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JAN 14

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"nah never mind... i was talking about the header that read all electri..."

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Jeep Renegade 110 MPG REEV Concept

I was wondering if we were going to we like it how much is levitra see any non-GM range-extended electric vehicle (REEV) concepts at this year's Detroit Auto Show, but I was pretty surprised to find out that the only one was coming from Jeep.

The two-seater, open-air Jeep Renegade is powered 100% by two electric motors that hook up to the front and dreampharmaceuticalscom levitra order rear axle (providing four-wheel drive.) The 16 kWh Li-ion battery pack can push the car for a theoretical 40 miles before an on-board diesel generator kicks on to recharge the batteries.

The diesel generator uses the BluTec emissions control system, and so it keeps the slight emissions the buying real levitra without prescription vehicle does have cleaner than a normal diesel. And the combined efficiency of the battery powered 40 miles, and another 200 miles of buy brand name viagra driving is tramadol online saturday delivery around 110 miles per gallon.

Pretty good for a Jeep...unfortunately, no word on when...or if, this car will actually exist.

Via AutoBlogGreen

Note: GM paid for my hotel and travel to the Detroit Auto Show.

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written by Space, January 14, 2008
"Fuel volume 10 gallons"
"Total range 400 miles"

So it does 40 mpg, not 110.

110 would be the consumption they calculate by doing small trips, recharging the battery every time, and IGNORING the energy cost of recharging the battery.

With that kind of fake calculations, they could even get 1000mpg if the trips are small enough. Or 1000000mpg. It makes no sense. They could give any number. 110 is the number they chose because it looks credible.
But the real number is 40.
Wish uppon a car...
written by Joe Tassin, January 27, 2008
I so desperately want an electric car which will get me to work and home safely 5 days per week. I looked into building my own and as you would immagine, buying the parts one at a time to it's cool viagra from india build a custom electric car is pretty pricy. And it would not have any of the modern safety features we all want. The Tesla Roadster is also out of my budget range though I love the car. So I continue to hold my breath in anticipation of cruising to and from work in electric silence, comfort and safety, all the while knowing that I am poluting less and no longer spending $5k per year on gas.
Chevy Volt, Tesla WhiteStar, Jeep Renegade; someone save me from having to build my own!
written by Dave, February 08, 2008
When the trip is less than 40 miles, the car gets an equivalent 110mpg. If you drive 50 miles then you get slightly less. It is only 40mpg if you drive 400 miles continuously-maybe once a year. The guy below me does not understand the concept very well.
written by cindy, September 18, 2008
This is the coolest car I have ever seen! I would like to own one. How, where and purchasing cialis when?
written by rob, January 20, 2009
to the morons: let's say you put 10 gallons in and don't go further than 15 miles a day for 60 days and plug it in every night, then on day 61 you go on a 400 mile trip you put 1300 miles on that tank of fuel. which equals 130 miles per gallon. if you were to go more days not taking a long trip it could be 500 miles per gallon in a 'slick rick' way.
written by dan, August 07, 2009
Where do you think the electricity comes from for the first 40 miles? At the end of your utility billing period you will find out. As for the people that think they are being more "green". You realize 75% of American electricity comes from coal, natural gas, and petrol.
Reality Check Coming Soon
written by Uncle B, August 07, 2009
Trains, steel wheel to steel tracks, are 400 % more fuel efficient than rubber wheels of any sort! Current huge heavy British 18th century freight train designs with all the follies of the "Old Empire" built into them are the remnants of an age of almost free coal and then even cheaper oil! We Americans, in the crunch that is befalling our dollar, our employment, our manufacturing, our people, can no longer afford the "Status Quo" and will have to buy viagra sale rebuild and re-think transportation in general! Gasoline is buy canada in cialis out of the question! Nuclear power has been alluded to by Steven Chu, Obama's "Science Guru" so expect: "Nuke" to Electric and synthesized fuels, powering rationalized and computerized steel wheel to steel rails, on laser aligned concrete tyes and cialis cheap no prescription extensive computer control, if not complete automation! Let the wild-eyed commissioned advertising propagandists spew out all the crap they can about personally owned and financed, gasoline powered land cruising behemoths as personal necessities, requirements of life, the economy will never be persuaded to pay for a 400 % difference in costs, and massive rail development if not by Obama, certainly by greedy capitalistic repuglicans is next in order for the American people - with small, electric powered, carbon fiber bodied, light weight, eco-box, commuter cars to interconnect the rails and homes and factories! The oil is not all gone, but the competition for it from an exploding Asia will run the canadian healthcare cialis remaining oil up in price dramatically! Almost as dramatic as seeing the "Mother" of the Corvette, Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Chevrolet cars die prematurely in her most productive years,here at home, yet flourish as GM(China) on the Shanghai stock exchange, traded in Chinese "Yuan", not American sawbucks of the "fiat" kind, to boot! Goddammit America what the Hell happened here, while Jeep was out pissing in the dark?
written by Used Jeep Parts, January 18, 2011
nah never mind... i was talking about the header that read all electric jeep hybrid. b4 you changed it to what it is now

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