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NOV 14

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" The design is based on the 2006 Honda FCX Concept. The FCX Clarity de..."

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From LA: More About the FCX Clarity

I figure I should go into a little bit more depth concerning the sweetness of canadian rx viagra the FCX Clarity "production" fuel cell car. I've put production in quotes because Honda isn't releasing how many cars they'll be planning on producing, but chances are it's a pretty small number...likely less than the 100 Equinoxes that GM is busting out.

The FCX Clarity is, however, a beautiful car with some fantastic technology. They've shrunk the fuel cell stack significantly and wow it's great levitra canda moved it to the center of the car, allowing for some non-traditional styling. The vehicle is viagra online generic designed for efficiency...which is why it looks so much like a Prius. But by using hydrogen, the carbon efficiency of the car will be far superior to any gasoline hybrid.

Unfortunately, there's just not much of a chance that any of us will be able to get one in the near future. Unless, of course, you live in LA, New York, or D.C., the only places where there are currently hydrogen refilling stations. The FCX Clarity will be available for lease in California for $600 a month starting next summer. And while Honda is touting it as the levitra online switzerland first fuel cell vehicle that will ever go on sale, they admit that it's pretty much just an extravagant market test.


EcoGeek's coverage of the LA Auto Show was underwritten by the General Motors Company, which, we agree, is very strange since we say some fairly mean things about them with some regularity. The only condition of their assistance (travel and lodging) is that I disclose it, which, of course, I would have done anyway.

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I like the design
written by Dedicated Hosting, November 15, 2007
Thumbs up for the design, I'd say this is probably one of the best car designs I've seen for a hybrid vehicle. Good post ;D
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written by Term Paper, January 15, 2008
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Some efficiency, Ha!
written by Gene, September 05, 2008
Where do you guys think Hydrogen comes from? Virtually all the Hydrogen sources are from oil refineries. Its a high energy process and not very efficient.

written by, May 17, 2013
Pretty interestin but.... but non of us can buy it now
written by folgen dieser, July 22, 2013
The design is based on the 2006 Honda FCX Concept. The FCX Clarity demonstrates electric car qualities such as zero emissions while offering 5 minute refueling times and long range in a full function large sedan. It first went on sale as a 2008 model year vehicle.

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