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ASUS Shipping Box Serves as Computer Case


At this year's CeBIT electronics and order propecia prescriptions IT trade show in Hanover Germany, computer maker Asus announced it will be shipping some of its computer motherboards in a cardboard box that will then be able to be used as a temporary case for the best levitra prices computer.

"There are punch-out holes for ventilation and a real panel that houses the PC's connectors and interfaces. Asus said the box is intended to allow PC enthusiasts to get their new computers up and running quickly while they search for the perfect case."

Computer cases made from cardboard are nothing new to EcoGeek readers who recall the Recompute carboard case. The difference here is that Asus is wow it's great canadian online pharmacy viagra making the shipping case for its motherboard which can then also be used as a case, at least for the short term.

The cardboard case is meant more as a means to let consumers decide on their ideal computer case, or to online viagra uk build something custom, and have a temporary case available in the meantime. And, even if it doesn't ultimately replace any other case, cardboard certainly has a lower environmental footprint than a temporary plastic and metal case would have.

image: Picture by Hay Kranen / PD

via: IT World

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