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OCT 15

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"...they were somehow reaping direct economic benefits from the viagra sales in uk windfar..."

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World's Offshore Largest Wind Farm Approved

The world's largest wind farm, which has been planned for the ocean off the coast of Kent, UK, for some time has been officially approved. However, the project, which is being planned by Eon and viagra ship to canada Shell energy companies, is being threatened by an increase and projected costs, and possible regulatory problems with transmitting the power.

A substation and the power cables necessary to transport the power to population centers are being fought by locals. At the same time, the projected cost of the project has increased from £1.5bn to £2bn.

Locals are uninterested in having the buying levitra in the best price viagra name brand us 340 turbine project in their back yard, but the UK needs to focus on these massive renewable projects in order to meet its Kyoto targets. Without them, it simply won't happen.

Via The Guardian

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Trust Shell and Eon
written by weee recycling, October 15, 2007
to take an environmental dream - sustainable power - and potentially make it an environmental nightmare - the world's largest wind farm.
While they seemingly embrace green technology (a cold controlling embrace, me thinks) they don't seem to viagra online store be able to grasp the concept that 'measured' is best ie more solar power is good - covering the whole of Cornwall with a roof of solar panels might be bad!
Come on Shell and Eon - you're cleverer than this; and we are too.
Wind Farms
written by Tim, October 15, 2007
This is not the largest wind farm by a long shot. The largest, that I know of, is in northern Texas being built by Boone Pickens. It will have 2,700 turbines at a cost of $3mm each, that comes to over $8 billion.

See, everything IS bigger in Texas.
written by Kosta, October 15, 2007
there is no ocean off the coast of Kent :-) The place is pharmacy on line viagra discount called the North sea.
written by X, October 15, 2007
Regulatory problems? Sheesh, I can understand problems with engineering or physics, but it's nonsense that man-made laws, probably frivolous ones not designed for projects like this, could kill green energy production. Rewrite those damn law books to make more sense.
The locals would have much more interest
written by Tim, October 20, 2007
...they were somehow reaping direct economic benefits from the windfarm. Beside the fact that I think they are cool to look at, not everybody does. If local people had a better sense of purchasing levitra with next day delivery ownership in the whole process, from planning to siting and maybe even collective ownership.

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