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OCT 05

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Funky 300 MPG Car Taking Pre-Orders

Last year, EcoGeek brought you a little story about a 330-mpg, three-wheeled car. The guy who was building it said that it they were indeed going to build and sell them, indeed...for less than $20,000. We were skeptical, and rightly (the price has risen). But they've done it. The prototype has hit interstates, and they're taking reservations for delivery in "approximately 12 months."

The current prototype gets to 60 mph in about 11 seconds and has a top speed of 95 mph.

The company says that the $500 reservation fee is absolutely refundable at any time, and simply buys you a spot on the list. You can then have input into what the vehicle will be eventually called, its graphics, and accessory options. Then the $500 will be credited toward the cost of the vehicle upon purchase.

The Aptera is fuel-efficient because it is extremely light, and it keeps itself so light in a few ways. First, the engine is tiny, one cylinder, but that's OK, because it's only ever used to charge the batteries. It also stays light by doing away with one of the wheels. This also helps because then, according to American safety regulations, it is technically a motorcycle, and so doesn't have to jump through any of the normal safety hoops. This keeps weight (and costs) way down, but it also makes it pretty fantastically unsafe (but, of course, no less safe than a motorcycle.)

But it certainly is more comfortable than a motorcycle. The extreme aerodynamics keep things efficient but also spacious. Two bucket seats, a wraparound cockpit which gives excellent wraparound visuals.

The lack of side-view mirrors is compensated by rear cameras that display on the central video monitor. Oh...and speaking of awesomness, it has solar panels on the roof that power an air conditioner that keep the car cool on any sunny day....even when you're not in it!

The Aptera also offers some real technological advances. The high efficiency makes it a perfect electric vehicle, and it will come in both electric and hybrid diesel versions. There's no word on the range of the full electric version, but there is a price point for both.

Aptera has listed the full electric at $26,900 and the diesel hybrid at $29,900. As noted, the diesel hybrid will be a series plug-in, just like the impending Chevy Volt. This means that the car will run 100% on electric power, but a diesel engine will charge the batteries when they get low.
The engineering behind series hybrids is pretty complex, but Aptera says that they're getting the details ironed out. Sadly, we don't have our grubby green fingers on those details yet, but hopefully we will soon.

Hopefully the canadian healthcare pharmacy $500 reservation will be more than an investment in the start-up. They certainly need to figure out what to expect in terms of demand. It's hard to sell a $30,000 motorcycle. But for folks looking to save gas and turn some heads, the Aptera could be a no-brainer.

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written by mateo, October 09, 2007
I applaud the alternative thinking to this and think the Demaxion/Cessna look is incredible and ahead of its time. However, I live in WV- I'm a little skeptical about three wheels gripping the roads in snow and have concern about pulling off of the main road on some of the terrible roads we have here. There also seems to be some awful blind spots. I don't mean to berate this auto though. I love the we recommend best price generic viagra interior. I just need a bigger back window and better grip on the tarmac.
written by guitarhead412, October 09, 2007
:)Awesome design but i dont think that many peple will by it. It stands out A LOT
written by Ash, October 09, 2007
With prices on gas soaring you think that people won't buy this because it's a "eyesore"?

I guess most of you haven't seen a Indian motorcycle...or paid for one either. (prices range from $17k to $24k)
0 problem
written by David, October 09, 2007
This thing is too cool and might just be my next vehicle purchase if it comes out soon enough.

To Mateo, check out the 3 screens just in front of the steering wheel. Those show the left, behind, and side views of the car and should give you a full view of your blind spot without even having to turn your head! The big screen in the middle will probably take care of media, navigation, and climate control duties.
Cool design
written by Amanda Short, October 09, 2007
I like the design of this car.
The efficiency is surely a plus to this car.
Would be really fun to drive this vehicle on an open road.

Yours Sincerely.
But where are the apple fanboys going to
written by Chris, October 09, 2007
No radio in the cabin mockup. Would be a great commuter, but you're still gonna be sitting in traffic in.... silence. :P
"Fantastically unsafe" like a motorcycle
written by Ken Trough, October 09, 2007
Wow. This is a MAJOR distortion, imo.

How many motorcycles come with a composite safety cocoon? According to the company site, the integrated safety cell in this thing integrates an aluminum and steel frame across the vehicle as well as cross door protection. Occupants are shielded from cockpit intrusion at nearly any speed.

For many consumers, perceived safety is a significant determining factor in purchasing.

Other novel vehicles with similar composite structures (such as the Ecomobile and the Clever) have tested decently (comparable to small car safety in a head on crash) and the Ecomobile has reportedly been crashed at >70mph on the autobahn without significant injury to the occupant.

Now, always take marketing text with a major grain of salt, but common sense dictates that ANY kind of safety cell is probably going to be better than being out in the wind on a motorcycle.

Respectfully, before you make pronouncements like "fantastically unsafe" perhaps you should actually research the product a bit more... Most will only read your summary and not dig into the canadian healthcare website, so your assertions have a direct result in customer perception and online viagra prescriptions ultimately acceptance of the product.

Getting the product approved as a "motorcycle" saves the company having to run the federally mandated crash test series, which can cost north of US$10 million according to would-be manufacturers I have spoken to in the past ( maker of the Tango electric microcar). Just because a vehicle isn't smashed into a wall at great expense doesn't in itself mean the product is "fantastically unsafe".

