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iPod Touch: The Beginning of the Reign of Flash

The iPod touch sure does look beautiful. Do I want one? Yes...yes I do. Will I get That's just one of order viagra usa the annoying things about being an EcoGeek. I get all fanboy about this stuff and buyimg viagra in australia then I'm all "but do I really need it?" And, of course, the answer is "no."

But the iPod touch is exciting for one ecogeeky reason. Apple has made an extremely important decision. Instead of going 80 gigs or even 160 gigs with a traditional hard drive, their new awesomest iPod is flash based.

Until now, the leading iPod has always been a hard drive model. Hard drives are inefficient and use a lot of difficult to acquire, difficult to recycle metals. Flash drives, on the best way to use levitra other hand, consume much less power, and contain much less metal. They also have the pontential to be much more long-lived than traditional hard drives, which still use (ugh) moving parts.

Solid state is the way to go, and I think Apple's decision to go all-out with a 16 gig solid state drive, instead of a 160 platter drive is a very big deal in personal media. What's more, it could turn out to it's cool cialis 6 free samples be a very big deal in computing in general. I've been waiting for the switch, and I think this may be the beginning.
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The move to flash will be much better en
written by weee, September 06, 2007
but what are we going to do with all the old hard drives?
written by EV, September 06, 2007
Still, the flash in this Ipod is made from silicon IC chips, which are far from green. I wouldn't be surprised if the flash chips, while less power hungry, are also less green than a mini HD.
written by hanzo, September 07, 2007
I don't think apple was thinking of the ecological aspects when deciding to go for the flash mem. They probably thought that with flash the follow link viagra online gadget would get thinner, and so more fashionable and stylish than with a hd.

And anyway... if we really see the whole thing from an environmental point of view, this is all just a bunch of crap, we should try to use a device as long as possible and not get a new thing every time something shiny and flashy gets on the market.
But of course I know how hard it is to resist sometimes... too hard sometimes :) I'm a victim of this myself too often.

All this ipone-ipod stuff makes me think a lot though. I mean, who cares the flash memory uses less power than the hd... the point is companies like apple (but of course there's a lot more out there) live on creating artificial needs... we didn't need the iphone before, but now we need it (or we think we need it), we didn't need any ipod touch before, but now we do...
Our surplus system works like this, of course this also provides work for many people (though most of it involves working a lot for little money) and keeps everything going... but is this really the only way? I know it's the eternal question... iphone or iphoney?
anyway, don't get me wrong, I'm a bit of an ecogeek myself... that's why I love your blog!
Careful about which will last longer
written by James Lewis, September 09, 2007
Remember that FLASH cells die over time. They have a very limited number of write cycles they can withstand before no longer being useable. Now almost all FLASH storage controllers use some kind of algorithm to minimize which cells are use repeatedly. However, over time, the cells will die.

For example a user who is a heavy podcast listener might "wear-out" their FLASH cells long before someone who just listens to music.
Not everyone wants flash
written by Stefen, September 09, 2007
Some of us has music folders that are bigger than anything flash can handle. I'm going to be pissed if Apple stops making big iPods that can fit alot of music in favor of small flash based drives.

Their catering to the people who don't really listen to music that much and just want an iPod cause it's trendy instead of the people who were the buy chinese herbal levitra first ones to buy iPods in the first place.
ipods in the first place?
written by kevin, September 09, 2007
The first ipod that came out had a 5 gig hard drive stefen...
I like to touch.
written by Matt, September 09, 2007
16GB is more than enough space I'll ever need for music. I'll be getting my touch on opening day...if they dont sell out!
5 Gig iPods
written by Ben, September 09, 2007
...were considered huge at the time.
Original iPods
written by Ryan, September 09, 2007
The original hard drives in the 1st Gen iPods were considered pretty generous at the time. Since then I think a lot of the early adopters (myself included -- I owned a 5GB 1st Gen) have created a deep library around this device. I now have about 140GB of music and have been desperately waiting for a large drive b/c I hate being selective about what music I copy over to my 60GB iPod. Needless to how to buy viagra in budapest say, I was excited about the 160GB iPod. The iTouch is very cool, but I'd rather have my tunes than some neat looking UI.
written by Ted, September 09, 2007
Some of us has music folders that are bigger than anything flash can handle.
You don't need more than 5GB
written by Darn, September 09, 2007
Seriously, who listens to 160, 80, 60, 40, 20, 16, 8 GB of music a day??!!!

