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JUN 30

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"The inside of drug propecia my house has only 5 incandescent bulbs, all in places th..."

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CFL's Could Cut Carbon by 10%

180px-compactfluorescentlightbulbDoesn't it seem wrong to you that your laptop uses less power than a light bub?  I mean, a computer has the power to viagra no rx change your world AND cast an eerie glow in my cave-like office.  

Well, thanks to the compact fluorescent light bulb (CFLs,) light bulbs no longer have to be electron-sucking bulbous space-heaters.  In fact, according to a report just published by the International Energy Agency swapping all of the world's tungsten bulbs with CFL's would cut the world's energy use by 10%, far more than is lowest price for viagra planned to be saved by solar and tramadol cod wind power in all but the most progressive nations.  

And the CFL's last for years, AND they produce a very pleasant light AND they're getting to be darned cheap.  That's the power of technology, save the world by making it an easier place to live in.  
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CFL's in Canada
written by Jeff Bak, May 01, 2007
Traditional round bulbs are on the way out in Canada. As of 2012 only CFL's will be allowed to be sold. Yea the lights are not perfect, and they need to be disposed of differently due to the chemicals in them, but it is a step in the canadian healthcare pharmacy right direction. No slow integration leaving it up to the people to decide...just set a mark in the sand and end the old style round bulb production. Doing what is good for the environment is what it is about. We all need to start somewhere.

Interestingly enough in the two weeks since the announcement, the price of the CFL bulb has coming thinks that this nonsense about how going green will be devistating on the economy is a bit blown out of proportion.
written by Mickey Sprouse/M&S Transport, September 06, 2007
Layed Out Several Hundred Bucks For The CFL Bulbs, JESUS FRIGGING CHRIST!! These Thing's Blow Every Few MONTH'S!!! And At $6-8.00 Each, Looks Like I Should Have Bought Some K-Y Lube For The SCREWING I Got On This Deal, YES THEY SAVE ELECTRICITY!!! THEY USE ZERO!!! While Your Waiting To Make The Hardware Store Run And Try To BITCH Loud Enough With Your THREE WEEK OLD RECEIPT That, YESS!! As Unbeleivable As It Is, You Have ANOTHER 10 Blown Bulbs Since Month Before LAST??? I Think We Should SUE For FALSE Advertising?? Lasts YEARS?? Give Me One That Will Last ONE FRIGGIN YEAR!! 7.00 As Opposed To .50, Seems Like A No Brainer? Question's?
only good experiences here
written by Krysta in Milwaukee, January 10, 2008
The inside of my house has only 5 incandescent bulbs, all in places that don't get used often or for short periods. (One is in my sunrise lamp.) The rest are CFLs of varying sizes & shapes.

Other than the one fixture that's on a circuit which needs some serious attention from an electrician (it blows bulbs in a couple minutes, so I don't use it) I've only lost 1 bulb in maybe 5 years.

I even have a 1st-generation CFL (heavy-based, capsule-looking thing) that takes a while to turn on, then to generic viagra overnight come to full brightness. It's about 13 years old, so I'll cut it some slack on performance issues.

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