Are you promoting this product as a possible eco alternative, or are you trying to kill it with distortions before it gets properly out of the blocks?
hey... ET has a car now!!
written by anonymous employee, October 09, 2007
it looks pretty good. love to see that people are taking this seriously. wasnt there an X-prize for this?
written by Aaron, October 09, 2007
As a motorcycle this thing likely has little or no safety equipment. No airbags, no crumple zones, no side impact protection, etc. Essentially it's a thin composite shell and that's it. It may save you some on gas but if anyone hits you, even with what would normally be a minor collision, you could be a goner.
This thing is awesome!
written by John, October 09, 2007
I just wish it was cheaper. I know I'd be laughed to scorn if I actually drove that think but I think they have the future for us. They are probably before they're time, they might fail (hopefully not) but I think that these aerodynamic shapes are the cares of the future. There kind of ugly but there futuristic appeal is big! 8)
its a kit car....
written by shdwsclan, October 09, 2007
Its basically, the 8,000 kit car.
I saw it in a magazine....its basically a really expensive go cart, that somehow got road certified.......and they put a lot of weight and fiberglass on it....yeah it gets 300 mpg, but thats because it has a LOUD suzuki crotchrocket engine...
Did i mention how bad it performs in a crash test.....

For 20,000, you can actually buy a car that will save your life in a crash, not end it...
written by Eric, October 09, 2007
Ken Trough:
"Ecomobile has reportedly been crashed at >70mph on the autobahn without significant injury to the occupant. "

Oh, god that's funny! How do you make this shit up?

ANYONE will sustain serious trauma (and most likely not survive) any impact at >70MPG. I don't care how well a vehicle's shell holds up to such an impact; your body is just not made to handle that kind of shock.

written by micah, October 09, 2007
its basically a really expensive go cart, that somehow got road certified

The current prototype gets to 60 mph in about 11 seconds and has a top speed of 95 mph

I think think expensive motorcycle was a better description.
Read the website first!
written by Jamie, October 09, 2007

You need to read the usefull link buy levitra online usa website first before you say it has no airbags. The site says it does.
I'm think I'm reserving one
written by Paul Bloch, October 09, 2007
Sometimes you have to act on impulse. Gonna check my account and reserve one. What I don't get is how any person in their right mind be critical of this thing.. I don't want my car to look like everyone else'. I don't think it's the prettiest thing but damn, it's still freakin' cool. If you read the specs it also has a bunch of accessories that you can't tell from the pics. Quite frankly I've never been happier to see a three-wheeler finally make a big splash like this. Tilting three-wheelers are really the next big wave and a vehicle like this has been a long time coming. VW's 1-liter car was prototyped something like 5 or 6 years ago and got around 200 mpgs.

I'm also going to suggest they go the route of actually just having an onboard (upgradeable) computer with wifi so that people can get internet access from hotspots while driving in the city.
ecomobile crash at >70mph on the autobah
written by Ken Trough, October 09, 2007
I read the report on the original company website. They didn't say they hit a WALL or an oncoming CAR at >70mph. They said that an owner just crashed it at that speed (with lots of skidding and flipping reported). I don't believe any other vehicle was involved. The occupant was reported shaken, but not damaged thanks to a full roll cage and usefull link canadian cialis 50mg so forth.

There are many types of crashes, Eric.
motorcycle laws
written by Dustin, October 09, 2007
Being classified as a motorcycle, any driver would need a motorcycle endorsement on their license, and both driver and passenger would be required by many states to wear helmets.
It is a good car.
written by Ronald, October 09, 2007
Hi all,
To person who seem to getting angry above..... don't be.
I just want everyone to check out the web site before jumping into conclusion.

The following is directly from the company's web site:
Here is what's available in every Aptera:

- Driver and passenger side Airbags

- Energy absorbing and impact deflecting passenger Safety Cell

- Advanced drive computer with GPS navigation, CD/MP3/DVD player, XM satellite radio, Large View Rear Camera, and complete vehicle diagnostic system

- "Eyes Forward" vision system with 180 degree rear sight picture displayed in the driver's field of view to enhance situational awareness

- LED interior and exterior lighting for maximum energy efficiency

- Solar assisted Climate Control System so you always enter a comfortable Aptera that is never too hot or cold

- And an RFID(Radio Frequency ID) key fob so you never have to pull out your keys to enter or start your Aptera. The key fob simply remains in your pocket or purse.

It is good car and Earth friendly. True, safety might be a concern, but I think I will give the company or the idea a chance to improve.....
A historical perspective
written by Any Mouse, October 09, 2007
I worked on a very similar looking solar car at MIT back in the early 90's. It had basically the same body shape for the same reason - very low drag with enough room for two people to sit side-by-side (it raced in the commuter class). The solar version got an equivalent 750mpg, but topped out at 55mph. It was abandoned several years ago, but it looks like someone is trying to bring it back to life.
Think Formula One ...
written by A Siege, October 10, 2007
Couple things.

1. "Fantastically unsafe" ... this is uncalled for, it seems.

