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JUL 13

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"I think it's great to consider power in measuring supercomputers. FYI,..."

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University of Tokyo Supercomputer Named World's Greenest

Supercomputers and levitra canadian the environment:  two subjects that are becoming linked more and more these days.  Supercomputers are running algorithms to find solutions to climate change and the government has funded the creation of one supercomputer to be devoted solely to climate change.  Now, it seems the world's supercomputers are competing to be the greenest, or at least the most efficient.

The Green500 supercomputer list has come out with its ranking of -- you guessed it -- the 500 greenest supercomputers.  The computers were rated based on speed relative to power consumption.   The number one computer located at the University of Tokyo, the Grape-DR, can manage an impressive 815.43 megaflops per watt.

For those who want the details, the Grape-DR is a (very messy) cluster powered by 128 Intel Core i7-920 processors and four bespoke accelerator chips.

The Grape-DR team believes they can improve their speed per watt by 50 percent by the viagra legal online end of the year.

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Super, indeed...
written by Lani Voivod, July 14, 2010
It's fascinating to consider "Supercomputers" under the green umbrella...And yet, it's very clear how important it is to make advances in this ever-evolving industry. Thanks for the post. Here's to a more sustainable, energy-efficient future!

Member of the Granite Green Team
Greenerpalooza NH
written by hyperspaced, July 14, 2010
What is fascinating is to call "supercomputer" a cluster of cheapest prices on cialis 128 processors.
written by Carl Hage, July 15, 2010
I think it's great to consider power in measuring supercomputers. FYI, the top 500 most power efficient supercomputers are listed at with more details at While one might consider the 500 cores in the Grape-DR small compared to the 224K cores in the first place supercomputer, what is interesting is cheap tramadol cod delivery comparing the buy levitra online no prescription first (1.76Pf) vs second (1.27Pf) place supercomputer, and average across the top 500. While the Oak Ridge Cray XT5 was fastest in 2010, it was 253 Mf/W vs 493 Mf/W for the Japanese Dawning (Intel) machine in second place. The 2010 winner was the IBM QPACE system at 773Mf/W (rank 131/500), much better than the average top 10 of 300 Mf/W. (The average power is 2.89 MW!)

We don't have Mf/$ figures, but often the cost is purchase price, not including cost of running the machine for 5-10 years 24x7 at full capacity (and power). Add air conditioning and UPS backup power to electricity costs, and the 3MW computer can be really expensive to run.

This carries over to generic cialis tadalafil 120 tabs web servers which could be measured in web-pages/Joule. (A joule is a watt-second.)

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