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NOV 13

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"What happens to the rider's eyeballs under those kind of G forces? Do..."

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KillaCycle Breaks Another Electric Motorbike Record

Remember the electric motorcycle KillaCycle we highlighted back in April for breaking the quarter-mile motorcycle speed record? It's back in the news again - this time beating its own record recently.

The KillaCycle from A123Systems looks to be the how to get cialis no prescription first electric vehicle of any kind to name brand cialis beat eight seconds, going 7.824 and 7.991 seconds in two runs. The new official ¼ mile record is now set at 7.991 seconds at 168mph, according to A123Systems, with a 0-60mph time of under 1 second. The new record was set on Nov. 11 at Auto Club Raceway in Pomona, California.

The first time the record was set the KillaCycle was using a battery powered by A123Systems cells weighing 165 pounds and canadian viagra pumping out 350 horsepower. The manufacturer of the high-power, green-friendly batteries said this time around an improved battery delivered "more than 500 horsepower via 1210 A123 cells weighing 186 pounds." The motorcycle also sported newly tuned tuned power electronics, a larger 27” tire, and augmented gearing.

A123Systems calls its battery technology Nanophosphate.

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written by Rob, November 13, 2007
Does that thing remind anyone else of the lightcycles in Tron?
0-60mph in less than a second!
written by crash course, November 14, 2007
That's seriously quick. Whilst it might not have many practical applications apart from setting records I think it's very valuable in making green power 'sexy' for younger generations.
ONE second to accelerate to 60???
written by David Hazen, August 27, 2008
What happens to the rider's eyeballs under those kind of G forces? Does he/she have a harness to keep them on the bike?

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