2. "ANYONE will sustain serious trauma (and most likely not survive) any impact at >70MPG. I don't care how well a vehicle's shell holds up to such an impact; your body is just not made to handle that kind of shock." Any impact? Well, what about race cars where, in 200 mpg accidents, drivers often walk away.

3. Re 1 and 2. Think Formula One cars that weigh in at 800 pounds or so. Built of composites. Very safe for driver (considering what they are doing).

Very nice post / discussion. I've been contemplating for a little while whether to put $500 down. You just pushed me down the list.
Diesel H2 reformer
written by Chris, October 10, 2007
Maybe someday a diesel hydrogen reformer fuel cell stack could replace the 1-cylinder engine. That would be ideal.
Looks Fantastic
written by weee recycling, October 10, 2007
and the spec sounds fantastic. I'm going to contact the company to find out if they can export one to the UK. Will be worth having one of the first ones in the UK just for the PR alone...
can't read
written by dissapointed soul, October 10, 2007
Your Ads on the right hand side are covering the text in Firefox and Opera... no windws so no IE... only the closed source world can read your article
Text overlapped by ads
written by nugget, October 10, 2007
Yes, Ads overlap article in IE too. Had to copy/paste text into Notepad to read article. Please tell the webteam to hook your article up with it's own space :) Thanks!
written by Steven, October 10, 2007
I'm also from WV, and yeah I think this thing would have some problems come winter time in my state. ;) Pretty cool though.
unsafe in winter?
written by espike, October 10, 2007
Why would this be so unsafe in the winter? Less mass = less side way pressure on the wheels. I can understand that u need really big wheels on a hummer, because of the mass u have to move, but this is soo light, u can just drive over the snow , and still keep lots of grip.
buy an electric car at Sam's club now,
written by eo, October 10, 2007 hybrid_and_sams_club_announces_once_lifetime_package_hy
written by matt, October 10, 2007
honestly I think its stupid looking. However I do like the concept. 2 seated enclosed motorcycle, efficient and would come in hand in the city.
Safety, composites, etc
written by Pete, October 10, 2007
A Siege

"Think Formula One cars that weigh in at 800 pounds or so. Built of composites. Very safe for driver (considering what they are doing)."

And F1 cars cost a million each. With the driver closely surrounded by a rollcage, wearing a helmet and cialis 100mg flameretardant suit, and strapped in tightly via a 5 point harness.
All of which are unacceptable requirements in a regular street car.
I'll believe it when I drive it.
written by Noir, October 10, 2007
I keep seeing all these covered motorcycle concepts, but they never make it to market. Living in rainy Oregon, I've personally been waiting for something like this to come along forever.
I'd rather have a Mathis 3-seater
written by Russell, October 11, 2007
and make it electric, but that 3-wheeler was designed more than 60 years ago and only a few prototypes ever got built.
Understanding Weather Concerns
written by Searching4IT, November 01, 2007
Living in Washington and experiencing
high cross winds, icy road conditions
also makes me feel edgy about this vehicle
withstanding a nice 360 turn around on
the roads. However, it would make an
awesome summer vehicle. I love the mpg
on this vehicle.
The Future Of Cars
written by Dataland, November 23, 2007
This post is a bit off of my normal topics, but I think it’s something important that people should be discussing. I’ll really try not to get too political, so here goes. We’ve all seen gas prices climb up to (and in many areas above) $3 USD per gallon of gasoline. We’ve also seen war, chaos, pain and turmoil going on the Middle East and elsewhere. While there is obviously some connection between the current price of gas and war, terror and fear, that’s not exactly the connection I want to voice... (Pingback)
written by trytrtuytui, November 29, 2007 فاركس
Aptera’s Sub-$30K, 300 Mpg Car Will Be
written by Dataland, December 17, 2007
Aptera has released an update on it's upcoming 300 Mpg car. This car really approaches transportation from a very different vantage than does the rest of the auto industry. This car is slated to sell for $30,000 USD, and offers room for two. Here is a brief overview on the update ...

Aptera Update!
written by Dataland, December 23, 2007
The folks over at Popular Mechanics were able to finagle an exclusive test drive and interview of the upcoming Aptera Typ-1. For those uninitiated, the Aptera Typ-1 is an all-electric plug in vehicle coming to market in 2009 for under $30,000. Sometime thereafter, Aptera plans to market the Typ-2, a 300 MPG gasoline hybrid which shares the Typ-1’s body and features. The more I keep up with this car, the more I believe this is the first real re-thinking of the automobile since its inception. I know this sounds a little over the top, but ...

written by Magno Grail, December 26, 2007
A good alternative. A bit heavy as my Europa weighs 1490 lbs. with a steel backbone, iron block four cylinder motor and viagra pills four wheels. Light composite vehicles will never become part of mass manufacture because of the cycle time for curing. Weight and mechanical/aerodynamic friction are what kill fuel mileage. california wants all electric vehicles so they can export the polution to neighboring states. Is generating electricity thousands of miles away, transmitting over inefficient power lines to charge 50%-60% efficient batteries to run an electric motor that is only efficient in a very narrow RPM range more efficient overall than generating the power onboard? Do the math. Northrop's "Swords to Ploughshares" electric bus motors claimed 96% efficiency but that was at one speed and load that it almost never ran at.
Safety is a driver, not vehicle issue.
written by Dan, January 02, 2008
So this is a 2 seater? What happens to the driver or this thing when a Ford Expedition or some other SUV runs right over this in an accident? Accidents happen and safety should be a huge issue. There are still a lot of lawsuits involving traffic accidents.

