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NOV 30

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"Sounds like some folks got duped. :/..."

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Strange Mystery Announcement! Coming in Soon

OK...there's something going on in England right now...something mysterious. A lot of famous influential people (including our favorite Albert) have purchased £1,000 tickets to some dinner in London. Some are paying up to £50,000 for their cut of how does cialis work (hopefully, carbon-neutral) steak.

The purpose of the dinner is viagra soft tabs 100 mg to launch some new, fantastic, global warming cure. Some kind of "climate safe" energy source that will...of the world. The estimated net worth of everyone at the dinner is $100 billion...which is a little bit staggering. I'm starting to think they should've charged more for the tickets.

All statements about the technology are extremely vague. Apparently it's a breakthrough in "microtechnology," which makes us skeptical. I almost didn't write this post at all, for fear that it was just another in an extremely long line of "free energy" scams. But the people who are touting it are intelligent, wealthy and influential. It's hard to imagine the wool being pulled over so many eyes.

But we'll try to be subjective here...and if you want to levitra tab 20mg keep pressing "refresh"...we'll keep updating the below as news comes in.

  1. Prime Minister Gordon Brown kicked off the event with a remote video on the U.K.'s future commitment to climate mitigation...and said he was investigating whether they could cut emissions by 80% before 2050.
  2. Gore launched into his keynote, saying he was grateful for Brown's leadership, and wishing "that was the case in my own country."
  3. No word on the "breakthrough" yet...though the effing rich and famous, probably know about it by now, since it's like 11:00 pm in London.
  4. Is it possible that they got too drunk on $200 bottles of wine to send out a press release? Yes...yes, I think it may be...we'll have a full post when the news comes out.
  5. OK...I give's now 9am in London and I've still got nothing. I'm sure we'll all find out eventually...but I guess this isn't as earth-shattering as the press before hand implied. I'm going to sleep.


Via Engadget and The Independent

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written by Ryan, November 30, 2007
This better be good, Hank. Ctrl R-ing Ecogeek is how I'm spending my Friday night!
written by Hank, November 30, 2007
Sorry Ryan...but it's been two hours since the dinner's ended and there's no news on the big news.

Pretty dissapointed here...hoping we don't have to wait for day-break in the UK.

- Hank
written by Rob, December 01, 2007
The combined wealth of attendees isn't $100 billion, it's £100 billion... which is about $200 billion. Choking yet? :P
So was there even a dinner????
written by cds, December 01, 2007
Nothing -- nada -- zilch since last night -- were all these influential people even in the same city?

written by Adam, December 01, 2007
hmmmm, so, where is the update?! I mean, this is kinda important don't you think, renewable power 80% cheaper! The implications are planet saving, oh yeah, and humanity saving too. This is probably some huge joke, but with the current situation, one has to hope that this could be real. So, if anyone gets more information about the "Mystery" please post it here. Thanks
written by Jack, December 02, 2007
Maybe they just decided if they got rid of levitra pfizer canada all these rich people we would use 80% less energy. ;)
written by satan, December 02, 2007
gore fits into that category quite well
written by Squirrelsewer, December 03, 2007
written by frank, December 03, 2007
Sounds like some folks got duped.

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