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NOV 28

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43 Questions About the levitra canada online pharmacy Volt: Answered

I met the ecogeek behind at this year's LA Auto Show and, let me tell you, we're lucky to have him. Lyle is a neurologist who just happened to grasp the awesomeness of the usa cialis Chevy Volt, and, in his enthusiasm, started up a blog following the details of the Volt's development.

In return for his hard work, GM has given him a remarkable amount of access to the technology and their team. And to take advantage of we choice levitra 20mg that access, he asked readers of his blog to provide him with some questions. Well, now, a couple weeks after the buy cialis low price show, he's finished transcribing the answers to dozens of questions he asked of the Volt's vehicle line engineer, the head of battery development of GM, and even Bob Lutz, GM's Vice Chairman.

The questions and answers are all available at, and a lot of it is tremendously interesting. It's amazing to see the dedication, work, and risk being taken by GM on this project. They want this car to matter...they want to regain their edge. And Lyle wants to keep an eye on them and make sure they do it. So check it out...and maybe sign up for his ever-interesting mailing list as well. It's one of fedex viagra no prescription the few mailing lists that I actually read every time it comes into my inbox.

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written by Magnulus, November 28, 2007
Awww, why couldn't they have made it 42?!
written by GNiessen, November 29, 2007
And what make people believe that all this talk about the volt is more then smoke that GM is putting out? After the great work they did with the EV1? A strong message may be more to cialis 20mg one a day scare away competition then actually market a product. They can always delay saying there have been technical difficulties later.
What a shame
written by Chris C, December 02, 2007
How sad that one company is moving forward and so often all you hear from the green community is synicism. The EV1 was an experiment. If you'd paid the full cost you'd never own one, GM paid that and when it was clear that the EV1 technology would never be profitable and the owners (GM) disposed of them folks create propaganda movies villifying them. Sad Sad Sad.

For the many of us who live in the sales cialis real world, we are thrilled with the potential of the volt. A great gas free car that can turn a profit for the builder and perhaps start a revolution.

What I can't figure out is if the EV1 was so perfect then why don't the former owners and order usa viagra online their green friends and the propaganda film makers start their own company and build them? Put your money where your mouth is. But of course its so much easier to stand on the sidelines and critisize others isn't it?

Go Volt team! America needs you! Shoot, the World needs you.
Thank You GM
written by Stoney, December 02, 2007
I'm excited. I have owned GM vehicles pretty much my whole life. But had to abandon the line for a more evironmentally friendly vehicle. But in 2010 (which is unbearably far way) I will be a GM vehicle owner again.

PLEASE, PLEASE GM follow the fortitude Toyota had by sticking with the Prius when it was not profitable.
written by Miken Wheeler, January 02, 2008
EV1 was a car for the masses, we were betrayed! GM can rot, other manufacturers will fill this need while those with money to burn will buy the flashy "volt"!
Mount olivet Mike
written by Jennifer, January 02, 2008
I agree with Chris C.

I'm in Canada and this looks like a great car!

As for the EV1, put the price of propecia from canada past where it belongs. Have you ever heard of, you know, learning from your mistakes?
written by pontiac person, January 02, 2008
to Chris C. have u even looked at the specs for this car? its still runs off of gas. just less gas. its not a fully electric car and a ripoff. it only has and electric mode range of 40 miles!!! what are u gonna do on a road trip? or if work is more than 20 miles away? it costs less on gas but one thing newer cars have proven is cialis buycialis onlin the more you rely on electronics and cialis headaches wires the more problems that are bound to happen. ordinary mechanic shops wont be able to help you and you will have a harder time helping yourself unless you take it to the dealership. which of course they will have a monopoly over your pockets unless you can take it somewhere else. which is highly costs less on gas but one of those cars wont last 8 years. unless you have very deep pockets. and what about the battery itself? rechargeable batteries hold less and less every time you charge it. so how many times will you have to cost of viagra replace the battery itself? and where will you get this battery? the dealership of course. and that in itself is a monopoly, because they have the parts you will need and cant get them anywhere else. the "volt" itself cant compete and seems very different from the reliable gm cars that they used to produce. and if this car is so efficient, where do they profit? profit is the first thing that a company will always look for. in the specifications i see that it is turbocharged and only has 160 horse? it doesnt look like a very light car. so the horsepower to weight ratio is going to be awful. not to mention how much of that power is actually going to get to the wheels? when a stock 1998 ford taurus or a stock 1994 pontiac grand am with only a 4 cylinder in it can go FASTER that a TURBOCHARGED BRAND NEW CAR, that is pityful.

-People like GM
-People like a good gas economy
-People like a fast looking car.
to pityful
written by randomdude, January 02, 2008
do u know wat a turbo does besides giving power?
written by jeff davis, January 02, 2008
Finally...ha If anyone checks you-tube check out the magnetic engine and car this is rx online viagra a truly green automobile that does cost much and get cialis online if a guy in Nebraska can build one how come G.M. has'nt picked this guy up and does the exact same thing..Automobile lobbyist are a joke
written by seven, January 09, 2008
I have two words for y'all....spell check

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