Where is the trunk? What is its capacity? With all the increased efficiency, you have to make 3 times as many trips to the grocery store. Bottom line is these types won't make it in the USA until we get the SUV off the road.
written by Piotr Niedzielski, January 02, 2008
I am completely enthused that this and other options are even being offered AND discussed. At least people are looking towards the future. The Smart car has been available is Europe for almost a decade, and has proven itself over and over. At one time VW had a TDI deisel called the Lupo that over 80mpg in a Golf body style, but it never sold well and was cancelled. I believe this was in the 90's. The technology IS there. As far as the stance and safety of the Aptera, it appears to be much safer that another "Y" stance vehicle to be offer from Bombardier - the Spyder.
and what about...
written by Rayn, January 02, 2008
Speaking of saftey issues my first thought was wind....driving down the roiad at 70 or so in a LIGHT 3 wheel ..vehicle hello? if a gust of wind picks up you'll be blown in circles due to the rear end being so much lighter, hell my bug gets blown all over and thats a steel frame!!! I gotta say this does look funky ass cool though and buy viagra no prescription required if they improved the saftey on it as well as a sound system Id try it:o)
People survive 70 mph crashes
written by J. Mnemonic, January 02, 2008
I *personally* survived such a crash, and it wasn't just a roll-over, but a head-on crash into a telephone pole, which threw the upper portion of the pole more than 30 yards, wires still dangling from it. Even worse, the car I was in was a Ford Pinto, one of the least safe cars ever designed. While the crash did kill my mother, I survived essentially unscathed (a few bruises from cinderblocks we kept in the back for winter stability).

You'd be surprised at the crashes people can survive, and even walk away from more or less unharmed.
written by Raleys, January 02, 2008
:D My husband loves motorcycles, but I've always said I'd rather have a trike. Even then being exposed to the seasons would suck. The Aptera, on the other hand, would be perfect! I've often thought how nice it would be to have a small three-wheeled vehicle, since most of my driving is short distances. Oh yeah, baby, put me on the list! $30k is fine by me. And I *like* the idea of having a different kind of vehicle. All cars look too much alike these days.
Lots of FUD here...
written by steved, January 04, 2008
Some of the comments on this page are obviously being made by persons who have not visited Aptera's web site.

- Helmets not required (in CA)
- motorcycle certification not required (in CA)
- airbags are standard
- will be crash tested before production begins
- not a motorcycle based kit

Check out their site,, before you start sniping.
To all the doubting thomas' out there...
written by Jeffery Smith, January 08, 2008
I read through the posts and see that the magority of comments are encouraging. To those who seem to be less than enthusiastic let me say this...

Buy a different car! Do you really think that anyone cares whether you like the car or not? Anyone with a quarter ounce of common sense would applaud the designers of this vehicle regardless of any other vehicle that has ever been produced with similar or same characteristics or capabilities. Also, whatever minor offsets i.e., wearing helmets is ridiculous, thats like saying going to the moon isn't really going to get us anywhere.

This is what you should really be thinking. President Kennedy challanged this country to be the first to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade and we did it. Fossil fuel vehicles at the stage in technology is like us driving a horse and buggy and the reality of the crusade is our need to end dependence on $100 a barrel oil prices. Do you think the price will drop just to make us happy? 5 years from now, gas will be $5 - $7 dollars a gallon. I just bought a $45,000 new car that gets 35 miles per gallon and I would trade it or park it in a heartbeat to be able to buy a car that provides half the promoted mpg of 300mpg but has more of what i need. Meaning if the car could sustain 80 mph without seeming to struggle and could run for 3-4 hours with an emergency backup to run by conventional fuels for another 100 miles in case of emergency I would buy it in a second.
written by gregg, January 12, 2008
ummmm? $30,000, you got to be crazy to even think about it. Sure your saving gas, but you can find a much better deal (like my 27mpg car I bought for $50), it will take a long time to make up $30,000 in gas savings. I know, 27mpg stinks up the environment a lot more than this thing, but we need someone to produce an economical car that is functional (as this is) and affordable. The poor (and often referred to as ignorant) people will never be able to afford such a thing. if it is affordable, then everyone can contribute to being GREEN.
written by mateo, March 01, 2008
Shure the car costs alot of mony but if you save mony bye not spending so much mony on gas you could make the pay ments and you wil save mony when gas gets to over $3 and if we save gas the cost of gas will go down unlike in Europe were gas costs 15.00 dollors!!
Oh yea?
written by Frank, March 29, 2008
Please, This is not a motorcycle. I ride a Handa Goldwing (35mpg) when the weather permits. There is some storage in the bags but not much. My wife will not ride. If a 4 x 4 runs over me I have no protection. In snow I would not think of riding my 975 lb bike with two wheels. In the rain I get wet. In the heat I get hot with all the safety gear. Helmet, leathers and such. I do have mirrors and music. Goldwings have an am/fm cassette/cd andI have my Ipod. The price of my Goldwing new 34K. Sounds to me like this is very afforadable and designed better than a bike. It takes an airplane cockpit and gives it wheels. The more I hear and learn about this MACHINE the more I get intrested ;D
Quick thoughts
written by Scott, March 30, 2008
I disagree with the guy who said the price of this car does not justify the savings in gas. How on earth you bought a functional car for $50 I have no idea, but that is not a realistic scenario for most people. And this is a first step, which means of course it will have a significant cost - maybe poor people can't afford it now, but 10 years down the road (note: witty pun) the cost could be much lower.

