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AUG 07

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"At least Apple now has *one* computer which meets the new EnergyStar s..."

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The New iMac's Green Cred

Steve Jobs unveiled the 4th generation iMac today. Not many surprises, the design is fairly true to the original form, just a bit sleeker and skinneir. It's got some pretty impressive specs and is, of course, quite beautiful. That's what Mac is all about these days.

But what of their recent pledge to green up their act? In his keynote, Jobs touted the recyclability of the new iMac because it uses a heck of a lot less plastic. The frame is aluminum; light-weight, strong and easily recyclable (but also energy intensive to create) and the screen uses glass instead of plastic. Similarly easier to recycle, but harder to create.

On top of that, it is energy efficient for the level of performance you'll be getting. They've not had any problems matching the standards of the EPA's new, more strict, Energy Star guidelines. But the word ins't yet in on what the new machine's EPEAT rating will be.

My vote? Hang on to your current machine for as long as you can...and see if you can hold off to the fifth generation :-).
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Looks great yet topheavy
written by Free Thinker, August 08, 2007
Well as implied, aluminum has an ugly carbon footprint, too. But, it is a great looking machine and Macs usually enjoy a longer life cycle than the bulky and ever upgradeable PCs.
It's got my vote for greener computing.
Ideas for Steve Jobs
written by Mike Corrales, August 09, 2007
It’s interesting to me that most of what they tout is how it’s easier to recycle (because of a thinner form factor and glass instead of plastic screen) and that it meets Energy Star 4.0 standards. It’s incredibly nice looking and a step in the right direction but definitely not a revolutionary new product.

Out of my own disappointment, I actually came up with my own version of what I wish apple would have released with this generation. It’s along the lines of cheap viagra order online the new Zonbu, the zero-emissions computer you've been reporting about a lot lately.

I came up with the canadian pharmacy viagra prescription fictional iMac Zi (Zero Impact), hopefully something closer to what the 5th generation iMac will look like. Feel free to contribute to the wish list of features, just keep power consumption in mind.
written by j.blu, August 09, 2007
At least Apple now has *one* computer which meets the new EnergyStar standards. Still, one semi-efficient computer does not green a major corporation --- c'mon now Steve, I'm underwhelmed.

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