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DEC 04

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"Toyota still hasn't a SUV with PHEV technology. But, Mits now has the..."

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Ford Produces First Escape Plug-in Hybrid

Ford is getting busy with some of its hybrid technology of late. They recently handed off their first Escape Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) to Southern California Edison. It's part of a partnership the visit our site generic viagra in india two are pursuing to generic viagra online drugstores bring PHEV vehicles into the mainstream.

Ford gave Southern California Edison 20 of its new plug-in hybrid Escapes, coming five months after the two announced a collaboration to try to commercialize plug-in technology in mainstream autos. The research hybrids are running off high voltage lithium-ion batteries and can reportedly get up to 120 miles per gallon after being driven for the first 30 miles following a full charge. Charging can be done through a typical household plug and takes about six to eight hours to complete.

Ford added that the vehicle does not run out of go juice after the battery depletes, rather kicking over to become a more standardized Ford Escape Hybrid. The auto maker and power company are testing the vehicles in "typical customer settings" and hope data gathered will provide information on things like safety and durability of this battery technology. It was noted the current cost of the levitra pharmacy in india advanced lithium-ion batteries make it prohibitive to do widespread vehicle development at this time.

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score update
written by Johnny, December 04, 2007
Ford PHEV: 1
GM Yukon Hybrid: .5
written by ev nut, January 09, 2008
Don't make another Pinto mistake. Please make this with large format nickel metal hydride batteries. Sue Chevron for sequestering and suppressing them just when we need them most. Nickel batteries made in the early 1900's still work today 100 years later. Short lived Lithium will be one big worthless brick I would not want to have to replace in my car. Don't make the transition from electric only mode unnoticeable. As a PHEV buyer I want to know when I begin to consume gas!
Let's Go!
written by John Brendel, April 30, 2008
Whether the batteries are NiMH or lithium ion, I'm ready to buy an American-made plug-in hybrid.

Ford had better move quickly, though, because Toyota & Mitsubishi will both have plug-in hybrids for sale in the USA & Canada by 2011 at latest.
Well, now it's 2014 and??
written by jeff, November 26, 2013
Toyota still hasn't a SUV with PHEV technology.

But, Mits now has the PHEV Outlander. If fact, they can't keep up with demand. It is currently priced in germany @ $57-67k USD.

FORD had the game in their hands. What happened?

Still might be cheaper to buy a used Ford Escape hybrid(2009-2010) and add a plug in battery system to tramadol boys online it.

What a shame Ford. you almost had "it".

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