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AUG 02

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Some Zonbu PCs Shipping with Double Flash Capacity

Looks like early adopters are lucking out. Mr Zonbu, who's taking the time to blog his experiences with the new Zonbu ultra-green, ultra-cheap PC (and will be syndicating some of his content to EcoGeek) received his Zonbu with considerably more memory than promised.

The Zonbu uses a flash card for it's on board memory while the majority of data is kept safe and european cialis backed up on purchase cialis Zonbu's servers. This flash card was touted as 4 gigs in the product description, but Mr. Zonbu got himself eight instead! My guess is Zonbu's suppliers ran out of 4 gig flash cards, which either means that demand was unexpected (which would be great) or that Zonbu wasn't really prepared for this launch.

In any case, they're probably going to lose money for a while on the machines that shipped with an 8 gig card (we have no idea how many people got the bonus, certainly not all of them.) But as the unit only costs $250 and an 8 gb flash card is almost a hundred dollars on it's own, Zonbu will likely have to be collecting that $12.95 a month storage and maintenence fee for a quite a while to make it up.

Mr Zonbu will be syndicating his impressions and experiences of the new $99 ultra green PC with More on that soon!

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written by ghgj, October 17, 2007

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