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NOV 11

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"I think it's great that there are these cheap options for people to us..."

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Wal-Mart's Ultra-Efficient Linux PC Sells Out

Well...after all the naysaying, it took about a week for Wal-Mart's $200 green Linux PC to sell out of their online warehouses. Of course, it probably isn't selling quite that fast in stores.

The Everex machine, which runs on a power-sipping Via 1.5 Ghz processor, is the first Ubuntu machine to be sold by any major retailer. It's strange that Wal-Mart was the generic cialis buy online pioneer here, but their constant search for lower prices meshes well with the freeness of Linux. After all, you can buy the hardware for less than the cost of Microsoft Office and canadian viagra get everything you need (except a monitor).

Wal-Mart's sales page is now littered with positive reviews from people who've never used Linux before (and even a couple people who've never used a PC before). The overwhelming theme is that the machine isn't impressive in any way...but it is just as useful as the majority of Windows machines that roll off the shelves for two or three times the viagra through canada cost (without a built-in office suite).

In the end, it's a lower-end machine that runs blazingly fast because the OS doesn't hog all the resources. That's real efficiency, and if I wasn't so married to canadain cialis my graphics applications, I'd consider the switch myself.



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Too big, too much plastic, but a step fo
written by Too Much Plastic... but a good step forward, November 11, 2007
Let's just hope that the next one is smaller, if they are really serious about selling a green PC... and not just selling an arguably underpowered system marketed as a green PC. Still, the price IS right here.
written by EV, November 11, 2007
Since it keeps coming up. Yes, they could have sold it in a much smaller case. However, there is an advantage to having a larger case. When things break, more room in the case generally makes it easier to find, fix and repair things yourself. These tiny computers, such as the Mac mini, require you to take it into the best online viagra shop if anything breaks, as you can't eaily replace parts yourself.

Give me a decent sized case over a brick any day. That way I can upgrade it as needed and fix and replace parts myself. I feel like I'm at the mercy of tramadol rx the manufacturer with the teeny tiny computers.
Not a step to the left.
written by Magnulus, November 12, 2007
Definitely a step in the right direction, if you ask me. Some Linux distros these days are so slick anyway that they look like a cross between Windows and OS X, so it's a good time to start giving people that option. What -I- think ultimately happens when there are suddenly THREE OSes to choose from for people is that which system you use becomes less important and people can choose what fits their needs better.

Also, if this isn't just an online phenomenon and these things find their ways into the hands of a lot of reg'lar Joes, I think more and more software will come to Linux as well.

I'm holding out for the Asus Eee, though. My iMac is too useful at home. ^_^
written by Veshengro, November 12, 2007
I say that I must agree with the comments written by EV as regards the size of the case. A bigger case just give me the opportunity to (1) repair things myself, if necessary and (2) upgrade and add to as and when I feel the need to. What's wrong with a bog case anyway? It does not mean that it has to draw more power???

If I want a small PC I get a laptop, seriously. For desk PC I still, but then I am old-fashioned, prefer the desktop machine - the box upon which to set the monitor - over a tower.
slick is right!
written by zupakomputer, November 12, 2007
I just tried SUSE the other day & I was well impressed. And that was just watching the cialis arterial fibrillation screensavers, playing the free games, and using the gimp image editor.

On the subject of energy-efficient computers, the top 500 Green version of the supercomputers list is due out soon,

(if that link doesn't work, the story is still on the main page here -
It was a test run
written by Brady Merriweather, November 12, 2007
This was a marketing research project. It obviously won! EEPC 4G also doing well at 10,000 units sold per week!

Times are changing.
Following the WalMart example
written by marguerite manteau-rao, November 12, 2007
WalMart is winning me over with their ongoing lesson in marketing. Great products, great prices, and values to win my heart. I wish more corporate giants would follow.

marguerite manteau-rao
'It's all about green psychology'
Why A Smaller PC Could Be Better
written by Michael, November 13, 2007
EZ, just as a response:

Most computer users do not want to cheapest cialis prices fix a computer themselves, they'll bring it in anyway. And generally speaking, a computer enthusiast probably won't purchase a $200 PC.

And just to end off, usually when something breaks in a computer that hasn't been assembled by yourself, it usually must be replaced (which most users won't do anyway)

Anyhow, glad to here that Linux is soaring!
Standard Size Case = Better!!
written by CPAinChicago, November 13, 2007
I'm going to chime in to support the Stadard Size Case View -- Much better to have something that can be easily worked on.

Speaking from my experience as a tech, and from years of building and fooling around with my own PC's, I definitely have to vote for either a Mid-size tower, a Mini-tower, or some other design with a certain amount of space.

BTW... Wal-Mart's customers have voted too :-)
Who's to say
written by K.C. Corcoran, November 13, 2007
Who's to say that the buyers aren't simply buying the box and slapping a friend's copy of XP on it? I mean, I like Unbuntu, too, but this may be less of a victory for Linux and more of a victory for cheap CPU's that unlicensed copies of Windows can be loaded onto.
a little more expensive but...
written by anechoic, November 13, 2007
thankyou for big cases
written by computer repairman, November 13, 2007
Love big cases...small case=so difficult to generic cialis from india work on
written by Dan, November 13, 2007
I thought I remember seeing an atricle about this PC where it says they developed their own desktop environment for this PC that wasn't Ubuntu.

I regards to the case size.. this PC could fit in a TINY box since it uses a Micro ATX motherboard and requires little power, but the levitra order Walmart crowd relate the large case size to power.

XP would run horrible on one of these machines due to the specs that they are using.. plus why would you want XP on it? you would never be able to run any games.
One thing...
written by mr. mario, November 13, 2007
I loaded the gOS onto my desktop to try out the OS and it ran great - i can see the appeal.

