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"I heard about this via an insider...a green pc that is powered by sola..."

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Yet Another Green Computer: The fit-PC

Another day another green PC. This time around we have the fit-PC, whichis about the size of a regular paperback book. It's also a pretty bare-bones machine for a few hundred bucks. 

The fit-PC's claim to green fame is its low power consumption - it draws a maximum of five watts in normal operation and online pharmacy viagra under three watts when idling. It reportedly is online viagra without a prescription much more capable  than a thin client, being capable of generally handling Windows XP or Linux. All of buy cheap cialis free shipping this plus a multi-resistant enclosure which houses a fanless, low-power design.

What do you get inside this $285 machine? In this case the fit-PC has an AMD Geode chip, 256MB of RAM, 40GB hard drive and an Ethernet port. You also get Gentoo Linux preloaded (you'll need to purchase Windows XP separately if you want to install it.) This does sure does seem like a great little green PC, but how does it compare to viagra 100 the new Zonbu?

via SlipperyBrick

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written by Daniel, September 11, 2007
Is the 40 GB hard drive flash-based or disk-based? Any type of warranty?
really green?
written by Pierce, September 20, 2007
does the manufacturing of the pc take green issues into account?

i.e. the materials and fossil fuel energy taken to create the pc in first place?
A Green PC
written by Steven, September 29, 2007
I heard about this via an insider...a green pc that is powered by solar panels and REC' it uses 6 watts of power and replaces your home PC, work PC and just have one PC desktop, the same desktop for all three. And from what it hear it runs windows or linux. From what I hear its better then zonbu, linutop, and the 100mg levitra others. You can check the web site for more info when it comes about at

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