One important thing to remember is that this car gets 130 mpg when the batteries are depleted. Still good, but this is a more realistic figure of total energy usage (regardless of source) for this car. This is if you want to be thinking about much energy these cars still need, as after all electrical power still usually comes from a fossil fuel plant.

I think what the guy said about formula 1 drivers having a 5-point harness, etc, is a very relevant point.

But overall, I really like this vehicle. It will lead to good things.
written by Tick, May 10, 2008
I'm not a pathetic eco-dweeb, believer in man-made global warming, or hater of oil.

I love big gas-guzzling cars/trucks and think we should keep buying and building them.

This "car" is very cool - and very practical for those who have experience with motorcycles, and sports cars. FEAR brings the doubters. The designers have put a great deal of thought into this machine.

I would have no problem driving one of these, or having these machines on the road.

Unsafe? Girl, puh-leeze!
written by Kr4ftw3rk, May 12, 2008
I want one :D
urban car
written by Don, May 12, 2008
This type of car should be used in the city and suburbs only and stay off the E ways.And get taxes breaks for it.
Come on people
written by Michael, May 12, 2008
This is just a first step in the next generation of vehicles for the planet. It's time we all get on board. Unless you want to keep going over to the middle east and losing our soldiers to the battles of the oil-war. It's time to put OPEC and the big oil companies in thier place. Oh yeah electricity is not just generated at fossil feul plants anymore. It's time for all the haters to keep paying that $3.50 for a gallon of petrol. I am so looking forward to the next generation of vehicles. A buddy of mine developed a car back in the late 70's early 80's that would do 100 MPG. The technology is there. GM & Texaco bought and squashed the concept, just so they could keep making $$$$$$$$$$. Big oil and Big Automakers are in bed together with OPEC and if you haven't figured out guess your as stupid the guy that wants to keep filing up his big SUV tank at perhap $5.00 gallon. Only the bad drawback is the batteries don't last for long and to replace them usually cost half of what the car is brand new. Eventually the batteries that power them will keep up with technology, even though the BIG 3 automobile manufacturers don't. I say qudos for Aptera and viagra, candadian drugs any other vehicle manufacturer that can get that kind of miledge. Just please don't let the Big 3 Automakers or Opec and thier slimey Oil Companies buy you out.
written by JOHN T, May 14, 2008
Cross Country for $30
written by Kyle, May 16, 2008
Wow, you could drive cross country (US) in this car for about $30!!! Sweet!
i would surely consider this when buying
written by eric j, May 16, 2008
its not a family vehicle and i cant say i would want to drive it in bad weather. but as someting to commute in i think it would be great. i currently spend $40 a week just to get to work and back in my old gmc, its less than 120 miles i drive all week. gee i sure would like to have a vehicle i can that same distance for only $2.
Is this incorrect reporting (at best)?
written by Jack McHugh, May 17, 2008
Frequently stories like this cover up the fact that the real mileage figure isn't really the stated amount, because the latter fails to account for the fuel burned to create the initial "plug-in" charge. I suspect that's the case here, because I further suspect that 300 mpg from such a vehicle is contrary to the laws of thermodynamics. If I'm right then frankly this is an example of lazy or dishonest reporting by someone, and if I'm wrong then I apologize in advance for that insinuation.
Did the reporter actually do any researc
written by Michael, May 20, 2008
Or did they just read a few newspaper articles?
It is amazing to me how this reporter blithely claims that Aptera has dodged the safety issue, when on their website there is a plethora of info about how this car has many unique innovations that make it safer than many conventional cars.
written by colinjay, May 20, 2008
sad that there are so many posters here to crap on this idea. i think that this is a great step forward and look forward to seeing some of these "motorcycles" on the road in the not too distant future.

i'm hoping that owners of small fuel efficient vehicles (myself included) won't have to worry too much longer about crashes involving behemoth SUV's as their owners will slowly be forced to phase them out in favor of smaller, lighter and more fuel efficient cars. i look forward to a day where people like myself no longer have to worry about purchasing a vehicle such as the Aptera for fear of being run over by a 10mpg Hummer.

I hate to sound like a pompous dick, but I do sort of laugh to myself as gas prices continue to rise and I hear people whine and cry about how much it takes to fill up their Yukon/F150/Expedition/Suburban. I hate paying more for gas, no doubt, but it's not like you can't fit 8 people in a 24mpg minivan or 30mpg station wagon.

as for the safety of the Aptera, from reading their website it looks as if they are planning om meeting all of the relevant passenger car safety standards anyway despite being registered as a motorcycle. I can understand that with all of the research and testing that went into getting this thing rolling that meeting regulations as a passenger car was not feasible at this point. Hopefully they will raise enough capital through sales of this model and with added venture capital to have future models crash tested and registered as passenger cars.
written by Goedjn, May 21, 2008
This thing costs $30,000. A used
small 4-door costs around $5,000
Investment = $25,000
If gas costs $5.00 a gallon, and this
thing uses effectively zero gas, then
when the used car would have burnt
5,000 gallons of gas, this new one will
start paying for itself (ignoring interest)
If your used car gets 25 MPG, thats
125,000 miles later. Which, the way
I drive, is about 4 years later.