Create your smart playlists. Have them rotate your favorite songs. You will hear more variety that way. There is never a need to tote your ENTIRE collection with you WHERE EVER you go.

I'm getting the touch for day to day use. I'm keeping my 60GB for...uhhhh...home and levitra prices vacation use (i guess). I have about 50GB in my library.
uhm yes you do
written by Christian, September 09, 2007
What if you go to a party and people are looking for specific tunes? I find myself in that situation quite often. Plus I know a lot of people, including myself, who use their iPods as removable disks, for school or work related files. I'm not arguing specifically for myself considering my library is around 16 gigs and it needs to trimmed anyways, but I sure know a lot of people that could use more storage. What they should have done is offered a 16gb flash model and a larger (~80gig) model for the more storage hungry users.
Flash - The Future
written by Paul, September 09, 2007
Flash drives are definitely the future for portable storage of large amounts of data. Their write-cycle lifespan is by and large huge (see wikipedia article on lifespan) and far more than the lifespan of the product itself.

The flash drive in your iPod will be obsolete long before it runs out of write-cycles, even for the heaviest of buy can from i propecia who users.

I definitey think this is a good move for the flash industry.
written by David, September 09, 2007
Eco-friendly? Humbug!!! With the way Apple makes their products essentially non-upgradable, they only encourage us to consume more.
Read/Write cycles ... Green aspects
written by Adam, September 09, 2007
For all practical reasons, the lifetime of flash is great. For SLC flash it's at least 100k cycles and for MLC flash it's 10k cycles. Now these are Program/Erase cycles. Who is going to be re-writing their mp3's 10,000 times let alone 100k. And thats just the only here how to buy cialis in canada guarantee. They will last much longer.

Silicon processing does consume a lot of energy. There is no denying that. There are also TONS of obscene gases used in the process. However, they are all watched very carefully.
non-replaceable batteries
written by Anonymous, September 09, 2007
I wonder what percentage of ipods just get thrown in a drawer when their battery dies. Eventually these will end up in the landfill. If apple is serious about being "green", they'll offer user-replaceable batteries.
written by chulo, September 09, 2007
i think we all here have established the music end...but what about the video end, a widescreen ipod should be made to play video right(not display touchscreen features) and 16 gigs isnt enough space for audio and video...the 160 gig classic should be widescreen. Its that simple.
iPod Touch, Flash and online viagra so on.
written by Daniel, September 09, 2007
Well, Issac Newton says that Judgement day is in 2068 (think thats the date) so i'll be long gone before any of this eco stuff effects anyone :D (jk lol)

On a serious note, I doubt they could fit a 1.8 inch hard drive in there. Even if it was thicker, it would have to be at least 1.5x thicker. Most of the inside of the iPhone is used for processing power, RAM, and then the NAND flash chips, there be no space for a hard drive!

Access times would be to long, especially for the OS on the iPod touch, but even if they did put it on flash chips and then harddrive for storage, it would be a waste on battery life, and space.

They could easily bump it up to 32/64Gb by next christmas, but I carry a 2.5inch 80Gb 7200rpm drive with me everywhere anyway so any music that I need to carry around goes in there.

I would like to see on the iPod touch and iPhone assuming they are both based on OSX, the ability to read/write NTFS, FAT 16,32, and HFS formatted external drives, so that we can store music on it and simple play it from it on the iPhone/iPod touch. I'm sure someone will make that happen anyway lol!

