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JUL 14

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"hhmmmm, i can see various problems with this router, but the idea is a..."

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Taking Your Keys? Turn Off Your House.

keyrouterI just caught a marvlous new concept that was built as part of the purchase viagra usa Future Routers project sponsored by TalkTalk. The router knows when you're in the house, and when you're not, it turns itself off. But it doesn't use fancy IR detectors or RFID chips, instead, it holds your keys.

The router has space for four sets of keys, when the last set of keys gets lifted off the wall-hung router, it turns itself off.

Of course, there are some problems with this. Like, what if your roomate is downloading an important file for work (or play) that he'll be needing later that day? Does he hang something else on the router to keep it alive? And how long does this last before there's just something permanently hung on the router?

It does, however solve more than one problem at once. If you want to original online viagra make sure your internet connection stays on, you've got to put your keys on the thing, so the chances of you losing your keys goes down. I know that's a big selling point for me, especially since my wife and I share a set, so neither of us ever know where they are or who to blame for losing them (me, generally.)

But this points out another problem. Households that don't have keys for every member of the family would have to think up other solutions.

Of course, this kind of passive / active energy management could work far beyond just routers. We've seen "whole house switches" in the past, that basically eliminate all nonessential (not the refrigerator) power use when you leave the viagra on line house. What if that wsa simply triggered when you took the last key ring off the last hook? Sounds like a good idea to me.

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Just a switch?
written by Dave Gilblom, July 14, 2009
I kinda like the switch better.. or what if it was connected to the hallway light? Which would in itself be connected to a timer so its not on all night.. hmm gets a bit complicated but somehow it shoud work out. Like the thought tho
written by Richie, July 15, 2009
How about hotels? They've had the system for years that power won't go on canada cialis generic in a room if there's no keycard in a certain slot.

When you remove the keycard, it powers off.

I don't think this is viagra store in canada such a big thing to only for you canadian pharmacy online work out, the bigger issue is getting it into the enter site purchase cialis houses. Not only newly developed houses, but also houses that are already built.

I think it might be easier to implement this in office buildings. Just copy the keycard hotel idea, but then think of offices smilies/smiley.gif
written by Fred, July 15, 2009
weird but your not always going to be using it
Turn of Only Certain Power?
written by sasha, July 15, 2009
This is a great concept, although I usually leave my car at home so the keys would still be hanging on the router.
The router would have to be set up to leave certain sections of your house 'on.' With the cold winters in Canada it is actually more efficient to leave your furnace on at a mild temperature than to have to reheat the house. And I'd also want constant energy to my fridge, there is nothing worse than spoiled food left in a warm fridge.
written by Bob Wallace, July 16, 2009
Just part of the smart grid to generic viagra next day delivery come.

We'll likely see variations on the theme, programmable variations because no one size fits all and even not one all the time.

"Last set of keys" might work for some, perhaps motion/body heat detectors for others, perhaps a keypad by each exit door....

Each house would probably set up a 'no one is at home' standard mode. Heating/cooling temps would moderate, unnecessary lights extinguish, devices such as TVs turn off, burglar alarms activate, gas flow to clothes dryers/water heaters go into safety mode....

But override programs, accessed by PC/cellphone/whatever will allow adjustments. Punch a button on your phone and your house will prepare itself for your return in a half hour or two hours from being notified.

We'll probably even have multiple modes. For example, a "I'm going out for ten minutes" which would do a less complete shutdown than "I'm off for the weekend".

And one that will be popular with many - "I'm out for the day, run the dishwasher when grid rates are low but get it done before I'm back".
How much power would this really save?
written by Chris Adams, July 21, 2009
Devils advocate here.

Routers really aren't all that power hungry in the grand scheme of things, and having a house you can monitor and control from afar seems like it would surely offer better carbon savings, than switching off a lower power appliance?

What if....
written by Gloria, July 22, 2009
What if you are only one person don't need all your different keys at once?
written by mains, January 27, 2010
hhmmmm, i can see various problems with this router, but the idea is a good one.

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