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AUG 30

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"This is a pretty cool concept, but I think we need solar to become mor..."

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Using LCDs to Collect Energy

Keeping electronic devices powered is an ongoing concern, particularly as the number of lowest price levitra electronic devices proliferates. Researchers at UCLA have developed a liquid crystal display (LCD) that incorporates photovoltaic polarizers that can convert sunlight, ambient light, and even its own backlight into electricity to power the device.

Polarizers are what makes the display in an LCD function, by controlling the pill price viagra amount of light that passes through from the only now canada generic viagra backlight to make the display. The new material, called a polarizing organic photovoltaic film increases the efficiency of display and cheap cialis generic allows for charging of the device in bright light.

Obviously, the backlight isn't going to provide enough light to power the device infinitely long. But the researchers say that much of the energy lost from backlights can be saved with the new polarizer. "From the point of view of energy use, current LCD polarizers are inefficient, the researchers said. A device's backlight can consume 80 to 90 percent of buy viagra cialis the device's power. But as much as 75 percent of the light generated is lost through the polarizers. A polarizing organic photovoltaic LCD could recover much of that unused energy."

via: UCLA Newsroom

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Window shades?
written by Shawn, August 31, 2011
I'm imagining car and house windows with built-in LCD PV shades. Less sun in the house/car and generates energy to boot. Win-win!
written by Corina|Electric car, September 01, 2011
It's good to know that some kind of an alternative is given. Maybe in a few years ot who knows if not earlier the method will be improoved so that the device will be able to power up as long as it is needed.
written by Electronic Components, September 01, 2011
This is a pretty cool concept, but I think we need solar to become more main stream before things like this take off. I would like to see a majority of new homes with solar panels, that is get cialis prescription where most of the energy usage comes from.

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