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OCT 24

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"I've never been this excited about a gadget. This thing is awesome. ..."

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The OLPC is Almost as Green as an Abacus

Remember awhile ago when we said we thought the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) XO laptop was the greenest laptop by a factor of 10? OLPC seems to have cooked up some actual data of its own, now claiming it is the cialis england world's "most energy-efficient and only today cialis available in india environmentally friendly laptop, based on independent evaluations and data."

While it's hard to say if this is actually true or not, the XO does seems to have ranked up an impressive set of eco-credentials. OLPC says it is in full compliance with the European Union’s RoHS standards, has qualified for Energy Star 4.0 Category A and has received the US PC and notebook environmental ratings agency EPEAT Gold rating.

"In developing the XO laptop, OLPC had the goal of creating a child-friendly educational tool that inspires creativity and learning for children all over the world," said Mary Lou Jepsen, chief technology officer at OLPC. "But equally important for us was to visit web site viagra for women produce a laptop that could be used in remote areas with unreliable or limited energy sources. The result is a laptop computer that has more than 10 times less environmental impact than the average laptop computer. It’s the greenest laptop ever made, and that's not just its color."

OLPC says its laptop uses just a single watt of electricity when idle and can also operate on human-generated or solar energy to power it. There's also a whole bunch of other marketing mumbo, but you get the viagra aus usa general idea: this laptop seems to be about as green as you can get. That is, of course, unless you are using an abacus.

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Especially if:
written by e, October 24, 2007
Especially if you build the abacus in India, ship it to the US via Singapore, drive it to a warehouse, leave it to age for eighteen months then individually wrap it up and fly it back to India for actual use. :)
What's the peak Wattage?
written by Jimmy, October 24, 2007
It'd be cool if it could run off a humdinger or at least be recharged by one.

written by Nia, November 12, 2007
written by Maria Aleman, November 12, 2007
how can i buy it if i dont have paypal
purchase the lab top,
written by wil cormier, November 12, 2007
i want to know more about this labtop, and where can i buy it at.
written by Tiffiany Bates, November 12, 2007
What age groupd would this lap top be good for?
Thank you,
How can I find out the specifics about t
written by Jennifer, November 12, 2007
I am not really computer savey however I like the idea that it is green, how can I get the specifics about how much info it can handle, ram, processor type, etc. ?
written by Angelos, November 13, 2007
I live in Australia.
I think this is a fantastic idea.
I would like to know if this offer can reach Australia and if so who do use levitra I contact in order to buy viagra canada purchase and help the ones in need.

written by yep its me, November 14, 2007
8)dis is a good idea for the what is viagra professional environment :'( :-* :- :P 8) :o :( >:( ;D :D ;) :)these face things are sooo cool
written by bryson, December 02, 2007
i am getting one
The OLPC: I got mine, Go get yours progr
written by hyrcan, December 22, 2007
I've never been this excited about a gadget. This thing is awesome. I use it everyday, e-reader, taking notes in meetings, writing things up on the Metro (the DC subway) ... I get looks and levitra online I don't care... I want people to look and wonder... I've already directed tones of folks to the website. I'm going to see about writing some activities for it (their concept of an application)... :D

This thing is awesome. Plain and Simple.

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