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JUN 15

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"Windows 7 consumes less energy and canada viagra buy gives more computing so obviously t..."

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How Windows 7 is Better for the Earth

I remember, not so long ago, listening to Microsoft explain to me how much power Windows Vista was going to viagra no prescription needed save. To sounded a lot like a long-winded discussion of how much power Windows XP wasted. So now, here we are again, and we get to talk about how much power Vista was wasting (and how much 7 will save.)

It looks, in fact, that the natural alternative viagra changes will be fairly minor. DVD ROM drives won't be spinning up as often, and Bluetooth connectivity will remain inactive until a device triggers it. Windows 7 solves an additional problem as well. Previously, many businesses instructed their employees to leave their computers on get pharmacy all night so that they could receive software patches that came in every few weeks. Windows 7 now has a power-saving sleep feature that can be remotely turned off in order to allow remote software updates. 

This, of course, is only useful to corporate clients, though that does make up a pretty huge amount of PC power use. Using the ultra-simple tools available in Windows Vista, Continental Airlines was actually able to save about $2 M a year in electricity. 

Via CNet
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Why not fix XP?
written by Carl Hage, June 15, 2009
So why doesn't Microsoft use those power-wasting auto-upgrades to fix the bugs in the Standby/Hibernate feature already there? Right now, people disable it because it doesn't work-- "idle" means no keyboard/mouse input, so the machine shuts down during a skype call, watching a flash video, or burning a DVD. Ironically, computers are really partly powered when "off", so have a high standby, mainly to implement wake-on-LAN which is almost never used. (Many computers also have a wakeup timer that also could be used.)
written by Andrew, June 15, 2009
How much of that power savings, I wonder, is used up by the extra computer resources needed due to the increased complexity and DRM schemes in Windows Vista and Windows 7?
maybe win7 gets back to xp
written by jello, June 16, 2009
Vista was a big jump in power consumption over xp. Maybe win7 will get back to equal.

Now if they could make wake-on-lan actually work. Then I could standby my machines and still access them remotely.
More or less power
written by Fred, June 24, 2009
I didn't know that they had a difference in power operation. Good to know.
Windows 7
written by Windows 7, January 29, 2010
Windows 7 consumes less energy and gives more computing so obviously this is more eco friendly.


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