That's short enough to make it a reasonable
investment if you've got the money lying around.

But I don't.

written by Greg, May 25, 2008
Hey all you "it's unsafe" people out there. . .
1. I guess major crashes are some sort of routine experience out there for you. I have covered a million miles im my 40 years of driving, and have had only one close call that could have been a major head on. My attention and evasive driving saved the day.
2. I think a percentage of the "it's unsafe to not be in a huge tank vehicle" people are simply cowards, or insecure. You can't control your fate, get over it.
A life lived cowering in fear and avaiding all risk at all costs is a life not worth living.
The safety aspect is a deal breaker
written by Michael T, May 25, 2008
This month a local radio personality and her two children narrowly survived a car crossing the centerline of a highway and gel viagra nailing her Accord head-on. The chances of her (or her children, in case anybody cares) surviving in this thing are less than zero.
Take it from one whose job includes lots of tower work - taking pointless risks is not brave, just really stupid.
written by Stevester, May 28, 2008
I think this car/bike whatever, is a breath of fresh air and will seriously consider getting one if it ever gets to the UK, that is of course unless our Government decides to tax our asses off for daring to not pay 65% fuel duty!
written by Daniel, May 29, 2008
Does anyone bother to read the website? Plus, it's already been stated at least 5 times that the Aptera is going to meet regular car safety standards. I don't understand what everyone is so afraid of. And someone mentioned something about getting run over by a hummer and having no chance. Well WTF? If a hummer ran over any compact car, it'd be a miracle to get out of that car alive.
written by Anonymus, June 03, 2008
On MSNBC i saw this on the news, i didn't here the bad stuff though but reading some of the comets i heard it has a bad crash test rating, 20-$30,000 is a good amout to spend to have a car that goes 300 miles per gallon, i guess u have to drive very carefuly! This car goes 90mph right? But is that true? also is there a posibility that this car could come with 4 seats? A-lot of people have families if more than two!
I'd buy it
written by Austin, June 05, 2008
I'm excited about it, and as soon as it's nationwide (i'm in utah and/or illinois) I'll seriously consider it. While it is smaller (on 2 seats) and porbably not safe in the changing seasons.. that can easily be solved by purchasing / owning another vehicle... I just won't drive the second as much.
Motorcycle Type
written by Dave Godsey, June 05, 2008
For those not motorcycle riders and addicted to SUVS and their attendent road toys, this won't make good sense. Anyone blathering on their cell phones, doing their hair or makeup, slurping coffee or text messaging will become a highway grease spot in short order. On second thought.....maybe that is not such a bad idea!
Not only is this take a leap in thinking about transportation, it requires a whole new way of driving and a lot of marginal drivers (able to get away with driving habits in big gas hogs that would spell death in a 3-wheeler) won't be able to make the transition, they'll have to ride the bus...poor babies!
Like it or not, these approaches are the future of personal transportation.
written by cassandra, June 05, 2008
wohh this car is increadable, idont understand why anyone would care what it looks like with the prices of gas these days.! The only downside isee would be that of it being unsaife to that equivilant to riding a motercycle. Concidering how many ppl have been pulling out their bikes this would be quite popular. But what about the winter, would it be harder to control because it is so light?
Scared to drive one? Okay, stay home. Un
written by john, June 06, 2008
It's going to come down to this soon enough, if not already. By the end of the next President's 4 year tenure don't be shocked to see $10 a gallon. Don't want to risk having an accident in something like this? You can stay home and be safe, as driving to work will consume half your wages. Look around, people, your cities, your suburbs, do you notice what has happened? Nobody is going anywhere like they used to, folks just can't afford the transportation, and since we've allowed ourselves to transform into a consumer based economy that hurts so much worse.
James Howard Kunstler was labelled an alarmist in 2005 when he published "The Long Emergency" but now his prophetic vision does not seem so absurd at all. Will we smooth the transition to a petroleum scarce future, or will we allow it to drag us kicking and screaming into it in the most painful way?
The human instincts for survival, and endeavor, and personal safety, often collide with a contradictory set of decisions, historically catalogued in events like the Donner Party and online order levitra the Pilgrims crossing the Atlantic. It was much safer for them to stay at home.
Should we like our legacy in history to read we were too scared to get into a smaller car, so we stayed at home watching the tumbleweed blow by?
come on! start selling them! what u wait
written by Joe, June 06, 2008
come on! start selling them! what u waiting for? Waiting for Japanese to bean u?
written by Rodney Willis, June 07, 2008
I figured they beter do something drastic! They need to do this so we don't lose the economics in which our very existance depends on..."OIL". Oil is consolidated in every way of our lives as we know it. It would be best to discern this way of life all together. But what can we do? Except build a car that has the mpg that we so desperatly needed years ago. Is it too late?
just an average person
written by kenneth meiners, June 10, 2008
i am big --about 5 ft. 10 inches weight about 385 pounds will this be a problem geting into car or traveling in the car

thank you
ken meiners
written by Tim, June 11, 2008
A nice car and the gas milage is the bomb, it looks something comepletely new and not many people is going to want to buy it. People like to buy something practicle and basic like me when i'm ready i would like a honda civic sedan 1998.

