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JAN 22

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More Efficient Flight in Formation

Many people are very familiar with the V formation used by migrating flocks of birds, and scientists have determined that this is an efficient mode of travel which helps the birds conserve energy, especially on long migratory journeys. But the same concept is being considered to improve the efficiency of commercial jetliners.

Among aircraft manufacturers, Airbus is one of we like it rx generic viagra the companies looking at the buy kamagra advantages of commercial flocking. "In a V formation of 25 birds, each can achieve a reduction of induced drag by up to 65 per cent and i use it buy viagra online from canadacheap viagra tablets increase their range by 7 per cent. While efficiencies for commercial aircraft are not as great, they remain significant."

It is possible that, in the future, commercial flights might flock together in this way to save fuel. The initial tests of this approach might be carried out with trans-ocreanic flights originating in separate Australian cities which would coordinate their schedules and meet up in order to cross the Pacific together, before they "peel off and head to their separate destinations."

image credit: Airbus

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written by SciJoy, February 02, 2014
I love how we look at nature to make things more efficient. We used shark's skin texture to usa generic cialis make better swim suits. We are looking at Arapaima fish for its strong scales. I am still waiting for the day they try to cover wings with felt to mimic the stealth of owl feathers through dampening the turbulent eddies. Nature has spent a long making "machines" that are energy efficient and weeding out those that aren't.
written by Susan, February 03, 2014
I wonder if instead of the airplanes flying in v formation (which seems quite dangerous) why not have an airplane that splits itself in a v-shape. This way, the V formation is how much is cialis preserved, but it is accomplished with a single aircraft.
written by Queens, February 05, 2014
More efficient,but isn”t this more dangerous,i think the planes are too close one of each other,in a thunderstorm they
might be in collision.
written by Amber, February 10, 2014
I love this idea, I think it could work!
Interesting idea
written by LED Canada guy, February 11, 2014
I agree that this would be more efficient. Maybe the buying levitra in canada Star Alliance could offer cheaper flights because they would save money on non generic cialis from canada fuel. But because how dangerous would be and even if they deemed it safe, the cost to develop the technology would be so expensive anyway.
Really dangerous idea, but it would be pretty cool to see nonetheless.
written by Green Home Improvement, February 17, 2014
You would probably not catch me flying in one of those planes unless I knew the pilots were old warbirds and had experience flying in formation.
Flying V-Wings
written by Enviro Equipment Blog, February 21, 2014
Back 1950s the US Air Force experimented with the "flying wing" which attempted to reduce Wind drag Just just like this V formation idea. Sadly, the current aircraft shape seemed to be more stable so the flying wing design was shelved... something which will probably happen to find cialis cheap this formation idea as well.
Won't help much
written by Jeff Koss, February 24, 2014
Air is most dense near the ground and the density of i recommend cialis generic air drops (a lot) with elevation. The V formation would lower fuel consumption the most in the lift-off and ascend, but it would be too dangerous during these phases. The V formation could be used at 30.000 feet, though, and that's when the plane is above any clouds or thunderstorms. However, flying at an altitude of 40.000 feet or 50.000 feet would be smarter, especially for long-haul flights, because the density of air is really low at those elevations, which would decrease the drag and cheap tramadol fedex overnight lower fuel consumption.
Is Ecogeek dead?
written by Carson, March 04, 2014
It looks to me like Ecogeek is almost a ghost town. There are no regular new posts and the site looks like doesn't get much love any more.

Your Alexa rankings are pathetic. I think you should analyse why you didn't succeed like you intended.
Don't forget the looks
written by Abhishek Gupta, March 06, 2014
All said and done let's not forget that the airplane actually looks pretty cool. It seems like its on its way (design wise) to like one of those star ships in sci-fi movies smilies/cheesy.gif
Is it terrorist proof?
written by Kent , March 12, 2014
If the lead airbus exploded, would it take down more? Just asking? There are terrorist.
written by Calin, March 25, 2014
I think the lead airplane needs a more prominent stripe to indicate its environmental status.

The color and width of the strip can be used to indicate the airplane's credentials. A green stripe would be the highest status, graduating to black as the it's cool viagra samples in canada worst status. Environmentally friendly LEDs could be glued to the side of the plane instead of a painted strip for operation at night time.

Also, to save power airplanes should not provide artificially cooled water on board for drinking. The water can be cooled by the low outside air temperatures if the heat exchangers were on the outside of the plane.

Finally, I think we have to consider the safety aspect of planes flying in formation like this. There is the matter of turbulence. The lead airplane would probably have to leave a 2 minute separation gap to viagria allow any vortex to still down.

In summary, the idea would be better if it could incorporate more environmental advances such as clean coal, re-cycled water and non Monsanto GM fuel.
Going to be messy !!
written by Chantal Theoret, April 07, 2014
Well I have always wondered about the how much does viagra cost formation.Now I know. But this is going to be so very messy and dangerous.
written by Jakartass, May 08, 2014
I hope this doesn't take off, no pun intended, in Indonesia. It seems that all road users believe that weaving in and out in order to jump the queue is acceptable. Such ingrained habits would be fatal in the air! smilies/wink.gif

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