I'm still in doubt as to buying a iPhone or iPod touch, but at this moment, I don't have a choice since Europe doesn't have the iPhone yet, but the 3G stuff is hotting up on it, so unless the iPod touch is a lot slower or doesn't run OSX (Base anyway you know what I mean) then i'll probably go for the touch ASAP, but if it turns out that the iPhone is indeed a lot faster, and the buy generic viagra online hacks for IM and stuff can't be done on the iPod touch, or can't be done as well, then i'll wait for a Europe iPhone.

:D Peace out!
Flash is the way to go
written by YHO, September 09, 2007
I know many folks are really disappointed Apple choose solid state Flash instead of HD, but its the right move, and I think the main reason for choosing Flash over HD is power consumption, think about it the 3.5 inch screen, wifi, Samsung chips to run these awesome graphics and processing power, if you take all that and add hard drive, the battery life would be a joke, Flash is so much power efficient then HD.

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How do you know this was an intentional
written by Puleen Patel, September 10, 2007
What (if any) proof is there that says Apple consciously made the decision to go with flash memory and not hard disk based memory storage?

As nice and cialis for men cool the iTouch is, I do not believe one bit that the reason for them to use Flash based memory was to prove a point about being eco-friendly.

Apart from the cool interface and bragging rights, I don't see the new iPods as being any better in what they do and how they do it. Okay, maybe they are more efficient from a battery consumption stand point. But the question remains, does one really "NEED" it?

Just my two cents! Cheers
Just my .02
written by Jago Kaast, September 10, 2007
I'm reading a lot of posts here and I keep hearing "8GB/16GB is just not enough for my 1**GB library!", but it seems to me, that the vast majority of people who are planning on getting the iPod Touch already own an older iPod that have a much larger capacity. I plan to get the touch and use the larger iPod for party lists and all the other things mentioned above (WiFi in my pocket is a nice bonus for me).

I guess my question to the masses is, are people actually getting rid of discount brand name cialis their older, probably higher capacity iPods just to get the touch? (I kind of doubt it)
Replacing old ipod
written by Superfan, September 10, 2007
Since the iPhones release, rumors had been spreading about a large capacity ipod with iphone interface. I have a 4th gen 20gb ipod and a 60 gb music library. I was looking forward to upgrading and giving my old ipod to my aunt, who's almost ready to move from just cds into the technical world. I love the look of the ipod touch and the screen size, but because it's so small, I can't afford to buy it and have it last long term. I wish the new ipod was a hard drive ipod touch. Sure it would be a little thicker and heavier, but the hard drive capacity would make it well worth it. As it is, this new advertisement of the best ipod is the smallest since 2nd generation!
Ditch the Iphone
written by Louis Soriano, September 10, 2007
Place a camera on Ipod Touch and ditch the Iphone! Hooorah!!!
written by Chuck Sanders, September 10, 2007
Please understand that the reason they went to flash is for power consumption and size. They wanted a fancy touch screen with lots of neet eye candy. Both of which require a lot of juice in the form of raw power, and CPU power. What is sad is that the densities of solid state memory just aren't there yet. Yes filling it with the device with MP3s would take a long time, but throw a couple of canada viagra 700mb movies in conjuction with all of the pictures and songs you would like to carry, 16gb doesn't seem that big anymore. Trust me, as a photographer, an audio and video geek, I want all the space I can get. It is a very neat device, however at top dollar and the least amount of space in the market, I don't think I will be buying it anytime soon. PS just because its solid state, doesn't mean its green. Its like the prius, it isn't green, you are just getting all of your carbon emissions in the battery.
Large list solution...
written by, September 10, 2007
The move to Flash memory is finally happening. I hope it will speed up for desktop pc usage as well.

On a technical point of view, I think in the long run it would be better to have a seperate storage device that can connect wirelessly to any player you carry. That way you could easily keep an iPod Touch in your pocket and keep a 160gb 2.5GB hd or whatever in your backpack. Of course that one would need a (rechargable battery) and wifi console but in the long run it might be the best solution. You can easily replace it, don't have to fill up your pockets with chunky devices. Put it in a bag and let it stream to your Touch. That way it will also be compatible with future players and the best choice indian levitra generic you can keep your console close-by and lightweight.
written by Rob D, September 10, 2007
...sure, Apple will make it popular - that's what they do - but flash memory and flash memory music players have been around for a very long time. Let's not try and pretend that they have done sometime innovative here.

