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OCT 24

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"net97surferx, actually the space program is also a result of War: it's..."

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All Electric Combat Vehicles Kill Efficiently

The Department of Defense gets its green on with the All Electric Combat Vehicle (AECV).

Defense Tech Briefs reports that current research is focusing on developing battery capacity that can power a variety of military vehicles. Big DoD research contracts will help push forward vehicle and low cost viagra fast battery technology. Battery design is also moving forward for DoD hybrid electric vehicles as part of future combat and tactical platforms.

Unlike present vehicle designs, the energy storage requirements for military vehicles are much greater than those for a Prius. In military vehicles, energy storage is required for silent watch and silent mobility applications for a variety of vehicle sizes. Sometimes vehicle operations have to be conducted independently of an internal combustion power source. Both high power and high energy capacity are critical for mission implementation and must be delivered from the where to purchase cialis battery pack. Imagine moving an up-armored personnel carrier with just a stack of D-cells. Also required are battery cooling (a problem in the early electric Tesla roadsters) and electronic controls. When those problems are solved, add in special requirements for space and weight.

Future combat vehicles in the United States and other nations are expected to include hybrid electric platforms, not just because they are more efficient, but because hybrids offer a combination of payoffs that have the potential to provide expanded mission capabilities in both peace time and war time. The application of hybrid electric vehicles, and AECVs, is pushing battery design into new and challenging territories. The dual use of batteries for consumer vehicles makes this research a win-win for both the DoD and EcoGeeks.

Some information above is from:

“Battery Systems for DoD Applications.” Briefing presented to the Committee on low cost viagra Assessment of Combat Hybrid Power Systems, National Research Council, San Jose, Calif.


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war is an environmental hazard
written by boolean, October 24, 2007
War causes a lot of environmental destruction, period. But if it promotes improved battery technologies, who knows where that will put us in the end in the great big green balance sheet?
written by net97surferx, October 25, 2007
Most of the 'high tech' breakthroughs come in war and the old space program research. Would rather see it all come from 'space' than bullets though.
Sooo Proud
written by textibule, October 25, 2007
i am sooo proud that the levitra 100 military killing machine is buying cialis next day delivery going green. I'm all choked up.
written by Sanook, October 25, 2007
net97surferx, actually the space program is also a result of War:
it's a by-product of missile development by Germany.
Look for Von Braun if you want to learn more.

Cheers for the US Army to develop electric vhicles! :)

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