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DEC 19

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NanoSolar: No Longer Vaporware!

We've talked oh so much about NanoSolar in the last year. Their technology has seemed promising, their government grants outstanding, and levels of commitment from smart investors exceptional. It seems like a recipe for success...but only if they could take it from the lab into a $100 million manufacturing plant.

Well, they've done it. The 200,000-square-foot factory is online and cheap tramadol cod 89.00 producing cells! And apparently, despite the initial costs, it's producing cells cheaper than anyone else can produce them. The secret is a new technique for printing solar panels. Instead of producing huge sheet of single-crystal silicon (extremely expensive) nanosolar actually prints a mixture of rare metals in an extremely thin layer on a substrate (in the beginning, a strip of cialis 10 mg aluminum).

The result are solar panels that are less efficient, but can be produced much more quickly and cheaply than silicon solar panels. The first batch of Nanosolar panels is buying viagra in spain destined for a solar power plant in Germany (where there are very progressive solar subsidies).

Already, Nanosolar says that they can sell panels for roughly $1 per watt, which will result in $2 per watt installations. Suddenly, that starts to look a lot like the $2.1 per watt that it costs to build a coal plant.

And that is extremely exciting news.

Via NYTimes

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real progress!
written by brill, December 19, 2007
sweet! which metals are they using and where are those mined from, and in which state are those materials processed?

cheers ;D
written by Matt, December 19, 2007
Where's the manufacturing plant?
Cali and Germany
written by Free Thinker, December 19, 2007
The latest is in San Jose, California

Another massive on is in Berlin
Finally Affordable Solar!
written by Rob, December 20, 2007
About time! When do you anticipate NanoSolar panels being available for residential use? by finally making PV there is bound to be a massive, positive impact on the environment. I cant wait!
written by Maheanuu Allain, December 20, 2007
is it what we call CIS (Copper Indium di-Selenide)?
Finally! Though don't start holding you
written by RhapsodyInGlue, December 20, 2007
I agree that this is terrific news. I offer a big round of applause and wish them so much success that they get no sleep for the next five years and have to continually expand their factory.

However, demand for solar is growing so quickly that it is outstripping supply, so prices for end users are unlikely to come down anytime soon. Just because someone CAN make something cheaply doesn't mean you can buy it at that price if others are willing to pay more. Check out to see that solar prices have increased in the past few years due to supply/demand issues.
Congratulations to NanoSolar
written by weee, December 20, 2007
I wish them every success and commend the German government/power plant for their belief and levitra uk commitment to NanoSolar - the decision to go with NanoSolar must have been quite a tough one.
$1 per watt is very promising - especially as oil isn't going to get much cheaper and coal isn't going to get much cleaner...
Great news
written by Andy, December 20, 2007
I feel that this technology is a much better option than the off shore windfarms the uk govenrment is purposing.

I would definatley pay to generic cialis online pharmacy get my roof hooked up with solar panels. The only advantage windfarms have is that they work equally well day or night with enough wind.

If countries are serious about going solar we need to be able to store excess power ready for use in peak times though.

Would using excess electricity to produce hydrogen for use in industrial fuel cells to turn by to electricity at peak times work?
Good stuff
written by Home Build Nut, December 20, 2007
I need to get these to make into tiles for my roof, how durable are they? Lets get them in wallmart.
High voltage direct current
written by Rob, December 20, 2007
High voltage direct current between countries may be another option to buy viagra online no prescription having to store the canada medication viagra solar excess. Grid the planet :)
popular science article - Green Tech awa
written by Ray, December 20, 2007

Nice article with a couple links....
written by chris brandow, December 20, 2007
I can't find any info on their efficiency, but based on the size of the panels, it can't be that much worse than standard panels.