The car only has 2 seats and thats it no trunk space, no room for storage, or passengers

My suggestion is that they should keep the body design but try to make a sedan and have trunk space for storage.

I personly think the car is sweet but needs a few improvements. The way I see it I thinks the creator of this car came a long way. And the creator did well and had a great idea about improving cars for better fuel ecomney..........
I like it
written by Sally L, June 13, 2008
If I lived in CA, I'd get on their wait list. Their website says it'll have sound system in it, BTW. Since I don't live in CA, I guess I'll wait till they have more worked out, since I'll want to know it won't need lots of repairs or adjustments etc. And, I LIKE how it looks!
Aptera is good idea
written by Da Car Nut, June 21, 2008
Well, I ordered a Smart Car in December that only gets 40 mpg. I ordered it in Dec. of 07 and won't get delivery until Feb 09. Aaargh ! 90% of my driving is within a 6 mile radius, like to; hardware store, doctors, groceries, dentist and only rarely on one stretch of freeway. If the Aptera can be delivered sooner, then perhaps I won't be filling Roger Penske's pockets with more money on a product that can't be delivered in a reasonable time. 40 mpg vs: 300 mpg with all the numbers beimg similar. Hmmmm....What would you do ???

Da Car Nut
written by Chris, June 30, 2008
OK, I think for all of you who try to shadow your jealousy for not having this vehicle by saying it has a poor crash safety you are the hindrance of the world’s advancement and the reason for high gas prices. Sure maybe this thing is not as though as an F150 which I drive, but I would love to get this vehicle. The smart car is just as tiny and cheap canadian generic viagra expensive and not that good on gas yet people drive it. This vehicle is a complete prove that a sustainable environmentally friendly and pleasant to drive transportation is here. If it is not going to be a success it is going to be only because of you people who believe that a 500hp 3tone behemoth is a must to drive to and from work. Well very soon if you are not going to embrace this new technology you will be stuck making payments on your SUV, while only being able to listen to a radio in it as you will not be able to afford anything else. Cheeres from Chris
Slip and slide
written by mag, July 01, 2008
I'm sure this will work great in the winter. NOT!
written by sarah, August 13, 2008
people should STOP getting SO futuristic about the's hideous! >:(
Get off the saftey in winter nonsense an
written by Will, October 26, 2008
1. Traction is a function of inertia/momentum, proper tire selection and downforce. First of all how many actual hours a year are you actually driving in the snow/ice? Seriously! Most people grossly exagerate their actually snow ice experience. Since there is low weight the traction at startup/speeds less than 35 mph in snow is not an issue if using the right tires. All that is needed for traction as speeds increase are manual/automatic controlled wings to create downforce similar to race cars. Formula one cars run slicks or slightly groved tires at speed in the rain all the time ddue to the downforce created. If downforce is created only when needed it would be fine. Most people driving SUV's are alone driving to work anyway. Nobody rips into motorcycles for their storage or winter driving abilities. The safety is significantly higher than motorcycles because you are not being thrown or getting road rash. All vehichles have their place and purpose. Thisone does as well. I will get one as soon as they are nationwide.
written by Danny, November 07, 2008
I love this car. I think it looks great, would be fun to drive and safe as well. As a helicopter pilot and only today canadian pharmacy flight instructor, I know a little about crashworthiness, especially in light vehicles. The Aptera video from Popular Mechanics shows/describes the crash cage and controlled collapse structure of the vehicle. The structure absorbs the G forces much like an airbag, increasing the time it takes for the mass to come to a stop. It also re-directs the impact forces away from the occupants. Much the same way as the crash structure of a Robinson R-22 helicopter in a vertical crash. Helicopter destroyed, occupants walk away.
Other studies have shown that lightweight vehicles typically "bounce off" heavier vehicles in a crash-- also re-directing impact forces.
As for stability, trikes have been around for a long time. Properly designed, they are every bit as stable as a 4 wheeled vehicle. Morgan Trikes were very popular sports cars and often raced.
Are you really safer in a Kia? I don't think so. Are you safer in a $50 car? No way. Seldom is a $1000 car properly maintained by a previous owner.
With the Aptera, there is proper engineering with safety and performance being priorities.
As for winter/snow driving, if that is an issue for you, buy something else. Or try winter tires.
Bottom line, I want one. I heve the right (but not the money at this time) to be able to own one. You have the right to choose what type of vehicle you should own, but don't try to keep me from this one or one like it.
written by Danny, November 07, 2008
I forgot to mention-- it looks like there is luggage space behind the seats as in a hatchback. More than enough space for groceries.
written by Kim Voskuil, December 06, 2008
God loves you, Jesus loves you, and I love you too. CHOW
4 & 6 passenger Aptera
written by gary, May 28, 2009
I would never buy a 2 passenger car unless I had to commute a long distance to work. Aptera needs a 4 and a 6 passenger vehicle. I also only buy cars that are about 10 years old. In 2020 I would love to own an Aptera for about $3000
written by Blue, July 26, 2009
smilies/grin.gifsmilies/grin.gif this car is mine the day it comes out i mean 300 mpg that is just crazy!!!!!!!
written by Ashley, August 19, 2009
Okay, so yes it looks cool and could save people money. BUT don't you think that now days just automatically switching how you drive in a real car to this one, is dangerous? I mean how long have we been driving a car that are bigger, weigh more, and have mirrors? my guess is a long time. It would be very dangerous to just go from one type of vehicle that you are used to, into a completely New style of car. It takes people quite a bit to adjust to new things and a car being one of them seems to be just flat out dangerous.
People cause accidents not knowing there surroundings and driving a car that you have never driven before that has a different body style like none you've ever seen before is calling out "ACCIDENT" or "Fender-Bender."
Don't get me wrong I would love to own a car like this but I would be scared to drive it because I am used to and was taught to drive a car thats bigger and has mirrors. Sorry but I don't look at my DASH when I need to switch lanes on the freeway. Thats a hazard, you should be looking and not reling on cameras. Not Safe. Not at all. Its bad enough we have horrible drivers out there to begin with, and people that should not have there license at all! Would you like to see a teenager or an elderly person driving this car next to you knowing that any minute something bad could happen because they got distracted or weren't looking at the cameras to merge? I don't!
Good concept but...
written by Ashman, August 20, 2009
You put a pair of wings and generic levitra canadian healthcare a prop on this car and voila your own airplane.

