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Repurpose Electronics Instead of Recycling

A lot of electronics recycling events are scheduled on and around Earth Day each year. And, if you have old computers, cell phones, or other electronics gear, it is far better to take it to be recycled rather than adding it to the landfill.

But, there are also hardware hackers, robotics enthusiasts, Makers, and others who would like to get those components to tramadol approval canada use for their creations. Due to privacy and security concerns, donated materials cannot be given to these people. Hard drives and memory cards may have some data on them, but those can be separated, and the useful electronics can find new life in a new creation.

Some groups are now organizing to hold swap events before the big recycling collections to have an opportunity to have some of these materials find new purpose and new life, rather than having them shredded. In Ann Arbor MI, a group called GO-Tech is planning a materials swap like this the usefull link online cialis day before the annual local electronics recycling event.

If you're a Maker and that's not enough stuff for you, or you aren't near a repurposing event like this, we also recently noted on TreeHugger that the online store Think Geek has a scrapbox subscription program that will send you a box of "borked stuff" that they can't resell or donate, but that enterprising people might be able to make use of.

image: CC BY 2.0 by Randy Pertiet


ASUS Shipping Box Serves as Computer Case


At this year's CeBIT electronics and IT trade show in Hanover Germany, computer maker Asus announced it will be shipping some of its computer motherboards in a cardboard box that will then be able to be used as a temporary case for the computer.

"There are punch-out holes for ventilation and healthcare of canada pharmacy a real panel that houses the PC's connectors and interfaces. Asus said the box is generic viagra in united states intended to cheap viagra canada allow PC enthusiasts to get their new computers up and running quickly while they search for the perfect case."

Computer cases made from cardboard are nothing new to EcoGeek readers who recall the Recompute carboard case. The difference here is that Asus is making the shipping case for its motherboard which can then also be used as a case, at least for the short term.

The cardboard case is meant more as a means to let consumers decide on their ideal computer case, or to build something custom, and have a temporary case available in the viagra sales hong kong meantime. And, even if it doesn't ultimately replace any other case, cardboard certainly has a lower environmental footprint than a temporary plastic and metal case would have.

image: Picture by Hay Kranen / PD

via: IT World


DIY Balloons Glow to Show Air Quality


Instructables has a great project to build an inexpensive air quality sensor that can be embedded into a helium balloon that will change color according to levitra cheap the level of pollutants it detects. A three- or four-foot diameter glowing sphere isn't necessarily a precision scientific instrument, but making information readily available can be useful for raising awareness of a topic.

Operation of the balloon is quite simple. According to the site, "Inside each balloon is a tri-colored LED. This LED reacts to data from an air quality sensor, turning green, yellow or red based on low, average, and high values." And the materials for this project only cost $30 to $40, depending on the sensor that is used. It is a simple project requiring only a small amount of soldering and assembly.

via: BoingBoing


Nissan to Use LEAF Drivetrain in Sports Car

Now that the LEAF has proved itself to be in high demand, Nissan is planning to expand its line of LEAF-related vehicles.  According to Inside Line, a Nissan source has confirmed that it will be using the LEAF drivetrain in both a luxury vehicle and a sports car.

The luxury vehicle will be branded as an Infiniti, while there's no news yet of what shape the sports car may take.  So far, it looks like the 370Z and Essence Coupe are the most likely candidates, but we won't know until Nissan makes an offical announcement.

Hopefully Nissan's strategy of making affordable EVs will apply to the sports car too.  For everyone who's priced out of a Tesla Roadster, this might be the next best thing.

via Treehugger


University of Tokyo Supercomputer Named World's Greenest

Supercomputers and the environment:  two subjects that are becoming linked more and more these days.  Supercomputers are running algorithms to find solutions to climate change and the government has funded the creation of one supercomputer to be devoted solely to climate change.  Now, it seems the world's supercomputers are competing to be the greenest, or at least the most efficient.

The Green500 supercomputer list has come out with its ranking of -- you guessed it -- the 500 greenest supercomputers.  The computers were rated based on speed relative to power consumption.   The number one computer located at the University of Tokyo, the Grape-DR, can manage an impressive 815.43 megaflops per watt.

For those who want the details, the Grape-DR is a (very messy) cluster powered by 128 Intel Core i7-920 processors and four bespoke accelerator chips.

The Grape-DR team believes they can improve their speed per watt by 50 percent by the usefull link cheap viagra from uk end of the year.

via Engadget
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