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Dell's Environmental Head on Their Recent Green-Up

If you're not as geeky about this whole green thing as we are, you might not have noticed Dell's new strategy to become the green computer manufacturer.'s definitely a significant project, and at its head is Dell's director of worldwide environmental affairs, David Lear. Formerly HP's vice president of corporate, social and hydrochlorothiazide levitra environmental responsibility, he's brought his passion and enthusiasm to the only here how to buy levitra world's second-largest PC manufacturer with some stunning results. His recent appearance on CNBC outlined a $25,000 prize for the most environmentally friendly computer design, and under his leadership the company is ahead of schedule to triple its recycling between 2006 and 2009. He was kind enough to join us for an interview, and his desire for his business to be the "greenest in the world" seems grounded in a desire to generic levitra canada create a win-win situation, where businesses and consumers save money while improving the world we all inhabit.

EcoGeek: You're at the bleeding edge of the green revolution in consumer electronics. How did you come to see environmental responsibility as a necessary part of cheapest prices on cialis your business strategy?

David Lear: Customers and our shared earth expect nothing less than full responsibility. This means investing in energy-efficient technologies, embracing responsible recycling practices, offsetting what can’t be reduced directly, etc., from the desktop to the datacenter. What we’re finding is that what’s good for business is good for the environment (and vice versa).

EG: With global warming, overpopulation, and peak oil looming on the horizon (just to name a few), there's a lot out there that could scare your pants off. What do you see as your role in working towards a better world?

DL: I see it as being at the forefront of a new era of environmental responsibility where businesses are partnering with their customers, governments, and other businesses to protect the environment. As our CEO clearly stated when he announced our commitment to be the first computer company to go carbon neutral, “Never before in the history of business has there been such a critical need to cheapest cialis in uk build a global community dedicated to improving the environment.” We see this as an opportunity to bring our customers closer together while protecting the earth for future.

EG: Your jobs have provided you with a lot of influence. What's the biggest contribution you feel you have personally made towards a sustainable future?

DL: Driving awareness and understanding both internal and external audiences on the sustainable business value of environmental design.

EG: Dell was one of the first big companies to engage in take-back programs, and has set an industry standard for ease-of-use in electronics recycling. What is Dell planning to do to keep its position as a business leader in this regard?

DL: When it comes to recycling, we’re focused on the best place cialis three things. First, we want to we use it levitra profesional continue to make it as easy as possible for businesses and consumers worldwide to responsibly recycle unwanted computer equipment. Second, we are working hard to achieve our goal of recovering 275 million pounds of equipment by 2009…as of this interview, we are ahead of schedule. Third, we will continue to challenge every manufacturer, regardless of size or location, to join us in offering free recycling for consumers, worldwide. It’s the right thing for our industry and the earth we all share.

EG: I'm sure Michael Dell's receptivity to your goals as an individual played a large part in your decision to move to his company. What is your personal vision for the future of electronics, industry, and consumerism?

DL: I see a time when all manufacturers and viagra in australia for sale customers instinctively see sustainability as a performance feature of anything on the market, and use this to how much does cialis cost drive research, investment, and choice.

EG: What do you see as the biggest hurdle to accomplishing this vision? What's your strategy for accomplishing it?

DL: Driving common metrics across our industry that allow consumers to both understand and make conscious choices in their lifestyles.

EG: That's certainly no small task, given the buy pfizer cialis direction of the growing global economy. What gives you hope for the future?

DL: We've already seen a huge increase in customer engagement across all our customer segments and global regions.

EG: That's very good to hear. What’s next on the horizon?

DL: We’re committed to becoming the “greenest” technology company on earth, which means we’ll continue to raise the stakes for our friends and competitors to join us. We can collectively make a difference by integrating environmental best practices and ideas into all our conversations, products, and services, something you’ll hear us talking more about in the weeks and months ahead.

As part of the ongoing campaign to reach out and listen, David has also agreed to answer some of the questions you, our loyal EcoGeek readers, might have. Post them in the comments section, and we'll post an update for you next week!

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graduate student
written by Tristan Matthews, November 21, 2007
This is both a comment and a question.

Comment, it is cheap tramadol fedex overnight great to see a company that is not only saying it wants to be greener but is also doing things, like being ahead of schedule on recycling, but..

Question: Computers manufacturing is also extremely toxic, and while it is very important to recycle the components so they don't make it into land fills, can you tell me anything about what Dell is doing to reduce the environmental impact on the manufacturing end?
Green? I thought it was Everex...
written by I thought it was Everex..., November 21, 2007
Still haven't seen what has Dell done that can rival Everex's VIA-C7 ultra low power computers. Also, the estimated product life (which in computers is around 3 years) should be addressed. To buy electronic equipment which can cost thousands of dollars that it's supposed to fail in less than five years is kind of moronic.

And about manufacturing... I don't know about the toxicity, but at the very least the fuel costs are rising so much that they will be forced either to viagra soft gel change the order tramadol without prescription manufacturing process in order that it's more energy efficient, or increase prices, which makes them less competitive. So I think the trend will go towards less production costs, in the long run, thanks to the fuel eye gouging that's going on.
dell can buy them
written by DYLAN, November 21, 2007
Dell could simply buy Everex
written by Hank, November 21, 2007
I have a question! One of the biggest problems with consumer electronics is cialis onlines that they just don't last very long. Getting a new computer is a waste of energy, materials, and my personal time.

Is Dell doing anything to increase the lifespan of its machines???
Dell can buy them??
written by I thought it was Everex..., November 22, 2007
Fine. So, what's your point? They could buy a lot of other corporations also. What's the point in saying Dell can buy Everex? State that Dell is a bigger corporation with way more money?

This is about going green. I couldn't care less about Dell buying Everex, I care about Dell using ultra low power CPUs, alternative operating systems and making it affordable for everyone. If they do that, fine. If they can buy Everex, Toys R Us and Telemundo, I could care less!
Recycling electronics
written by Candice, November 23, 2007
That's great that Dell is recycling the old computers and working to make them more efficient. But I would have to agree with the comments that Dell should also work on the lifespan of its computers.

Also, what about the process of making computer chips? Because the manufacturers use pure water to make the silicon chips, a lot of water is being wasted.

Speaking of look there brand levitra recycling electronics, does anyone know where you could recycle a broken digital camera?
written by Bob, December 04, 2007
The end of the interview mentions an update in a week. That would be last week, and I'm anxious to see the cialas response to cheapest online cialis the questions about manufacturing!
Update coming soon
written by EcoMattJames, December 06, 2007
Update will be up shortly ;D
written by bob, December 15, 2008
what is the head dell company adress >:(

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