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NOV 21

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"Good news again but it's a worry to still as far on as today seeing ph..."

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CES Going Green

The Consumer Electronics Show is sometimes known for having among the new products announced some which are quite environmentally friendly. The show itself is now going green, making it perhaps the world's largest tradeshow to try and offset the huge amount of resources and pollution which are unfortunately by products of its success.

The Consumer Electronics Association, which puts on the annual CES event, said it would be working with to offset the 20,000 tons of carbon associated with the tradeshow. It plans to do this by investing in environmental projects like renewable energy and reforestation. It will also be offering those attending the chance to disocunt cialis offset their airline travel through the only best offers buying viagra online tradeshow's Web site as well as kiosks during the event. Plans are furthermore in the works to use biodegradable food containers and utensils which CES attendees dine with, print all show literature on recycled paper, and so on.

What's perhaps most interesting is the creation of a part of CES focused on viagra cost "environmentally and economically sustainable technologies which contribute to the social and cultural growth of cialis soft tablets the developing world." There will also be some conference sessions focused on helping CE manufacturers enact green practices.

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written by zupakomputer, November 21, 2007
Good news again but it's a worry to still as far on as today seeing phrases such as "hopes to print on all recycled paper" or "printed on something-% recycled" like it's a big effort for them to source the whole lot properly. Why are trees still being used to produce any paper products at all, when they never needed to order tramadol without a prescription be so used? There's a plethora of plants (and some other related fibrous materials) that can be used to make paper from, which then can of course be recycled.
That doesn't just apply to paper products of course.

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