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OCT 27

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Buy Green Dot Com: Ethical E-commerce?

The growth of green e-commerce is one something expects will happen as eco-friendly lifestyles become more the norm. A new Web site just launched is hoping to cash in on this potential revenue stream while also offering consumers information about living environmentally responsible. The site is called and it's the product of Green Retail and Wholesale, a company in sales and distribution of eco-focused products.

The idea behind seems to be offering a wide variety of green products for sale for both consumers and also small businesses. Each product has reportedly been evaluated by select "Green Standards" and offers shoppers information so they understand "how green a product is with respect to four areas of the company’s basic lifecycle standard which include: source material, manufacturing, usage, and disposal."

Also offered are tips on green living. One tip in particular, shopping online, tries to offer some compelling reasons for heading to united healthcare viagra the virtual mall instead of the real thing. In particular says "e-commerce warehouses use 1/16th of the energy of that used to operate a traditional retail store" and also that "even overnight air shipping uses 40% less fuel than the only best offers buying viagra average car trip to the mall." An interesting argument indeed if it holds true. Your thoughts?

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What about everything else?
written by JP, October 27, 2007
I don't doubt that an e-commerce warehouse is more efficient than a mall - that seems like a no-brainer but what about all the servers, personal computers, mail trucks, additional packaging etc...? Seems like they've over simplified it a bit... although e-commerce may still come out on top in the end compared to the mega-mall I wonder how it stacks up to a good old-fashioned walkable main street? Too bad walkable neighborhoods are in such short supply these days. In any case check out GreenDeals Daily ( for more online and offline green shopping options from hundreds of stores as well as green tips that will save you money.
Innovative Stock Purchases?
written by Julie Rossberg, October 31, 2007
Is/are there [a] website/s that give a synopsis of companies which are researching and making eco and green technological advancements available for individuals who are interested in making investments in publicly traded stock?
written by Beth S., October 31, 2007
I can't imagine that it's more efficient NOT to buy locally!

Recently found your site (which is dose viagra awesome!), not sure where to put this item, you guys seem up on your web apps: Radical Spark ( says they have this very cool web app, I hear people talking about it at conferences, speculating. I talked with a developer at the Ruby East conference in PA who said he was working on something *really* cool and I'm very curious as to what this is... Any idea what these folks are up to? Thanks. :D
I think this is a great marketing spin
written by e-commerce guy, November 03, 2007
Customers who order some products like (hemp clothing, beauty products, vegitarian cook books etc..) may indeed think that it is COOL to shop GREEN ONLINE.
written by celia, November 10, 2007
It could be greener if the buyer of seller was using a renewable energy source to power all of levitra for sale online it; like using solar power.
Ethical e-commerce
written by arnold, November 29, 2007
Started almost at the same time, this site gathers tips on green living clustered in category, the target is to create a green e-commerce ( still under construction) and an innovation platform where the profit will be reused for the development of products that help to reduce our CO2 footprint and will be invested on environmental projects from charity organizations. I like a lot your site, please continue !!!
convenience matters
written by Greg Jackson, December 02, 2007 gives me one place where i can get various things, and their efforts on wow it's great order levitra levitra the cialis from canadian pharmacies transperancy of various "green" products I think is definitely needed. That what initially attracted me. For this movement to make an impacted on the masses, it has to be easy!

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