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JUN 29

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"annoying aussie from over the World. abc tv(usa)sum place england and..."

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Annoying Aussie gets to best price on brand name cialis ride in a Pivo

The Pivo is a concept electric car from Nissan.  It's lithium ion batteries power two motors, one one in front, one in back.  The weird part is that the controls are wirelessly connected to the motors so there is no need for the, I dunno...cockpit? to be connected to the rest of the car. 

The advantage of this is look here generic cialis that the, yeah, cockpit can swivel, eliminating the 5mg levitra need for the driver to ever actually turn the car around.  No more 3 point turns and, yes, you could conceivably spin the cockpit 180 degrees while travelling at the Pivo's maximum speed of 60 mph.

As a zero-emission concept car for city driving, the Pivo is very weird but pretty cool.  Recently an annoying Australian guy got to ride around in a Pivo at a Nissan test facility.  The video after the jump is worth a watch.
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written by a guest, June 30, 2006
O' wight Mwary Poppins'! Oi mey be just a chimmeysweep, but oi knows an Aussie accent whens I hear it.

How dare you!
written by a guest, June 30, 2006
Indeed, he's very much Australian. Please don't associate my fair nation with that bunch of colonials!

-Blighty Saint-john Smythe.
Aussie accent confirmed!
written by a guest, June 30, 2006
yep - Aussie accent! - certainly is annoying! (almost, well not nearly, as annoying as a thick Brooklyn/New York accent .... crinnnnnge!)
Hank ...
written by a guest, June 30, 2006
... you need to get out more ! - lol!
written by a guest, June 30, 2006
Annoying AUSTRALIAN guy. Come on, you guys need a world view if you're going to save the planet. Shame! ;)
Title Changed
written by a guest, June 30, 2006
Whoo...OK, I was wrong, definitely was just checking to see if you were listening.
written by a guest, July 02, 2006
Good on you, *ahem* mate. (That's what us Australians are suposed to say, yes?)
aussie are real problem from world
written by a guest, August 22, 2006
That are Just Wank.
written by Jo, October 07, 2006
Well seeing it's a clip from one of our Auusie shows, what were you expecting. Oh yes Mary Poppins....
All Die
written by slayerozzies, January 30, 2007
annoying aussie from over the World.
abc tv(usa)sum place england and cheap viagra generic canada,All Austrians.
Nobudy like there.
They are muder

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