That's over $200B of juice. The study, however, points out that, if electronics companies put more efficient standards into place for consumer electronics, these numbers could be decreased dramatically.

So, no, they aren't asking us to give up our iPhones and low cost alternatives and viagra laptops, they're asking the consumer electronics industry to pay attention to efficiency. With portable gadgets, this is something that's already being done (to extend battery life, not sustainability.) But personal computers and canadian pharmacy DVRs are huge power hogs that have never been designed with efficiency in mind.

Also, I should point out that this number isn't as big as it looks, as it's the combined energy use for the next 20 years, not a yearly number. But it is a significant and growing part of our energy use. If we can only keep an eye on consumer electronics energy use, however, I know we can drive this number way down.

Via Earth2Tech

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written by Rojelio, May 13, 2009
Does anyone know where I could buy a reasonably priced spinning exercise bicycle dynamo equipped to recharge laptops, batteries, phones etc.....?
Why so many diffrent chargers?
written by Ashb, May 14, 2009
Why have so many different kind of using cialis chargers for different devices, standardize on one or two and make them swappable. Standardize on a DC voltage, PV panels generate DC current, just draw a parallel power lines inside your home, hook it up to your solar panels / battery storage carged with solar panels and dont use power adapters at all

Efficiency makes sense!
written by Jim @, May 15, 2009
Nice article, this makes sense. It makes sense for chargers to cut off the power as well when the device is fully charged. Finally, it would be great if they standardized on the best way to take viagra charger, this would cut out on the production and ownership of redundant chords, etc.
written by Brooks Boliek, May 16, 2009
I just wonder if the power usage isn't offset by telecommuting and things like that which keep me out of the car.
Make life easier
written by Fred, June 24, 2009
Just turn off your entire breaker before you leave home!

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