if these prices turn out to be true then they are going to be selling them as fast as they make them for some time. I see a couple more plants in their near-term future. of course, their primary competitor is not the price of oil, but coal. and if they are anywhere near the price of coal-generated electricity, as they seem to be, then utilities and governments have tremendous incentive to create solar electricity plants rather than coal plants. And that is aside from global warming concerns.
So awesome!
written by Katie L., December 20, 2007
This information is so sweet! :D I'd love to have them on how strong is 5 mg of cialis my house-we defianately need them around where I live. We need to get them popular! I wonder how durable they are....this will make a massive impact I'm sure, especially if their more easily priced for those who couldn't by the more expensive ones. Can't wait till their able for residential use!
written by himi, December 20, 2007
Super news. I wish there were more goverment support when comes to solar technology. I wish those come to cheap viagra eu pharmacy daily use soon!
Good news
written by Conrad, December 20, 2007
It should be noted that Sharp plans to build the world's largest solar cell plant in Japan, which will also produce thin-film solar cells.
written by Orion, December 20, 2007
The first 18 months worth of production are completely spoken for. Their first plant is rated for 430MW/yr production and they are opening a 2nd plant in Germany early next year that will have even more capacity. Even with that it will several years before you can order these at Home Depot, I'm afraid.
And don't forget about HelioVolt....
written by Mark R., December 21, 2007
they just announced the buying real levitra without prescription location of their new Plant. Any guesses where? thats right. Austin, Tx.
Solar Electrolysis Hydrogen Storage
written by Brandon R., December 26, 2007
I want to see a simple residential system that can pull power off a solar roof, split some water, and compress the hydrogen in a tank or store the hydrogen in a fuel cell. This system CAN work and will make our lives MUCH better.
Better have a huge roof!
written by gone solar, December 31, 2007
Nano-Solar seems to be a big winner - for commercial applications that is. Unless your house is the 30k 2' module enjoyed by our own Nobel Piece prize winning Al Gore, chances are your roof just can't accomodate the amount of lowest price propecia thin film it'l take to displace the silicon cells we use now.
written by Sylvie LG Pollard, January 25, 2008
nanosolar is great great news, but so is HHO electrolysed straight from water. No need to store hydrogen when it is available at a switch of a button!Take a look at this company Epoch Technology Corp in Taiwan, they have produced various HHO generators for several applications, it seems Japan are very keen. ;D
It's the future
written by Technology Transfer Company, February 11, 2008
We will soon use alternative energy considering that oil reserves are getting poorer by day. Water, wind and sun energy will be used more then anything else. People already use solar panels on their houses to heat water without consuming electricity.
I need affordable solar panels now
written by Red, March 12, 2008
These sound great, but how long before I could actually buy them. In the mean time I need solar now, as I live off the grid and gas keeps going up.
written by mike, March 15, 2008
I can cover my roof with these at a dollar a watt but just how many watts will it yield. If I can only put 100 watts on my roof at 200 dollars great but that's not going to solve my electricity problems. Before I get excited I need to see the numbers. It's already been stated that efficiencies are less then silicon based solar. WE need to know how many watts per set measurement before we get crazy about this. In the end it can be argued that this technology can be placed anywhere from roofs to shingles but imagine the recommended site viagra ed complexity involved in harvesting and levitra prescription label installing this kind of system as opposed to i use it viagra online cheap other technologies. I’m all ears.
written by Jeffrey Coney, March 27, 2008
Well isn't that typical, someone starts producing something affordable and within the financial grasp of the general public and we're told sorry all the big corporations have swooped in and put a strangle hold on any units produced for years. It'll be a decade before you can buy any, until them you can keep paying those high prices to those same corporations, leave a message at the beep and we'll call you back if GE has not bought us out before then. BEEP. No wonder I've been having trouble trying to find anyone that sells these. The bottom line is that solar still does not quite pay for it's self when considering power company rates vs. FULL LIFE CYCLE COSTS over the long haul. The day it does I hope I can buy a system. Sounds like that may be a dream only realized by my grandchildren (which have yet to be born or even thought of). I wish there was as stream near my property A water wheel and a generator (maybe two) and I'd be happy! I'm all ears too...
written by emilio castro, April 05, 2008
Hola soy de la ciudad de Panamà, y navegando por internt, vi su producto de energia solar varata, que puedo hacer para que ustedes que son fabricante de este producto lo pueda adquirir para que yo lo pueda vender en mi pais, ya que en areas muy inacsesibles no se cuenta con energia de nigun tipo, les boy a pedir que me contesten en español
Estimated Efficiency
written by Chris G, April 17, 2008
NanoSolar's website says it will take 10 acres to produce 2 MW. This is about 40,000 square meters. Solar flux is about 1 kW per sq meter (peak) on the earth's surface. This makes the efficiency of the panels about 5%. Of course, 1 kW per sq meter is peak, and most of the day you are getting big losses from the sun angle and the weather, etc., so the how much levitra average power is likely much lower than the 2 kW cited.
written by Krister, April 22, 2008
Is 5% good? Still have a big room for improvement i think... But at least there a lot of actions done. Consequences of levitra usa global warming are pretty scary and its rates are very alarming. So continue improving these things and for sure the threat of climate change will be out in no time.^_^
written by jeremy, July 01, 2008
We really need to know the efficiency to know if they will even be viable for the residentiol market. 5% just won't cut it if that is the true efficiency. I've read around quite a bit and from everything I've read it looks like 10-12%....hopefully. At that level an averare house without a lot of shade would be able to produce more energy than it could use. So long as it's not a massive energy hog.
not 5 percent.
written by John, August 14, 2008
I read the efficiency was 14.1 percent.
solar power's day in the sun
written by Richard R. McIver, October 09, 2008
Solar (and wind) is here since you can see the dirty air, global warming is probably real, the rising costs for oil and gas, pollution from transporting it (oil spills), and terrorism.
In 1950 it was $10,000/watt for PV electric
and extremely expensive now down to $2.00 to
$3.00/watt. By 2010 PV will be like the computer Internet and on every home with $1.00/watt projected to be the cost for thin film, infrared spectrem used, rising electrical power costs for steam power plants, and desire for clean air.
Conservation (skylites, florescent lights, LED lights, energy efficient refrigerators) and electrical storeage (SEMS and VRB technology) will also allow solar and wind to flurish.
Solar and wind will not make it unless you have conservation and storeage available.

