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NOV 14

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"It looks pretty nice, it's a little futuristic as well as the concept...."

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From LA: Volkswagon Thinking Fuel Cell as Well

While GM and Honda are positioned at the head of the (currently nonexistent) fuel cell market, Volkswagon is moving to get in on the game as well. Their high-temperature fuel cell is (according to VW) cheaper to look there buy real levitra online produce and more efficient than GM or Honda's stacks.

The vehicle in question is the Space Up! Blue...which is obviously the name of a concept car that's going to be hitting the market very soon! Er...maybe not. But it's an interesting concept nonetheless. Following in the canada pharmacy footsteps of Ford's Airstream, the car will run for the first 65 miles on energy stored (from the grid) in a series of buy cialis online pharmacy lithium ion batteries. The fuel cell then creates energy from the hydrogen, recharging the batteries, giving a vehicle with full hydrogen tanks and charged batteries a range of 220 miles.

And, of course, since it's a concept, VW has added in a rooftop solar panel. Somehow that feature never seems to make it into production modles... I'm looking at the car right now (thank you free VW WIFI) and it seems to be quite a hit. Compact but spacious...exactly what we've come to hope for from fuel cell cars. And, of course, if the technology pans out, VW could make a killing just licensing. Once again...only if there will someday be a good hydrogen distribution system on discount generic viagra online this planet.

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VW Up series not far from production
written by Richard, November 14, 2007
VW has plans to produce a series of very small cars, what they call the "New Small Family" and aside from the fuel-cell model they are close to production. The original Up from the Frankfurt Auto Show has a small engine between the rear wheels to healthcare of canada pharmacy maximize interior space. I can't wait to see these on the road!
written by RyBear, November 14, 2007
Sorry... VW driver that couldn't let the spelling go. ;)
This is an amazing idea but...
written by PDXCascadian, November 15, 2007
Everyone should be driving a car such as this, Efficient, electric and best of all... Plug-in! BUT, I am horrified that everyone will be buying the "Green car of the year", a Titanic vehicle. A horrifying idea when you think of a possible collision between a Tahoe and a small car of this nature. Americans need to get over this need to enlarge their penis' with huge cars that don't need to be, especially since they are rarely at capacity, let alone there being more than one person in it. The Up! is a great thing, we need more Up!'s and less Tahoes even hybrid ones...
written by Marriage Family, March 19, 2008
It looks pretty nice, it's a little futuristic as well as the concept. It would be absolutely great if people for a change would stop using petrol and start using cars that don't use fuel. In 50 years.. our children will live hell on Earth, while we lived in normal conditions - let's say.

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