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DEC 18

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"When is this going to make it to the US?? Great idea, and love EV's, ..."

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Israel to canadian pharmacy cialis have 100K Electric Vehicles in 2 Years?!

Looks like that question mark after the title was well founded. The source that originally published this statistic has removed it because it is incorrect. Which is not surprising, given the infrastructure and planning necessary to implement Project Better Place.

In any case, Project Better Place remains an interesting plan. The idea is PBP would lease batteries to car owners and, via a network of battery replacement stations, simply swap charged batteries out for the depleted ones in cars seems promising. This obviates the need for long charging, or the anxiety of never knowing if you're going to get where you're going before your car runs out of juice.

It strikes me as a plausible solution, though not a very elegant one. This would basically mean that there would have to be up to two batteries for every one car on the road. And as the battery already takes up a large hunk of an EVs cost, it'd be a shame to have to double it. Any cost savings when comparing to gasoline would probably be scrubbed by this plan. It almost seems wasteful.

An on-board gasoline generator, like the cialis 30 mg Volt EV, is certainly simpler, and would be cheaper, and would require no additional infrastructure. And Phoenix Motorcars has already demostrated 10-minute full charges with their battery technology. If we're going to need new infrastructure, it seems like we might as well go with Phoenix's plan of ultra-high-voltage charging stations.

However, ShaiAgassi, former executive at SAP AG, Europe's largest software company (the sparking energy behind PBP), has some $200 million in investments that say that he can make this vision a reality, and he's eyeing Israel for the initial launch. A key benefit in the marketplace: Israel to make electric car production tax fee. (As to that last, considering that Israel charges an 84 percent purchase tax on gas cars and 30 percent on hybrids, that no-tax situation provides a real advantage.)

Hat tip to generic viagra 100mg pills erections AutoBlogGreen.

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Obviously not up to speed about EVs
written by kent beuchert, December 18, 2007
Whoever penned this article obviously has a lot to learn about the EV world. Ain't nobody spending $35K for an Altair batery pack that gets a measely 135 miles of range. The Chevy VOLT absolutely destroys the Phoenix in its logic - it accomplishes virtually all that an electric does and gets you where you actually want to go and doesn't break your bank account. All eletric battery only cars are, as of now, totally senseless. They make no sense environmentally, (plug-ins like the Volt can satisfy all their liquid fuel needs with ethanol - and there will be more than enough ethanol by the time the plug-ins become a majority).
very cool!
written by kokes, December 19, 2007
good for them. :)
Should work
written by wesley bruce, December 19, 2007
I've studied this technology. There were several similar designs in the first oil shock, 1970-80's. There are several advantages. Firstly they wont need 2 battery packs per car. Most cars go only 40-60 km per day so the pack will be recharged at home or the office car park. The swap will only be needed if your going further. Off on holidays or the weekend run-around taking the buy levitra cheap us kids to sports etc. as a consequence the number of packs needed will be only about 120% the number of vehicles. The battery is owned by an investment company not the car owner. The batteries can be checked and charged by skilled professionals and if you really need to go long distance you can swap out the battery and viagra costs swap in a ethanol, methanol or biodiesel fuel cell or power pack.
written by Misha, December 19, 2007
Kent, actually, since Israel has a 84% tax on cars, a typical cheap car (Mazda 3, Focus) or anything ends up costing the same 35-40k, so this isnt that bad of an idea.
I agree that PBP is a bit far fetched
written by Brett, December 19, 2007
I remember an article from about a month ago detailing the beginnings of this project. Struck me at the time as being an absolute logistical and monetary nightmare, but still a step in the right direction. One of my biggest complaints about current hybrid production is the lack of convenience and the initial and ongoing cost responsibilities.
PBP Plan
written by jimminy, December 19, 2007
The PBP plan is to not have the owner of the car pay for the batteries at all! This will reduce the initial cost of the car to the best choice canadian cialis the consumer - not increase it. The batteries would be the property of PBP and much like Cellphones, consumers would sign long-term contracts on cialis professional no prescription the basis of kwh or miles per month. The batteries are in fact part of the infrastructure - you don't have to pay for your own gas pump, or your own cellphone tower. PBP has also talked of plans to enter agreements with manufacturers to SUBSIDIZE the cost of an EV, thereby further reducing the intial cost.
Electric cars
written by Post On Fire, December 19, 2007
I think switching to electric power is the trend now we will see more electric cars all over the online cialis sales world not only in Israel.
B.Sc. (Eng)
written by David Smith, December 20, 2007
I just thought I'd point out that even with a higher number of total batteries in existence, the battery usage would be the same per car. So if there were 20% more batteries they would all last around 20% longer because of reduced use per battery, ignoring the minor degredation of being shelved for a bit.
So there would actually be no extra cost associated with the batteries.
You could argue that this system would have higher capital and longer battery life and hence a higher present value, but that's not quite the same as assuming we'd need twice as many batteries overall.
It's always seemed to me like swapping centers instead of gas stations is an obvious and awesome solution.
written by David Smith, December 20, 2007
For some reason I thought title meant my title, not the articles title... That certainly makes me seem like an ass.
written by Rob Reynolds, December 20, 2007
There is an Australian couple who have a methane gas producing trailer that can be fuelled with firewood from the side of the road whenever they run out. If you are really worried about running out of "juice" why not copy them.
I prefer the 100 year old Porsche design. The car had in-wheel electric motors and buy real levitra an onboard gas engine to recharge the batteries. Methane production from organic waste and crops is more efficient than ethanol production and unless someone starts to build a cheap flexi fueled fuel cell I believe this is still the buying viagra in the us most efficient option.
Israeli cars
written by car rent Israel, December 26, 2007
It's only natural that the Israeli society will take the lead on this one too. I guess one of buy cheap generic levitra online the major moves for the entire business to we like it usa cialis become valid is just try! canadian pharmacy levitra to start with renting this cars so people can get a feeling of what it's like
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Cool... What about the states?
written by tamara, August 18, 2008
When is this going to make it to the US?? Great idea, and love EV's, but until I see it right here at home I'm going to purchase something else. Probably the Goss132 EV. Best one yet!

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