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DEC 14

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""This is coupled with not being able to or not knowing how to i use it gay levitra choose a..."

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IBM Findings: Consumers Will Pay for Green Energy

Data from a new IBM survey reveals we as consumers would be willing to pay more for environmentally friendly energy options if more information could be made available to educate us. The results of this survey, titled "Plugging in the Consumer: Innovating utility business models for the future," drew its results from consumers in developed nations.

IBM concluded 2/3 of those asked said they'd be more willing to pay a higher premium for these types of options if it could be shown to definitely lower emissions of greenhouse gases. Consumers, said Big Blue, want more of an active hand in energy decision making. Consumers have some footwork to do though in moving towards being more mindful of their energy choices. Only a small percentage globally have taken a hard look at their personal environmental impact. This is coupled with not being able to or not knowing how to choose an electric or gas utility provider which cannot meet their energy desires.

It was also noted by IBM that "the promise of viagra 6 free samples reduced energy costs would impact how and order cheapest cialis online when consumers heat and cool their homes, do their laundry and cook their meals." This, plus the desire to see a positive environmental impact from changes, are thrusting consumers into what is being called a "plug in" role in which we more actively engage in choosing the energy we use and how it effects the world around us.

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(Shrug) So?
written by Paul, December 15, 2007
It doesn't matter what consumers want. I mean, it's nice that they like green energy and all but in the long run (gloves off here) everyone lives on the same planet and everyone will eventually have to toe the line environmentally - willingly or by legislation. If some people are docile about paying for it, it just makes our job of reeducating hearts, minds, and wallets a little easier.
Futue news
written by poetryman69, December 16, 2007
I came across and interesting idea. Future news. Here is my attempt:

China shocks the world by revealing the buying cialis soft tabs 100 mg first completely pollution free coal fired power plants are supplying energy to the Olympics. Every gram of carbon the plants produced is trapped and online pharmacies recycled.

In further news it is announced that you may save the environment by getting drunk. Distilled spirits manufacturers finally realized that they could trap and recycle CO2 produced by sour mash fermentation by just a little extra plumbing.

And finally, one of the largest sources of waste paper was eliminated as phone books the world over went on the best place order viagra from canada an "opt in" system. After it was realized that many people who communicate via gay cialis cell phone and internet never even open a phone book, it was easy to cut the number of phone books produced in the world by 90%.

written by Albert, December 17, 2007
"This is coupled with not being able to or not knowing how to choose an electric or gas utility provider which cannot meet their energy desires."

Sorry, but maybe you want to rewrite that as a sentence and have it make sense.

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