Richard M.
written by Kevin Morgano, December 28, 2008
Here we are a year later and it seems as though NOTHING changed!
How's that solar plant in Germany going?
It's a shame we cannot find a place in this country for one. I know, cover New Mexico and see if you make enough power for Phoenix.
Time for a follow up story, or maybe something on 60 Minutes.
fighting solar
written by Shroomduke, May 10, 2009
It seems to me there are many very powerful people who are doing everything they can to stifle the development of Solar Power. I REMEMBER '73 and the power crunch, the spawn of alternative power, electric cars, solar panels etc, Jimmy Carters push for renewable energy to get away from Middle Eastern oil and yet we are STILL slaughtering people for their oil under the rubrics of Democracy, National Security, peace etc. It is easy to figure out who has been behind this, it's the ones who have been getting filthy rich on Corporate Welfare and high fuel prices. This is nothing less than Treason. But we will sit on our asses while corporations become Monopolies, flood Washington with Lobbyists, send your sons & daughters to die on the next wild-WMDs chase, ship more of our jobs off to foreign countries and pretend to do something about Mexican Nationals Invading America. While the we recommend best prices on viagra Corrupt Conservative Corporate Media Monopoly tell you it's all the Liberals fault, you know, those dirty lazy hippies who want to respect earth, stop Pollution, Preserve Nature, singing "Make Love not War". These same people who tell you how "Glorious" War is while they slaughter hundreds of thousands of next day cialis innocent people with their wonderful new weapons paid for by your taxes. The same people who trashed our Public Transit systems across America.

As citizens of America we need to take back our Government, our Commons

Carter Tried To Stop Bush's Energy Disasters - 28 Years Ago

General Motors' Destruction of California Transit Systems

ahhh I feel better now, I just had to rant a little. hope its not too much.
written by redneck, September 19, 2009
Us redneck hillbillys pay taxes as well, just because you make love to trees,chickens and rabbits don't mean we don't have the right to cut the trees to build your house,pluck the feathers for your pillows and shoot the rabbits for you to eat when you stop by our country style resturant's smilies/smiley.gif even us hillbilly's want cheaper energy,but I also want to have the right to drive a 500 hp chev. camaro to go look at solar panels if I choose to. Don't F--- up a good chat about solar cells by starting up about politics and buy viagra canada ruin it for the 49 -51 percent of people that may not agree with your political view.
Even a low life hard working redneck should not have to read your personal political views while trying to get informed on new solar tech.
Besides if you can show me one CONG. or SEN. in either party that is not filthy rich after getting elected within 4 yrs ill vote for that one anytime dont care what party!! unless he-she wants my guns smilies/smiley.gifGood day

written by Ken Whitmore, December 10, 2009
Although technically, it's possible to print them at home, if you can get your hands on the materials, the setup may be complicated and you still need to have the driver software and/or configuration that will overlay the inks in the proper timing and sequence. Once you have all of that, (and rest assured, there are some who want to keep that information, the materials and the software in the commercial realm,) you may be able to actually print your own solar cells. However, the way these things typically play themselves out is that they end up either bought out and shelved or turned into another brand of expensive panels, with the producers pocketing even higher profits than they already get. Until it all becomes "open-source", photovoltaics will remain expensive and with the increased focus on green energy, will continue to experience higher demand and therefore rising prices. Those of you who truly want to break that cycle and who have the scientific ability should focus on coming up with a safe new technology that we can all use, by making it from cheap and readily available materials, using cheap and readily available equipment. Inkjet printing is ideal, but virgin unfilled ink cartridges are needed, and the inks need to be easily produced and put into the wow it's great cheap viagra order online cartridges at home. Ideally, no baking should be required either, save that which it will experience under the sun.

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