It's not only a question of fuel economy but safety. This car being very light has its disadvantages. Although I welcome the idea of a 200mpg car, it boils down to 'can this car protect me in the event of an accident?'

Just like the smart car, it doesn't inspire security to the people who would invest in it especially if they have to carry their kids with them. This car may be a 'work driving car' for people who have to commute lets say 60-100 back and forth from work but for the average person a sturdier car would make more sense. Driving a hyundai accent makes me nervous as it is with the bad drivers around boston.
There need to be a sturdy car with a more efficient engine block and probably some form of H2O - battery technology. Big car companies will do whatever it takes to prevent thse kind of inventions to see light. Oil companies certainly would try to deter these inventions.
People are building H20 powered car in theri garages so I'm sure if the big car companies wanted to, they would have made better engines/cars since they already havesome of the best scientist working for them.
Reason why GM et al have failed is because they never made cars theat the average american would benefit from. Rather their focus have been on gas guzzlers with a prime example being the H2 hummer.
written by steve, August 26, 2009
hey this is about foruth letter i am sending to you.
your last reports is 2007 and now 2009 the new 300 mpg
plus car should out? what's going on? and i have not yet seeing this car in street me if you can (510)889-7570
written by Jack Blankenship, January 19, 2010
I would buy and drive this vehicle. I do not support "Go Green". I do want security for our nation! If this will lower the use of oil imports. I will drive one with my Blue Tooth and I - Phone for music on long drives.
I am a traveling salesperson on the highways daily.
If every Outside Salesperson drove one of these, we would cut our huge oil imports quick. Cutting the money to people who hate us. I fill my tank daily, spending $250- $300 every week on fuel. In my situation this vehicle will pay for itself very quickly! Target: the "business use" market!
This is just smart business.
written by steve oiwa, April 11, 2010
what's going on this is 2010 now? i should seeing this car on street by now, but not one. you show you have 300 mpg car.
Mr. Solve your problems!
written by Ted Collins, February 18, 2011
I agree this might be a problem for those who have not driven a motorcycle. But, learning how to drive a motorcycle is NOT hard at all, unless you have problems with balance. Most if not all of the motor cycle shops in my area have classes to learn how to drive one. Too bad this JUST ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!! BUT, I wouldn't worry about seeing many of these on the road, if we seem them at all! The GREEDY RICH CONTROLLERS OF THIS WORLD, WILL SEE TO IT THIS NEVER HAPPENS. Either through there control of the governmentsmilies/sad.gifwill say it's bad for the economy, and thus will tax the hell out of it, deem it unsafe by making them jump through impossible hoops, or use your imagination), or those same people will just buy them out, or do what is necessary to keep them quiet.
Made in America
written by ELFINSONG, March 06, 2011
Let's see... Made in America.... gets ten times better milage than my current vehicle.... costs twice what I paid for my current vehicle... I would love to own one but the size is a problem.......As an outside sales representative I have to carry samples they fit in a small SUV.
Please build a larger version. Build it and I will come.
written by Tom Nearhood, May 14, 2011
We don't need to reinvent the wheel, we desparetly need to convert the detroit guzzlers we drive now. When I see these high mpg cars, I think COFFIN ON WHEELS!
There are products on the market as I write this, that when used in conjunction will eliminate the use of gas, tranny fluid and oil. As soon as I get my grant from the dept. of energy, I will start converting the guzzlers to the GAS ALERGENTS!
written by cj, August 09, 2011
they might be on to something. how fast does it take to go air born. add some collapsible wings and a few minor adjustment you got yourself a get away car.
written by car fuel saving, February 07, 2013
These tips and advices are really very much effective. Keep it up with sharing such useful informations with us. Thanks for the post.

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