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NOV 07

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"Electric cars are good but the batteries lose charge so the idiots sp..."

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Who Will Build the generic viagra fast delivery Electric Cars?

Whether plug-in hybrids and viagra online in canada other forms of electric vehicles become a Linux-like alternative to the mainstream automakers remains to be seen. But there are certainly a wide variety of cheapest cialis online manufacturers who are working on cialis dose various forms of electric vehicles.

The blog has a compiled a list of New Electric Car Companies (expanding on a similar list from CNET) with more than 20 companies listed! And that excludes any of the major manufacturers (Ford, GM, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, and Volvo), which have electric vehicles in development or production.

The field is so wide open that startup companies such as Tesla and Fisker (pictured) who are reportedly going to be producing as many as 15,000 vehicles in 2009 might be able to actually break into the mainstream.

Of course, most of these companies won't make it; that's simple economics. But will some of them become the brands of the future? Will they make it on their own...or be acquired by major manufacturers? Or are electric vehicles just another form of venture capital vaporware. We can't say for sure, but EcoGeek's looking forward to 100mg levitra watching their progress.

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written by Solar Coupons, November 07, 2007
How cool will it be in 2010 to plug your electric car into your solar powered home. The big auto giants of click now levitra no rx Detroit better adapt or face extinction. :D
I don't know
written by val, December 31, 2007
Electric is cool for short range, but I'm extremely more impressed with GM's hydrogen car. The ones that have the skate board design. So far that looks like the big winner. While I could see electric cars going over big in huge cities, I would expect the viagra without prescription in uk GM hydrogen cars to make it bigger in more rural areas.
this is the time!
written by future skeptic, January 02, 2008
it is the time for both of these technologies. let us embrace it.......
The grand old thinker
written by david, June 04, 2010
Electric cars are good but the batteries lose charge so the idiots spend all there time trying to find better, longer lasting batteries. Look up, the sun shines on every car all day long. If you put a photo-voltaic (solar panel)on the roof the batteries would be in a constant state of charge whether while driving or left parked. On yes you could still plug in it and push come to shove you could power your house in an emergency form your solar powered car. look up John Howes solar powered tractor on you tube

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