Apple's "important decision" to go with flash memory has less to do with all of the reasons stated above, and more to do with retooling the iPhone chassis and changing the production facilities. Rather than trying to retrofit a hard drive into an iPhone case, or slap an iPhone touchscreen on an "iPod classic" chassis, it was a much simpler process to just take the cell phone radio out of an existing iPhone and call it an iPod Touch.

Basically, it was easy for them to do, so they did it. Not a bad decision - just not a very interesting one.

And, yeah, I won't get one because of that decision. Like others on here, that "awesomest iPod" interface and huge screen does not offset raw storage needs...and that whimpy little 16Gigs isn't going to do it for me.
Dynamic loading of music from iTunes Lib
written by Michael Crumpton, September 10, 2007
The disadvantage of the mere 16 gigs can be helped if Apple would make it so you can load music from your computers iTunes playlists over wifi. This way you can have lots of 16 gig playlists that you could swap out remotely whenever you have wifi access.
I remember buying a 20meg hard drive not so long ago and justifying the $1500 by saying it would be all the storage I would ever need
written by a, September 15, 2007
:) ;) :D ;D >:( :( :o 8) :P :- :-* :'( :) ;) :D ;D >:( :( :o 8) :P :- :-* :'( i want one.
Interesting viewpoint, hadn't considered
written by free ipod touch, September 20, 2007
Hm, I hadn't really thought about the environmental impact of hard drive vs flash before, especially in the context of cialis on line the new iPod touch. Free space hasn't been too much of an issue in the past for me, as my current iPod has 80GB, but I was thinking about upgrading to the iPod touch. Now the buy canada in levitra decision is harder, as I've also been considering the classic (160gb). I'm fairly environmentally conscious (I won't buy stuff with excessive packaging, I recycle everything that I can, I ride my bike instead of driving, etc) but it hadn't even crossed my mind to think about the impact of all those iPods (so often discarded once the battery dies). Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'll definitely do more thinking before coming to a decision.
written by JS, September 23, 2007
A Green iPod :P
written by XPOse, September 23, 2007
Erm............ Cant anybody see this is all about money.

Apple already have 32gb and 64gb version which "we" will see next year and so on.

ipod touch is not just about music it is also about video and levitrabest levitra 16gb is a load of S@!T

written by john, December 05, 2007
Its all about the money
I love the iPod touch!
written by Russell, December 25, 2007
I am posting this on my iPod right now! I love the wifi and cover flow! ;D
written by scoles, December 27, 2007
I'll admit that I was impressed by the touch from the start but was perfectly content to upgrade my 1gig zen micro to a classic. It would have even been cheaper but after getting the 16gig touch for x-mas my opinion has changed, space will be an issue for me, yes but I have the wifi and youtube which critics seem to forget. It won't satisfy all your movie needs but its got a crapload of stuff. My favorite thing has been the UI honestly its just easier to navigate songs than previous iPods. Of course safari is great too that's what I used to post this stinker.
written by Jose, December 31, 2007
I love the ipod touch, especially because it is more environmentally friendly than its predecessors. I made the switch a couple of months ago and it was well worth it.
written by JC, January 12, 2008
The iPod Touch is a very customizable device.
written by free iPod Touch, February 15, 2008
The iPod touch is a revolutionary device in more ways then one, I had never thought about the eco side and how solid state helps build on that.

It will be nice in a few years when SSD prices ahve dropped and we can enjoy 120gig SSD or so at a reasonable cost
Ipod Touch
written by Free iPod Touch, February 26, 2008
Wow how technology is advancing.

People thought the original iPod had revolutionised portable media players but the iPod Touch is something that takes that a step further. This is a great gadget and has very intuitive features.

