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NOV 15

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" Yeah!! A rooftop solar charger (possibly from GM), charge it at nigh..."

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From LA: The New News About the Volt

While the it's great! cheapest cialis prices big story at this year's LA auto show was definitely the advances in fuel cell technology, there was also some good news regarding the development of the Chevy Volt Electric Vehicle. I got to talk a bit with the head of GM's battery systems as well as the vehicle line manager for the Volt, as well as Bob Lutz, who's like a superstar in the the best choice buying cialis online canada car world...and is apparently madly in love with the Volt.

Of course, I am also madly in love with the Volt...I love the idea. Basically it's an electric car for 90% of the trips most people take (less than 40 miles) and then when you need to get out of town for the weekend, a gasoline generator kicks on to recharge the batteries.

So here's the main news about the Volt:

  • Apparently GM was sorely disappointed when they put the concept design in the wind tunnel. Bob Lutz joked that it probably would have been more aerodynamic if they'd put it in backwards. So we should expect the production design to be "slipperier."
  • Speaking of design, there's a team of 25 interior and levitra 20 mg exterior designers working on canadian generic viagra online the look and features of buy cialis on line the production Volt.
  • Lutz confirmed that they expect the first Volts to go on sale in November of 2010...and they will be called "The 2011 Chevrolet Volt."
  • The first Volt battery has been delivered and it is up to specifications.
  • I joked with the vehicle line manager of the Volt that the get levitra online battery might currently cost more than the projected cost of the production version of the car...he said that they weren't that expensive. Which is more than we've gotten out of them before.
  • GM is planning on hollowing out a few Chevy Malibus and putting the Volt E-Flex system inside of them to where can i buy viagra online test out the system (before the final production design is finished.)
  • They expect to have Volt mockups running on the road in the first quarter of 2008. Which is remarkably fast since that's pretty much exactly one year after they announced that they were hoping to make the things,
  • Bob Lutz changed his estimate that they would go ahead with the Volt from 90% to "absolutely committed." So it looks like we'll be seeing a "range extended electric vehicle" on the road wonderfully soon.

So stop buying cars now, everyone...if you have a garage and electricity, E-Flex will save you money, keep you green, and make you the envy of all your neighbors. It's time to wait for the next big thing...and I'm pretty sure the the best site viagra woman Volt is it.

EcoGeek's coverage of the LA Auto Show was underwritten by the General Motors Company, which, we agree, is very strange since we say some fairly mean things about them with some regularity. The only condition of their assistance (travel and lodging) is that I disclose it, which, of course, I would have done anyway.

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Say no to fuel cell
written by Say no to fuel cell, November 15, 2007
Say yes to electric/ plug in hybrid. They love the idea of the fuel cell vehicle because that way they could say they are solving the global warming crisis, but they still have us buying an expensive product. Electrics and plug in hybrid reduce our dependence on yet another middleman, and if we can either buy or produce green electric power, we would have zero impact on the environment... and less of an impact on our wallets. Think about the baby seals, but don't forget about your wallet.
written by Phli, November 15, 2007
Any news on the price? Seems I recall hearing that these would be in the $30K range. Not exactly affordable for most folks if that's the case.
We need more power captain!
written by Andy, November 16, 2007
Great looking car! I like the concept, the only issue I have is canada cialis prescription that if the concept went mainstream would the grid be able to viagra order cope with the extra power demand?

To cope with the extra demand more power stations would need to be built! These are more likely than not to be using fossil fuels :(

But I guess if you pay a little extra to have power provided from an eco provider you can drive with the knoledge that you are green :)
off peak charging
written by tom, November 16, 2007
It is more likely that the volt would be charged at night when power demand is currently low and get cialis prescription many power companies all but give away electricity. As such in all likelihood not that many new plants would need to be built. Existing ones would merely need to run longer.
In the long run this would likely increase run times and eventually more maintenance on drug levitra existing plants.

written by Breathe, November 16, 2007
We don't have to necessarily build more power plants!!!! Many utilities such as PG and E have said that they could charge hundreds of thousands of cars at night without having to build more power plants. Because "Peak Power" is during the daytime and utilities must generate Peak power levels all the time in order to not have power outages. Thus, night time is an excellent time to add increase usage. Secondly, more houses can and will begin to generate their own power via photovoltaic rooftops. Thus, offsetting the need for added power plants. Also, wind, ocean, and other renwables can come online in the future by the time electric cars are "mainstream."
What horrible styling...
written by Bill, November 16, 2007
I cant believe how impractically styled this vehicle is if they intend it to click now levitra in spain be used by the average commuter. It looks like a bloated Chrysler Crossfire. The wind tunnel test news was also surprising. Why didnt they do some CAD tests before building the prototype?
Will it still be flex fueled???
written by Biodieselmama, November 16, 2007
I want this car in a biodiesel model. I have solar on my roof and use biodiesel now. I want it built compatible with B100. That means Viton seals and hoses.
and injectors that can handle it. A B100 plug-in my solar powered house hybrid is my dream car. Now if it is roomy enough for my kids and the dog, I am all over this car.
Theory and Reality
written by EV, November 16, 2007
Why didnt they do some CAD tests before building the prototype?

Because CAD tests aren't the same as full scale tests?

I want this car in a biodiesel model.

There are plans to make a bio-diesel model. Note, I do mean Bio-diesel and not just regular diesel. I do not know if they are going to launch this at the same time as the E85 capable version.

What is the difference between theory and reality? Well, in theory, there is no difference.

Mr. Green, Any chance you could start including a link to the Chevy Volt page in the Volt posts?
I can't wait
written by Richard, November 19, 2007
I really hope GM can pull this off, but I think they should use a Tahoe as a test bed vehicle, because Americans still seem to think they need to drive trucks everywhere. It would be a more realistic measure of the system's capabilities.
written by whizbang kid, November 23, 2007
Yeah!! A rooftop solar charger (possibly from GM), charge it at night ,or whenever, for 3-4 hrs and this is the future! ;)

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