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JUN 28

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"More luxury more power guzzlers. Other example is window AC in each r..."

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Set-Top Boxes Are the #1 Household Energy Drain

A recent study by the National Resources Defense Council finds that cable and viagra buying online digital recording devices are now "the single largest electricity drain in many American homes." The study found that "In 2010, set-top boxes in the United States consumed approximately 27 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is generic viagra cheapest uk equivalent to the annual output of we choice real levitra without prescription nine average (500 MW) coal-fired power plants."

This power consumption translates to roughly $3 billion in annual electricity costs paid by consumers, as well as being responsible for the release of 16 million metric tons of CO2 emissions each year. Furthermore, according to the NRDC report, an average HD set-top cable box and HD-DVR uses more energy (446 kWh/year) than an average 21 cubic foot Energy Star refrigerator (415 kWh/year).

Even worse than the "standby drain" of electricity used by equipment in a supposedly "off" position, many of these television set-top boxes - which include cable and satellite equipment, digital video recorders (DVR), and the like - are on 24 hours a day. Power strips can be useful for turning off these vampire loads, but consumers are reluctant to use those when they want their DVRs to be able to record programs.

NRDC points out that these devices could be designed to be more energy efficient, but that the original cialis service companies who provide these to consumers feel little incentive to do so, since it is the end users who pay for that power use.

image: CC-BY 2.0 by Scott Thomson

via: New York Times

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Cause of cost
written by Matt, June 29, 2011
NRDC points out that these devices could be designed to be more energy efficient, but that the service companies who provide these to consumers feel little incentive to do so, since it is the end users who pay for that power use.

Perhaps, but I think it's more that there really isn't a consumer market for cable boxes. Most customers don't really think of these boxes as devices they want to buy; it's just something the cable companies provide. Because of that, the cable companies provide that and want the cheapest boxes they can buy. If they could separate the drug generic levitra two and create a real consumer market, the market could be driven towards more energy efficient boxes.
written by Shane, June 29, 2011
There should be no more DVRs. It should all stream on-demand. There is no reason to generic viagra cheap store that data any more. Cable companies are in for a big wake up call in the next few years as their business model gets busted up by services like Netflix. There is no reason for these devices at all any more.
detail in report
written by Voltair, June 29, 2011
The NRDC report adds the detail that AT&T boxes are the most efficient option in the USA (our AT&T boxes have an Energy Star symbol on them). Of course, if for you, their service is not as good a value as what you already have, you might end up spending more to save electricity.
Power strip problems
written by WholeBuffalo, June 29, 2011
Along with the horrible standby power usage, cable/sat DVRs usually do buy viagra online for less money not work well with power strips that you can actually turn off. When the device is turned back on, many go through a excruciatingly long boot up period (30 minutes in the case of viagra brand a Sat DVR), which makes it pretty impractical if you want to actually use them. We're glad this is finally getting some attention--it is a shame these devices are negating the good being done on standby loads elsewhere.
written by strangie, June 30, 2011
I highly recommend ditching the cable company service and going with a digital antenna instead (if you live in a metropolitan area). The other benefit is after your inital set-up cost for equip0ment and install (about $200), there is NO monthly service fee! I use apple tv as a supplement to watch netflix on demand ($100 for apple tv tiny box and $8 per mo. for netflix). Save money on tv service and electricity as well as energy usage!!!!
I let Cable along time ago....however
written by Katherine McCladdie, June 30, 2011
I actually stopped my cable years ago because of the cialis professional no prescription unnecessary cost, however I have since baought a roku box. I love the service but to my surprise the unit I bought doesn't even have a power switch so it stays on viagra online us all the time. My ultimate goal is put all of the electronics that are plugged into the surge protector on a timer to turn on and off when I'm not at home. My only conser is how it will impact my modem and good choice canada levitra generic router proformance by turning it on and off.
Cable/Satellite is no longer necessary!
written by ben bethel, July 06, 2011
For the price paid, there's no longer a reason to have cable/satellite television.... cancel it, use your internet to watch everything you want to watch, and save your money. Newer TVs come with Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, etc., etc. I predict they'll disappear from most homes by 2013, especially as 50-200mb/sec internet starts hitting the $10-$30/mo range.
turn off at the wall!
written by John Cossham, July 06, 2011
We have a set top box. It sits below the telly. Both plug into the wall at the side of the telly. Whenever we want to watch telly, it is switched on at the wall, and the remote used to put the channel on that is wanted.
When we've finished watching, it is turned off at the wall.

How difficult is that? Even our children can do it!!!! Our set top box and telly ONLY uses power when it's being used. All our electric devices, apart from the phone cradle thing, get turned off AT THE WALL when not in use.

C'mon power wasters, turn off at the wall. It's not rocket science!
written by Suresh Navandar, July 07, 2011
More luxury more power guzzlers.

Other example is window AC in each room.

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