As soon as prices for large capacity flash storage drop it will make the iPod Touch a must have.
Surely an iPhone is better?
written by Free iPhone, February 29, 2008
120gb SSD sounds cool but aren't we already at a point where people can store more songs then they can listen to in a lifetime. Progression in my eyes will have to be in the form of additional features.
You can Spin anything
written by Free PS3, February 29, 2008
To be honest you can spin anything to make it sound green. Like Silicon, one of the most abundant elements on the planet, its made from sand, surely its green, but no processing has a huge thermal budget and uses lots of nasty chemicals. We are working on "organic electronics" flexible circuits made from carbon based molecules, green? probably not, although the buy ultram 100mg thermal budget is low, the materials are polymers and come from oil, plus the solvents arn't too nice.
written by Dave, March 14, 2008
Thats all its about. Apple knows ipod fans will "need" to have the ipod touch. People will buy the 16gb, now the 32 is out and rx generic viagra need that, then suddenly once everyone seems to have 32, 40, 60, 80 and so on will come out so eventually people will go through $1000's on the ipod touch when if htey originally just had a 100gb ipod touch, their only making $500 on each customer
Think in terms of the future, not the pa
written by j-ro, March 22, 2008
Y'all need to start looking at the iPod in a different way. Apple is designing this device to be a personal media device, amongst other things...

Stop wondering how many "songs" you can store on an iPod with 160GB... And begin thinking in terms of both audio and video...

Your archaic DVD Movie Library will, one day be stored on your iPod.

And, with apple's ability to supply iTunes with TV Shows and Movies in High Definition, you will want the space on your iPod to have the ability to take this content with you wherever you go.
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written by Penis Enlargement Pills, January 27, 2009
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Flash to get monetary results!
written by AC, September 01, 2009
Watch apple as they come out with something better then flash altogether. I know flash takes up a lot more memory then the standard. However, in this industry no one is ever satisfied. We will go beyond flash to something even more high-tech.
written by Mike, January 27, 2010
It always makes me wonder- do we really need a gadget that does 100 things ok, or do we just need one device for just the specific thing it was intended for?
This was so cool then
written by PeterKay, April 02, 2010
Touch was cool when it first came out but honestly it is not that great to use. I think a lot of people buy it because it is fascinating to use a touch screen but it is not practical at all.
your idiots.
written by NNick, April 27, 2010
The ipod touch is not for listening to music. It used to be and anyone who has 100gb of music is not very personal with their tunes and will throw any old stuff on there. Using my ipod touch for email, boredom (gaming if you have a sick mind), management, Something to hack, super slick device, lasts all day doing all sorts of tasks. If you want music buy a nano or an ipod classic. Ipod touch is meant for so much more. 8gb is more than enough for me, 16gb would be if i wanted more than 4 movies at a time, 32gb is if i want 10gb of free space after i get all movies on there and 64gb is if you want to flash your large capacity.

Idk who NEEDS that much storage. and my ipod is on shuffle so ALL the music on my ipod is misic i LIKE and WILL LISTEN TO. No sense in scrolling through thousands of songs to find the one you like or choosing the only best offers viagra next day delivery entire album because you like one song on it. you people want a server in your pocket with every file known to man on it. Who cares what music other people want? get an app that offers every song in the world. Touch is an entirely practical device if you always have wifi or your phone isnt too smart. close to a pocket pc in as small as a size as you can imagine. A camera would make it so much more impressive but you guys just make me laugh you want hard drives and 100gb of storage for work on your **IPOD** its an ipod, Listen to YOUR FAVORITE music. you guys are trashing apple when the ipod touch/iphone are some of their best devices and are still competitive in an evergrowing ever advancing smartphone market
Next Gen iPod touch
written by freebiejeebies, July 19, 2010
Is it true the new ipod touch will have a camera on it?

Im talking about the new 2011 model
moving post
written by Karen, September 02, 2010
Hey..i never thought about all this from the perspective of environment. This one is really an eye-opening post. Great!
written by Prolixus, June 21, 2011
I'm going to share this on fb and twitter
written by Di, July 12, 2011
+1 for this smilies/smiley.gif

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