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Baby Yr So Hot You Could Power a Small Wireless Transmitter

We've covered thermoelectric conversion before. Basically, it's when a device produces electricity when one part is hotter than another part. Obviously, this could be a fairly useful trick in capturing waste heat.

It would be even more awesome if they could be used to harvest the heat of our bodies, and use it to power our gadgets. Unfortunately, up until now, thermoelectric devices weren't able to be used with such slight temperature gradients. Well not anymore. The Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has managed to create energy with extremely small temperature differentials. The result, Palpatinesque power from the palm of your hands?  Not quite, really, just about 200 millivolts...or roughly 100 times less energy than it takes to power your cell phone.

But that's the palm of the hand. Which got me thinking about areas of the body where the temperature differentials might be greater. The neck...the wrist...the...ahem...and now I am going to stop this list before anything disturbing happens.

Via Engadget and Discovery

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The Wall Street Journal on the Zonbu

The Wall Street Journal has a new and interesting review of the Zonbu mini-PC.

The real story here is that EcoGeek's video content is significantly higher quality than that of wow)) real levitra without a prescription the Wal Street Journal. I mean, it's not great, but at least our laptop isn't reflecting in our eyeglasses, and we're not sitting in front of disorganized shelves of clutter. But, if you pay attention, there's also an interesting review of the Zonbu carbon-free PC.

EcoGeek has been syndicating some of Mr. Zonbu's content, and here's what he has to levitra for sale online say about the review:

My Observations

I think the indian viagra review makes some valid points that other reviews have missed, but I also think it was a bit tough on united healthcare cialis the product. I’ve logged a lot more hours than Walt, using the device, and I haven’t experienced the “crawling” speeds that he referred to. I can’t speak to his issue but it doesn’t match my or other posted experiences.

Apps open quickly (and I’ve posted times to document the same), multitasking hasn’t been too much of an issue (within reason) and general stability has been good. Not great, but good. You have to use the device “in context” as well; it is not meant to replace a $4000 dual-core workstation.


Toshiba Focusing on Green

Toshiba seems to be getting focused on green. A bunch of its laptops are getting high eco-friendly marks from the Green Electronics Council.

The consumer electronics company said the Green Electronics Council, a group which wants to see manufacturers developing more "environmentally preferable electronic products," awarded five Toshiba laptops with the highest rating of approval. The five "Gold status" notebooks include all Portégé R400 and Portégé R500 configurations as well as the cialis online 50mgs Tecra M9 with the product prefix of look there viagra soft gel "PTM91" and two models of the Tecra A9 with the product prefixes of "PTS52" and "PTS53."

The three tiered Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool assess products over eight categories to purchasing viagra with next day delivery determine their environmental friendliness, assigning point values so that Gold status "is awarded only to products that reach all 23 mandatory criteria and a minimum of 75 percent of the optional criteria." These categories include reduction/elimination of environmentally sensitive materials; materials selection; design for end-of-life; product longevity/life cycle extension; energy conservation; end-of-life management; corporate performance and packaging.

These same Toshiba laptops also meet the IEEE 1680-2006 standard and are RoHS-compatible. This is great to see laptops like this being so environmentally friendly. Just remember to recycle your notebook somehow when you find it time to move on - all of these standards mean nothing if your computer is rotting away in a landfill.


DecTop:The 8 Watt, 10 Gig, $99 PC

Just how EcoGeek likes our men/women: tiny, cheap and simple.

Today I've spent my computing day on Gmail, a little RSS reading and ordering cialis from canada a small amount of buy cheap tramadol online buy document writing and editing. What I'm saying is overnight delivery of tramadol online that my whole day of productivity wouldn't have been that much different if I'd been operating on a computer with 128 MB RAM, a 10 GB hard drive and a 366 MHz processor.

Incidentally, I could pick up just such a machine for 100 bones from dataEvolution. But the thing that makes me want to throw a small, eco-friendly party is that it runs on 8 watts. Eight! That means you can count the watts on... two hands.

The box is Windows CE or Linux ready, but doesn't come with a preinstalled operating system. We've been seeing a lot of small, cheap, low-drain PCs these days, but this guy is the cheapest and lowest drain of the lot.

Via LifeHacker.

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CNET: The Future of Flash

There's a lot of reasons to herald the dawn of flash-based hard drives. They're faster, smaller, silent and, of course, tremendously more energy efficient. The difference between a traditional hard drive and a flash drive is roughly the difference between an incandescent light and a compact fluorescent light.

Of course, there are hurdles along the i recommend cialis overnight way. Right now, flash drives are much more expensive per gigabyte, and that costs increases when more storage is crammed into a flash drive. Commercial products flash drives only go up to 64 gigs, and there's questions about whether they'll be able to go much further. Traditional hard drives, on the other hand, continue to spiral upwards, with full 1,000 gigabyte versions hitting shelves soon.

However, flash drives are catching up quick. CNET has put together a good list of articles to browse through to get a good idea of where flash memory is on viagra cheap canada the road to taking over for hard drives.

Via Mr. Zonbu
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