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71% of Adults in America are EcoGeeks!

That's right, according the only here buy viagra generic 2007 National Technology Readiness Survey 71% of adults in America are ecogeeks! Or at least, they're interested in the possibility of try it price cialis becomming ecogeeks.

Out of a random survey of over 1000 people in 11 product categories, people were interested in buying technology that would decrease their impact on the environment regardless of whether it provided other benefits. That tremendously underserved market could be worth $100 billion per year. About half of that comes from the automotive sector, but we imagine electronics and housing were also big players.

Honestly, I wish housing had won out over automobiles, since that has a greater benefit to owners and the environment, but people see cars as their big opportunity to go green.

Via Greener Computing


Shutting Down for Earth Hour

I love my computer(s) and doubt about it. But I'm looking forward to powering down my life, and turning off my house for Earth Hour.

Last year, Sydney Australia turned off its lights for an hour in order to, I guess, save some energy. Mostly, however, it was a statement. To see the combined effect of a lot of people agreeing that something needs to order viagra online canada be done. The event was such a success that the World Wildlife Fund decided to take it global in 2008.

So on March 29th, whenever 8pm rolls around, over 350 cities in 35 countries, millions of individuals, the Sears Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, and 2,100 corporations including HP, Coca Cola and McDonald's, are all turning off their lights.

As an EcoGeek, I can't help but point out that all of these people who will be burning candles to light their houses during Earth Hour actually aren't doing any good. Candles produce significantly more CO2 and other pollutants per lumen than incandescent bulbs. But that's really not what this is about.

Organizing mass action to recognize the threat of climate change is certainly something that I can get behind. And I'm sure there are going to be lots of pretty pictures of dark skylines to share on the morning of the 30th which I will excitedly write about.

I've signed myself up for Earth Hour, and will be having a quiet evening playing cards with my wife in the dark. I encourage all you EcoGeeks to participate as well. Take some time to just try! viagra online pharmacy no prescription remember what darkness is, it's good for you.


It's an Old Computer, But it Only has 30,000 Miles on It

When you're buying a used car, you don't just check to see how old the car is and then hand over the Blue Book value. High on canadian online pharmacy viagra the list of things to check is the mileage. If a car's only a couple years old, but has been driven across the country and back dozens of viagra generic 100mg times, you might not expect it to last that much longer.

Unfortunately, when you're in the market for a new computer, there's no way to tell how hard the machine has been driven. It could have been owned by some grandmother who only drove it to once a week. Or it could have been an over-clocked gaming PC that only powered down for reboots.

This uncertainty contributes to slow used PC sales. If there's no way to tell whether a hard drive is gonna crash in the next few months, there's no reason to invest in used equipment. The result is cialis for woman a lot of good computers never finding second homes...aside from in the landfill.

But researchers at the University of Limerick in Ireland are hoping to cialis prices change that. By logging data that is already being taken by computers on internal temperatures and hard drive faults, they're hoping to create a kind of score. This score would be a fairly accurate representation of the possibility of failure for the machine.

It seems like an excellent solution to me...though all of my machines would likely have unfortunately high "mileages." But the question remains...will there ever be a viable after market for computers? Would having a better idea of the state of a used machine increase your chances of buying used? I'd love to hear people's opinions in the comments.

Via New Scientist


Asus Unleashes Its Wood: Bamboo Computers at CeBit

Asus Bamboo computersThe Asus EcoBook was the first computer concept I'd ever seen clad in bamboo. But since then, the idea has looked like it might take off. The highly treated bamboo is non-flammable, lightweight, and, unlike every other computer out there, not made from petrochemicals.

Unfortunately, there have been some questions raised recently about whether bamboo is indeed greener than plastic. But there's no doubt that, just by virtue of buy tramadol cash its natural look, it appears green. The good news is that Asus is looking at more than just its materials when trying to green its products. The innards of their new computers are labeled for easy repair and how you get pfizer viagra recycling and they're some of the first laptops that are truly upgradeable, instead of being semi-solid slabs that are all-but-impossible to upgrade and self-repair.

But the bamboo, it seems, is pretty much a symbolic statement. Though, I have to admit, it's a nice one.

Via Engadget



DIY Mini-PC: Tiny Footprint, Low Wattage

OK, yeah, we think the Artigo is cute. But is it functional? Via has just taken advantage of its ultra-small, ultra-lower power (though admittedly less than state-of-the-art chips) to pack what used to be Dell's top of the line gaming PC (in 2001) into a teeny, tiny package.

Of course, the Artigo, as shipped, is bare-bones, and will take quite a bit of labor before actually accomplishing much, but it is an interesting statement. The $300 device (yes...we agree, that's expensive) ships without RAM or a harddrive (or a keyboard, mouse, monitor etc.) What it does come with is Via's low-power 1ghz C7 processor, a network adapter, build-in HD audio and video, and a weight of levitra purchase barely more than 1 lb. But the statement I'm seeing here is more than "Look! It's tiny!"

It's more like "Look, 70% of us don't need your fancy gaming PCs." In fact, the Artigo won't even run Vista; you're stuck either with XP or pretty much any form of Linux. The thing is, most people can't tell the difference between XP and Vista, and a vast majority of users just need something that'll run Firefox and Word without crashing (so that's everything except Windows ME...right?) And the great thing is, by using new technology to pfizer viagra 50mg build slower computers, power use drops dramatically...even at peak consumption the Artigo comes in under 30 watts.

Unfortunately, this isn't really built for those users. You need to buy the RAM and the harddrive and the operating system...and then install all the software yourself. So while it's an interesting experiment, I think I'll stick with something that someone built for me, even if that does decrease the amount of Geek Cred I have.

Nonetheless, you should check out this excellent review at ExtremeTech.

Via Via (I've always wanted to say that...) and Good Clean Tech

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