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OCT 12

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"fun story, but this is whats' missing: jets fly high in order to cons..."

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World's First Pure Biodiesel Flight

While the aviation industry is talking about new designs for future aircraft and cialis online prescription lightening the load on current ones, Green Flight International has been pursuing the fight against emissions by researching into the possibilities of using biodiesel to power flights in lieu of petroleum-based fuels... and their research has paid off!
They just announced that they have completed their first jet flight with their engines (for most of we recommend canadian pharmacy cialis the flight) running purely on biodiesel. The details so far are sparse, but here's what they are saying:
The experimental test flights were conducted starting with a blend of jet fuel and biodiesel. The engine data was measured and the performance was evaluated and found acceptable for continued use, eventually resulting in the canadian levitra for sale landmark flight using 100% renewable biodiesel fuel. According to Chief Pilot Carol Sugars who wrote and conducted the test program, “As we gradually increased the amount of biodiesel in the fuel blend, the data confirmed that the aircraft continued to perform well, giving me the confidence to transition to viagra england 100% biodiesel.” Flight tests were conducted up to an altitude of 17,000 feet showing no significant difference in performance compared to conventional jet fuel.

They have also announced that they plan to fly around the world in the near future running on 100% biodiesel. This is certainly a great feat in the aviation industry, but of course being biodiesel, the fuel still comes with its own environmental and economic impacts, though it's certainly a way better alternative than using oil.

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written by Sam Scott, October 12, 2007
I think it's pretty fantastic that the cheif pilot's last name was "Sugars." Get it?
written by Jonathan Field, October 12, 2007
I am pretty skeptical of biodiesel -- are we sure we want to take our arable land (a more strictly limited resource in my estimation) and start using it for fuel production? Eek. Why don't we start running vehicles of drinkable water instead?

I believe very much we need to transition off of no prescription tramadol overnight oil within my lifetime. I'm very skeptical that biodiesel is the way to do it.

written by eatingorange, October 14, 2007
how is cialis 5 mg italia flying around the world in a jet for no reason a green thing to do?
I am happy about that
written by David, October 14, 2007
Hello, I am happy because the protection of our environment is very important, and the aerial traffic is really big, and this biodiesel powered plane, will be the first step to realize that.

Thank you ;D
written by Joel, October 14, 2007
On Thursday, I heard that Brazil was currently using renewables for air travel, so I looked it up today.

It seems they tested biodiesel aviation fuel in 1984.
Solar back up
written by campbell, November 12, 2007
fun story, but this is whats' missing: jets fly high in order to conserve fuel. You'll note that this effort flew only to 17,000 feet; higher up, the cold makes bio fuels unweildy....they have to put various additives (all fossil fuel derived) in the mix in order to fly. You end up right back where you started, just burning a little less fossil fuel....

whats' the alternative?

change the way you fly!

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