One thing that is not often mentioned is that you pretty much need an internet connection - something many purchasing a computer for the first time (and no doubt sold on the low low price) might not have considered.

This gOS is very reliant on an internet connection and online phamacy tramadol I wonder if there are many that purchased this computer that aren't connected to the internet.
A lot of them sold in stores are being r
written by Charles Knott, November 13, 2007
One has to remember, these DO NOT COME WITH A MODEM. Our Walmart had several of them and nearly all of i recommend generic levitra sale them sold have been returned by the customer for various reasons. And a lot of other computers at are also sold out.
re: no modem
written by Henry, November 14, 2007
I haven't seen one of these machines in person so I can't say for sure but according to female herbal cialis the WalMart website, these machines DO come with a modem.

Also, the motherboard in this machine (VIA ID-PCM7G ITX) has an ethernet port so people with broadband access don't need to worry either.
too bad...
written by Matt Ellsworth, November 14, 2007
I was thinking about getting one of these - just as an extra box to use with a KVM - so I could leave somethings that take forever to run on (building sitemaps comes to mind) and a few other processes that just take forever.

I was shocked to see it only consumed 20 watts on a full load - sure I know that its not the most powerful machine in the world but for $200....
Sounds great, but $200 isn't too far off
written by Open Source Depot, November 15, 2007
For instance I recently purchased an e-machines refurb (3.3 Ghz celeron) complete with Vista on it for $230. Of course, there is the green aspect and I love the buy discount viagra low power consumption numbers. I really like the look of the gOS, it could become a real player in the Ubuntu-ish Linux market.
Another vote for a large case...
written by Bob Smith, November 16, 2007
In addition to the other reasons mentioned for preferring a larger case... heat.

The closer all the pieces are crammed together, the hotter the case will get. The hotter the case, the shorter the life.
Web Server
written by Eugene Humbert, November 17, 2007
Using Linux, one of these could serve nicely for a web host. Apache running behind a firewall, and you've got the perfect home server for running your own little business.

I got one
written by Red Icculus, November 18, 2007
For the specs, they are amazing. And for the price, it makes this an amazing value. I wish wal-mart would invest in meeting the needs of the general computer users like this addresses.
written by jarred, November 25, 2007
a perfect grandparent pc (they don't know how to cialis doses use windows anyways). the standard case is nice because even though they can't fix it, who doesn't know some neighborhood kid that will fix it for cheap? i wouldn't want to pay 50-100 to have my 200 dollar computer worked on. also refurbs are nice for savvy shoppers, but there isn't enough for everybody. using web applications like google offers on a cheap comp reminds me of the old idea of network computing...
No Windows Drivers
written by Thump, November 25, 2007
I got mine and played with it a few days and enjoyed it. I didn't buy it for the OS though and installed XP and it runs pretty snappy but Everex doesn't supply the effect of levitra on women drivers and I can't find them. The first two sub $200 Linux computers I bought from Walmart were by Microtel and discount cialis india they included a Windows drivers disk. Everex is a great disappointment in that regard. Oddly enough the advertised modem is there but doesn't work with gOS. They include a phone cord though.

Old Computer Hacker
written by Denis, November 28, 2007
I bought my son this system and it is running well. No fans to hear. The keyboard and mouse are not very good quality so we are using the older ones we already had. I found the Enlightenment desktop loaded by default to be too buggy with fonts so I loaded KDE and it looks great. I am think of buying another one for myself.
Wak.Mart Wins one for Americans!
written by Uncle B, April 19, 2009
A cheap introduction to the Linux world, a chance to own a PC. at home and not go to neighbor's place of the library to do my email!Love it, awaiting the next step-up model, with more features, never forsake Linux, this is why things work so well! Need "Ubuntu" disk download from web by sales rack, for $3 or $4 bucks, with simple folk instructions in English and Spanish! Welcomes a whole new income level to selling levitra online the internet without paying the illegal and unfair "Microsoft Tax"
Please donate your old boxes to a church-group or some needy student in these hard times! To comply with the law, and with Microsoft's leasing policy, you can now replace Microsoft OS with the free (download from the net) Ubuntu OS, which can be set to erase the hard drive of levitra super active all traces of the “illegal to give away ” Microsoft system and your private information, before donation! Now, explain to your lucky recipient that all the manuals they will ever need are available for free on the internet! Just ask for them in Google! OpenOffice, which is installed already is plenty adequate for homework assignments and with a little exploring, everything else can work well too! Happy computing!
Ever heard of Open Office
written by CD Address, November 10, 2009
I've been using and building computers since the follow link united healthcare viagra early 90's. Just started using Linux and other OpenSource software. I have been using Open Office for over 2 years now. It provides all the functionality of MS Office. It's free, though I highly encourage people to make a nominal donation to the company.
Worth it?
written by Diamond Glass, August 12, 2010
The idea is good for the needs of some, but mostly it's just a cheap set-up. People who need their computer to actually do something for them wouldn't consider this system.
Yes, Worth It
written by Roofing Man, January 05, 2011
Perhaps it is a cheap set up, but I feel it is useful for the common man. Not everyone can have their Alienwares and generic cialis mastercard high-speed internet like some people, but hey, at least they get a darned computer in the first place.
I agree it. Worth it
written by Auto Glass Phoenix, April 11, 2011
I always buy the top of the line computer and it usually lasts about 10 years
Good enough for most
written by Utah Windshield Replacement, November 14, 2013
I think it's great that there are these cheap options for people to use when in reality they are just going to be using it for checking things like email and Facebook.

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